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[NEW & IMPROVED!] Biore Cleansing Oil Facial Sheets

The Sample Store always brings me great products to try and review, and I’m so grateful and always appreciate of that! This time, it’s the new and improved Biore Cleansing Oil Facial Sheets! Really, I think this product hardly needs further introduction, because I believe its efficacy at removing makeup effectively, quickly and without fuss has reached many girls’ knowledge! I see packets of Biore’s facial sheets flying off the shelves at beauty stores like SaSa, Watsons, Guardian etc. Sometimes they are even completely out of stock, which is no surprise, because I can hardly live without them myself 🙂



I love having my makeup on because that’s when I feel more confident, looking better with enhanced features. But after a long day, when my face has become oily and greasy to the touch (ewww?!), I just can’t wait to take a long comforting shower and wash my face clean! Before that even happens, however, proper makeup removal and preliminary cleansing is absolutely necessary. Just like how much you effort you put into making up, you should also thoroughly remove it to keep your skin healthy and to let your pores “breathe” as they deserve 🙂 To do it efficiently, my first step is to use Biore’s Cleansing Oil Facial Sheets, and I’ve grown to be so reliant on them that I hardly call my faced “cleansed” without using them.

 photo 061213Biore_Juice.jpg

New & Improved Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets now contains 20% more cleansing oil in each sheet for 50% less wiping on eye lashes and eye area to remove waterproof mascara. It is also now enriched with Hydrating Beauty Essence to give soft, moist skin after cleansing with no oily or sticky feel. I can testify for this wonderful product, just take a look at my pictures! 🙂

With the improved version, we can expect gentler and a more thorough makeup removal, including waterproof and stubborn makeup. At the same time, the addition of hydrating beauty essence ensures that our skin is also made better. The 100% natural fibre sheets also provide for a softer glide on the skin to minimize the occurrence of fine lines. It is also alcohol-free, colorant-free and allergy tested. Suitable for all skin types!

The highlight of this new version is the generous addition of 20% cleansing oil in each sheet. With the sheets being richer in cleansing oil, we can cleanse our makeup off even faster and head into the shower! Yipeeee!


Even the packaging has been revamped! It now comes in a lovely little pink air tight tub to improve sealing performance to retain the high moisture level of each cleansing sheet, and the chances of them drying out are now lower – this means that you can use them for a longer time! 1 sheet a day x 44 days (that’s nearly 1.5 months for a tub!)


Given its compact size and light-weight, it’s a great companion for traveling too, when everything has to be done in a snap, including makeup removal!


The feeling of opening a new packet is like gift-unwrapping. Yay! I’m definitely giving my nod of approval to 1) speedier makeup removal 2) gentler to skin 3) moist after skin feel!

The sheets now feel slightly weightier, because of the additional cleansing oil and also hydrating beauty essence. I’m all ready to proceed!


Left side still with makeup on, right side thoroughly cleansed with Biore’s Cleansing Oil Facial Sheets! You can now see my eye-bag on the right, and no more eyeshadow/eyeliner/mascara and eyebrow powder. I did my eyebrow embroidery at Erabelle, so my eyebrows don’t look like they are completely gone 😛


Just a few quick swipes, and half my face is bare! It took less than a minute 🙂 Above image: the grime and what’s been cleansed off. Heh! I used a ring light mirror so that I could see my face very clearly while cleansing. Usually, I’ll double cleanse with products from Bifesta, just to ensure that my face is squeaky clean before I use cleansing foam + facial scrub during my shower. I really take care of my skin because I’m extremely motivated to see my complexion improving from an acne-prone past – beauty must come with a great, hardworking attitude okay! Hahahaa.


By the way I’m currently using Bifesta’s Moist Cleansing Lotion as 2nd cleansing agent after Biore’s Cleansing Oil Facial Sheets.



Here I am – fresh faced and in the nude, no sticky feeling at all!

I don’t think there’s a algorithm in the steps to wipe your face. Some people remove their eye makeup first, for me I’ll wipe off the oiliest and ickiest part first (mainly to make myself feel better), followed by the eye area and finally the whole face. If you are removing stubborn waterproof makeup (especially mascara and eyeliner) for the delicate eye area, recommend to lightly press the cleansing sheet on your eyes for 5 seconds before wiping. This is to let the cleansing oil do its magic on your skin before you may swiftly rid your eyes of the makeup.

For my whole face, I only need to use one cleansing sheet. Simply remove a sheet from its packaging, open it up fully and let the smooth, damp and slightly cool fibres rest on your face, then start wiping, folding it along the way to wipe using the clean portions. That’s how you maximize the benefits of just one sheet per cleanse! It’s now even easier and more manageable with higher cleansing efficacy of the new and improved version! 🙂


Biore’s Cleansing Oil Facial Sheets also come in a refill pack (44 sheets too) and a handy pack (10s), the latter being perfect for short vacations and to put into our handbags – super convenient to retrieve and use, anytime!


