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Tudor Laurel x Melissa Jane Ferosha: Final Review

I’ve been so thankful to Tudor Laurel for helping me in my weight loss journey! 🙌🏻 You’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve seen my earlier blog post 😊 In just over 3 months, I’ve seen a 8-10 cm loss in my arms, thighs and most significantly my tummy area! The treatments I enjoyed were LPG Endermologie and Dr Ice, which contributed to improved skin elasticity, a firmer skin tone, and increased cell metabolism. I believe my results would have been even more dramatic if I had combined regular exercise with my healthy diet and non-invasive machine treatments.

LPG’s cause is to ‘Fight For Natural Beauty’. Made in France, this technology gently stimulates the skin to reactivate dormant cellular activity. 100% Natural and painless, it provides visible results instantly with 0 side effects. According to official LPG Endermologie stats, 300,000 people choose this technology every day.

Let’s be honest too – slimming and weight loss is a journey and if a single treatment promises you major kilos lost without needing to diet or exercise, it’s probably just a marketing gimmick. LPG and Dr Ice has helped me to enhance the slimming process, and as mentioned earlier I really do believe the results will be even better if I had more time to work out and religiously monitor my calorie intake (was just too occupied with work and building TheBeauDreamers!)

This new Alliance Technology, for the average customer, produces results like these:

  • 71% of women reported an improvement in their skin firmness and elasticity (I did too, especially for my arms and tummy)
  • After 12 sessions, waistline loss measured up to -5.2cm (fat reduction). I mean, this is real. Even after a dozen sessions they don’t tell you that you can lose 50cm, which is very drastic. To me this is a practical result that can be achieved by most people. Like I said, even better if you couple with exercise to tone up more and reduce fat via a healthy, sustainable diet.
  • 67% of women reported a smoothed orange peek skin aspect. I don’t really have cellulite but I guess it did help smoothen my skin a little – not super visible though.

For those who are wondering how it feels like under the LPG applicator – it’s pretty powerful – so the sensation is like your flesh is being gripped and released, repeatedly. The strength of the grip is entirely customisable, so that you get what you’re most comfortable with without compromising on its effects.

LPG done on my thighs, which is slightly painful (because of the build-up of toxins and also a lack of physical training), but still bearable.

Got to work on those arms for sure – my biggest problem area! Most of you would know it’s the hardest part to lose fats

Tummy and hips area especially the lower abdomen – where I lost the most inches.

LPG can be performed at both the outer and inner thighs, to firm them up and tighten the skin.

I have completed the full programme of about 24 sessions over 3 months so it’s really a commitment of time, effort and belief towards a healthier lifestyle. Setting yourself #bodygoals also helps, whether it’s weight or inch loss, so that there’s always something to work towards and achieve as milestones. Attain and cultivate mindset of #SelfLove and #SelfCare so that you will strike a balance and never be (unhealthily) obsessed with how you look.

Time to act on it if you’re ready (well March is already well on its way, so no time to lose!) – Try Tudor Laurel’s 14-day detox challenge! For just $148, treat yourself to a one-hour LPG body treatment and 14-day supplement bundle (U.P. $380). Drop weight and reduce excessive bloating with their fat-burning, metabolism boosting body cleanse!

 For more information on the products and services at Tudor Laurel, see / IG: @tudorlaurel / #LPGEndermologie #LPG #FightForNaturalBeauty


Tudor Laurel x Melissa Jane Ferosha: LPG Endermologie

When I first mentioned to my peers and close friends that I was going on a slimming programme, everyone thought that I didn’t need it. But when I talked about my personal issues with certain problem areas such as my upper arms, tummy and thighs, most people could understand – especially those in the industry. If not to look better on camera, it’s for better health as well. My focus is to cut down on my body fat percentage, tone up, have a more svelte silhouette and lose some inches on the above-mentioned areas. Hence the solution is overall weight loss, but also external help in targeting stubborn fat that will take a long time to rid if we just take the natural route (with dieting and exercise). Everyone has insecurities and I have no qualms about revealing mine – I will usually not flaunt my arms or tummy because I feel that they’re not at their best form – but deep down I’m actually dying to show them off if I feel more confident about my body. I think it’s time to get serious and disciplined, and do something about this so that I can finally wear whatever I want, and feel great about it.

