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Coolsculpting at One Health Medical Group!

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It’s not about what you lose. It’s what you gain. So say goodbye to stubborn fat. And say hello to the body you once had with CoolSculpt’s clinically proven, FDA-cleared, totally non-surgical treatment without the downtime.

I was introduced to CoolSculpt by Tracy, a friend I met at The Closet Lover x Ettusais’ photoshoot collaboration event. I had expressed my concerns about my problem areas – the back of my upper arms, which I believe is a concern for many ladies. For me, it has been a long term persistent issue because I realize that whenever I put on weight, my arms would be the first place impacted (probably due to a high concentration of fat cells there). They also tend to look “bigger” and flabbier than the rest of my body (parts) whenever I overeat and/or stop working out. What a pain seriously, because all the pretty apparels I love usually come sleeveless and show off the arms. But not when I was terribly dissatisfied with how they look!

I was lucky to get away with many photos that didn’t display the worst angles of my arms, otherwise before photoshoots I tend to diet a lot / cover my arms / angle myself such that the photos turn out fine. But of course the best case scenario is that I never have to worry about flabby arms again, and be able to look great from every single angle!


I had a consultation with Dr Christina Low at OneHealth Medical Group to learn all about CoolSculpt (non-surgical fat reduction treatment by Zeltiq).

It’s meant to treat/eliminate stubborn fat, or “spot reduction”. It is being called “stubborn fat” for a reason: no matter how much you eat healthy and exercise, it’s virtually impossible to lose those annoying muffin tops, love handles, saddle bags and belly pooch. You’re left with two options: live with them or think surgery. And there’s this new third option we can consider – the CoolSculpting procedure. Only CoolSculpting targets fat cells alone, eliminating them in an easy, non-intrusive fashion that exercise and diet can’t achieve as quickly or as effectively.

Found a video on YouTube that very much describes what CoolSculpting is really about.

The CoolSculpting procedure doesn’t burn, shatter or extract any cells. Developed by Harvard scientists, the FDA-cleared, patented procedure uses a targeted cooling process that kills the fat cells underneath the skin, literally freezing them to the point of elimination. Only fat cells are frozen. Your healthy skin cells remain, well, healthy. No knives. No suction hoses. No needles. No scars. Once crystallized, the fat cells die and are naturally eliminated from your body. In a few months: say hello to a new you!

So while I had remained quite petite all these years, my arms remained quite un-toned and the fats in them became very stubborn. Even as I worked out, the fats at the back of my arms don’t go away. The arms generally got toner but I have never achieved those perfectly slender arms that I wanted. You know, the sort that you try to pinch but there’s practically nothing you can grasp. That’s my kind of ideal.

As you can see from the above picture, there was quite a lot of “excess”. Sigh. So CoolSculpt, help!!!

Dr Low took pictures of me before the procedure – yes painful evidence of my problem areas – in this case focusing on my arms. I don’t know if you could deduce it from my expression but I was really eager to try the treatment and once and for all get rid of my annoying stubborn fats! Yup, I was very hopeful for a nice little miracle!

Ok, maybe this is not the most flattering angle in any way but surely, I need help with those arms!

The parts to be treated actually weren’t the most comfortable for me, as I needed to have my arms outstretched (one at a time) as I laid on my tummy. If you were treating say your love handles, you may just lie on your back and you can text, use your phone, do anything with your hands. But because the applicator was to be attached to the back of my arms, I had to settle in this position.


A thin mask-film was applied to the area to be treated. It was to serve as a layer of barrier/protection from the applicator instead of direct contact, as the device would be gripping firmly onto the treated area.

A card being measured up with my arm – it is approximately the size of the applicator-device.

Dr Low positioned the device on the back of right arm (pictured above). The device would then draw the bulge up between two cooling panels. The sensation is a firm pull and pressure – enough of a pull to ensure the selected tissue would be cooled most efficiently. This happened for about an hour for each arm, taking 2 hours for the whole procedure to be completed.

As the cooling began during the first few minutes, I felt pressure on the affected areas, and intense cold. This soon dissipated. Many people read, work on their laptop, or even take a nap during their treatment. I simply closed my eyes and rested until the time was up!

Even though I was experiencing slight discomfort due to the position I was lying in, Dr Low and Tracy made sure I was well taken care of, propping by arm(s) up with a roll of towel, putting a clicker just beside me so that I might call for help anytime, and even the air conditioner remote control well within reach in case it got too cold. I was also covered in a blanket to keep warm.

And I was done! The applicator was removed, and I felt the relief off my arms. The treated area looked a little sore and reddish, but it was all temporary. After all, it was all about fat freezing and eliminating the unwanted fat cells by flushing them out of the body over a period of time.

You may start to see changes as quickly as three weeks after the treatment, and will likely experience the most dramatic results after two months. But your body fat cells will continue to undergo apoptosis (cell death) for up to another 4-6 months after the treatment.

Typically, each CoolSculpting treatment results in a noticeable reduction of fat in the treated area. After the initial treatment is complete, you can attain further reductions with additional treatments, resulting in even more fat loss. Some patients find that just one treatment fully addresses their goals. You and your doctor will discuss and design a customized treatment plan that suits you best.


The CoolSculpting machine/technology by Zeltiq

The applicator-device

A visual representation of the sizes of applicators available to treat different parts of the body. The bigger ones are for areas like the tummy, love handles, buttocks, thighs etc.

With Dr Low – thank you for the kind sponsorship trial to try out the CoolSculpt!

Dropping another video here to illustrate CoolSculpt and the various testimonies from people who have tried the treatment, saw results and loved it 😉

It’s been about 2 months since I had the treatment and I must say I saw slightly slimmer arms from just that one session! It’s not immediately visible but I could feel that my arms were less bulky in my clothing, less tightness in long sleeves and generally more contours around the sides. I had continued to watch my diet and drink more water to flush those fat cells out of my system – hopefully forever!

Will update this space in a month or two to report the latest observations from the CoolSculpt treatment.

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