Biore cotton sheets are available at major pharmacies and supermarkets/hypermarkets.

Retail Prices:

Regular tub – $17.90 / Refill pack – $15.60 / Handy pack – $3.90

Convinced? Do try it – you’ll not be disappointed by this popular and pocket-friendly daily essential highly raved by many bloggers and from my personal experience, many girlfriends love it too. Enjoyyyyyy!



The Aesthetic Post!

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ADV: CLEAR with Nutrium10~!


Unilever launches a breakthrough technology in scalp care – Nutrium10.

One of the world’s largest networks of dermatologists, The International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology (IACD) has identified Nutrium10 as the scalp care technology that will lead the paradigm shift in scalp care management.

Unlike other anti-dandruff shampoos that are wash-away solutions, the new Clear with Nutrium 10 treats the root cause. It not only infuses the scalp with nutrients three layers deep # but also helps to rebalance cell proliferation processes to restore the scalp to its healthy condition.

Introducing the Clear Ice Cool Menthol Shampoo Series and Clear Anti-hair Fall Shampoo Series~

Female Clear Ice Cool Menthol (80ml) – $9.40 for 350ml, $14.30 for 700ml

Product Description: With cooling menthol. For all scalp and hair types. Refreshes and revives scalp and hair with an invigorating burst of menthol freshness

Review: Indeed, the smell is refreshing and “minty”, giving you plenty of reasons to be awake and invigorated after the shower!  It was also fast and easy to lather and overall the shampoo gave my hair a soft, smooth finishing touch. I would prefer a more floral or fruity scent post-shower, but I guess mint does the trick sometimes too!

Female Clear Anti Hairfall (80ml) – $9.40 for 350ml, $14.30 for 700ml

Product Description: With Hair Lock Technology. For weakened scalp and hair. Strengthens from the root to tip and increases hair’s defense against hairfall* and breakage.

Review: I don’t suffer from hair fall problems, but after using it for about 3-4 times when I almost finished the bottle, I noticed that I lost fewer strands of hair. Girls who have long hair usually find themselves losing a lot of hair because of its heavy weight. When that happens you need to take extra care of your scalp and keep it healthy and nourish it with nutrients and minerals.

This new scalp care formula, Nutrium 10, approaches scalp defence in three revolutionary steps:

•Builds the scalp’s natural defence to fight against dandruff-­causing factors

•Penetrates three layers deep into the scalp to repair the scalp’s natural barrier

•Eliminates and clears dandruff from the scalp surface

Nutrium10 for women offers a vitamins and minerals-­infused moisturisation wash to boost stronger hair growth. This enrichment of the scalp gives women the total three scalp effects she desires – no dandruff, no dryness, and no itch.

Clear Men Cool Sport Menthol – $10.30 for 350ml, $15.70 for 700ml

With active menthol. For all scalp and hair types. Ultimate Anti-dandruff refreshment.

Review: Got my brother to try it, he said it was “not bad” with a masculine smell and he even “feels sexy” after the shower. Cool huh!

Clear Men Anti Hair-Fall – $10.30 for 350ml, $15.70 for 700ml

With Pro-strength Ginseng Technology. For weakened hair fiber. Strengthen your hair and defend against hair loss.

Review: “Not much difference because I don’t even drop any hair, but I pretty much like the smell. :)” – my brother’s verdict!

The CLEAR range is available from May 1 at leading pharmacies and supermarkets.

Here’s your chance to try out 7 different types of new CLEAR Shampoo with Nutrium 10. The CLEAR Shampoo sample will be up for redemption at from 1st December onwards.

You can find the following available for sampling:

Female Clear Smooth & Manageable
Female Clear Complete SoN Care 2in1
Female Clear Dry Scalp & Itch Control
Female Clear Anti Hairfall
Female Clear Ice Cool Menthol
Male Clear Cool Sports Menthol
Male Clear Anti Hair Fall

Also, submit your individual shampoo review to for any of the 7 types of shampoos available for above sample redemption.
The 3 best reviews will walk away with a Clear product hamper worth $50! The contest ends on 31st Dec 2011, and winners will be announced on Facebook’s Page at!


Be beautiful and confident with CLEAR <3!


Melissa Jane


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Achieve Beautiful Results with Less Effort at Slender Shapes!

Slender Shapes is a one-stop health, fitness, nutrition and weight loss centre designed just for women. Women want lasting healthy habits. Women want to look great regardless of age, shape and size. Women want to have fun. Slender Shapes guarantees realistic healthy weight loss up to ½ kg per week, or your membership will be extended for FREE!

A total of 5 bloggers were selected by TSS to try out Slender Shapes and to give a review on the exercises, the orientation and a free body sculpt class!

simply her

A gym where women change their lives 30 minutes at a time – Slender Shapes offers a proven 30-minute fun and effective exercise programme for women who want to lose weight as well as those who are happy with their weight but would like to improve their general fitness. The programme includes nutritional guidance, education and all the support you need to achieve your goals!

big image about us 2

Vision: To be the first choice ladies fitness and weight management center in the Asia Pacific region.

Mission: To radically improve the quality of peoples’ lives through passionate belief in healthy nutrition and regular exercise.

big image index

Over 3,000 members have achieved weight loss & fitness with Slender Shapes!

Check out their events and workshops here.

We begun the workshop with having some snacks (Soyjoy, lol!) before taking our measurements with this amazing device like BMI, fat/muscles percentage and even body age! And I’m happy to proclaim that I’m really only 18! 6 years below my actual age, yay! The average body age is about 3 years below the actual age.

The very patient and conscientious lady who helped me with the measurements.

The studio is cozy and comfortable for small groups to do their workouts and routines.

And the training session has begun! The trainer’s so fit and toned! Made us totally envious and the participants very motivated indeed! I mean, it’s a Saturday morning and they’re going all out to work their bodies!

Slender Shapes is the winner of Shape magazine’s Best Integrated Health and Fitness Programme.

It has also been featured across various media and publicity events. Certainly not a newbie in the women’s health and fitness spectrum!

Friendly consultants to ensure that all your queries are attended to and that you walk out of the studio a happy satisfied customer!

WORKOUT BEGINS! We went by circuit training!

Linda and I – we began the training by stretching exercises, of course

Then it’s working out the machines and taking turns with working our different core muscles, with the trainer giving specific tips and guiding us faithfully along the way 🙂

At first it wasn’t too tiring! But here I was only at the first machine. Putting the little gym ball between the legs does make a difference in the intensity of the workout and targeting specific muscles!

Doing step ups! Or something along that variation. Haha!

The trainer was obviously trying to get me to push to my limits – faster, harder, higher!

My hot darling Linda <3

Thanks for posing for the camera, baby!


All of us focusing on our designated workout station.

Reps reps reps!

Trust me it’s not as easy as it looks – by the time you get to the 5th or 6th machine, you can feel the strain and fatigue just seeping into your bones already. Then again, feeling the ache also means that you’ve been working hard! Think about the results 🙂 That explains putting Victoria Secret angels on my desktop to motivate me!


LOL!! whats with the expression??! So painful huh?? Nah I think she’s just pretending!

Love my pretty girl!

Cooling down with yoga poses, finally! Almost died from the intensive routine!

The bridge! I love this ab exercise, not only does it work wonders on toning the abs, I’m pretty good at clocking 2-3mins 🙂

An extra attempt to work our abs with this exercise!

My turn!

Bloggers and trainers

More credentials of Slender Shapes

With lovely Agnes

<3 <3 <3

Do ‘like’ Slender Shapes’ page on FB &

Check out their official website here!

Here’s a game for you to try!

Game mechanics:
There will be 5 rounds. Client has a workout regime named as Super Circuit – 5 workout equipments. Each round consist of 1 workout equipment with a Calorie Meter. The fastest they click to work out, the more calories they burn. Each round is programmed with a timer. They have to click as fast to burn as much within 30 secs. Meaning complete the 5 rounds within 30 secs.

Invite friends for more time. 1 friend = 5 secs = 1 Power Bar

Prize: Complete the game and Win 1 week unlimited gym classes & Super Circuit at Slender Shapes + soyjoy treats. 1st 500 winners win $100 Beyond Beauty voucher!

Bonus Prize: Participant who referred the most friends/ obtain highest no. of Power Bar win 1 month unlimited gym classes & Super Circuit at Slender Shapes + soyjoy treats at the end of the campaign (9 Nov’11)

Game starts 29 Sep – 9 Nov 2011


This is the outlet where we went for our trials, at Upper Bukit Timah, beside Beauty World Plaza.
Upper Bukit Timah
110M Upper Bukit Timah Road
Goh & Goh Building
Singapore 588172
(Next to Beauty World Plaza)
(For map:
Other outlets:
60 Kaki Bukit Place
Eunos Techpark
Singapore 415979
(Close to Enterprise One)
Tel: +65 6844 0166
Fax: +65 6844 0366 Monday – Friday:
7.00am – 2.00pm
4.00pm – 9.00pm
9.00am – 4.00pm
Sunday & PH: Closed
Serangoon Gardens
85A Serangoon Gardens Way
Singapore 555981
(Near UOB Bank)
Tel: +65 6285 1131
Fax: +65 6285 6922 Monday – Friday
7.30am – 2.00pm
4.00pm – 9.00pm
9.00am – 4.00pm
Sunday & PH: Closed
DISCOVER a new slender you now, check out Slender Shapes!
Signing off!
Melissa Jane

ChocoMarvel <3