I was thrilled to embark on this journey to a shapelier and more beautiful figure with Tudor Laurel, a botanical day spa. Specifically, I took on 2 specialised treatments with them, the LPG Endermologie® and Dr Ice Body Contour (will share more about the latter in my 2nd post here). Made in France, LPG’s patented technology stimulates dormant cellular activity within our skin to fight all wrinkles, sagging skin, localised resistant fat, cellulite appearance, and more. 100% natural and painless, it provides visible results instantly with zero side effects. I was told it’s best for cellulite smoothing, fat reduction, firming of face and body (40 mins per session).

With Tudor Laurel’s help, I’m confident to see results, in addition to my personal commitment to dieting and a regular exercise routine for a full weight loss programme. It certainly makes the experience more enjoyable when I love the aesthetics of Tudor Laurel. Since I visit about 2x a week, it’s important to me that I feel relaxed and ‘at home’ when I go for my treatments. Like a luxe all-inclusive resort, the interiors are modern and tastefully furnished, from the lounge to the treatment rooms and even the bathroom facility.

Comfortable, rejuvenating, and embodying a resonating peace & quiet, it does feel like a sanctuary albeit being right in the middle of bustling Orchard/town area.

The LPG sessions have been a breeze. Every treatment requires me to don a white body suit to protect my skin. It feels like a massage on each specific area, and the strength of each ‘grip’ is totally customisable. The new body endermologie patent combines the best efficiency of its proprietary technologies for more intense and faster skin stimulation. Thanks to the Alliance Skin Identity sensor, the stimulation adapts precisely to my skin identity: the intensity of the treatment is hence optimised. However if further customisation is needed, this can be further adjusted. For example, since my tummy is more sensitive compared to arms/legs, the strength of stimulation can be adjusted lower so that it won’t hurt. So far, the LPG machine has been working on my arms, thighs and tummy to reactive dormant cellular activity. My therapists, Stella and Lily, have been the most professional in helping me with the treatments, taking great care to ensure that I’m comfortable and at ease during the 40mins sessions. Sometimes, I even fall asleep because it feels so relaxing on the treatment bed and welcoming atmosphere of the rooms.

LPG’s triple action in one single treatment: 1) Elimination of resistant and localized fat +70% 2) Smoothing of the orange peel aspect 3) Natural Redensification of the dermis. It’s been about 2 months since my first treatment and about 2 kg weight and a waistline loss has been recorded. My skin also feels firmer and less flabby at the targeted areas.

Stay tuned as I continue to document my journey in this space and on my IG @melissajaneferosha (check out my Tudor Laurel Highlights!) and update you guys with more results and details from the LPG Endermologie® treatments.

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              For more information on the products and services at Tudor Laurel, see / IG: @tudorlaurel / #LPGEndermologie #LPG #FightForNaturalBeauty


Coolsculpting at One Health Medical Group!

  • Transform your body without surgery or downtime










It’s not about what you lose. It’s what you gain. So say goodbye to stubborn fat. And say hello to the body you once had with CoolSculpt’s clinically proven, FDA-cleared, totally non-surgical treatment without the downtime.

I was introduced to CoolSculpt by Tracy, a friend I met at The Closet Lover x Ettusais’ photoshoot collaboration event. I had expressed my concerns about my problem areas – the back of my upper arms, which I believe is a concern for many ladies. For me, it has been a long term persistent issue because I realize that whenever I put on weight, my arms would be the first place impacted (probably due to a high concentration of fat cells there). They also tend to look “bigger” and flabbier than the rest of my body (parts) whenever I overeat and/or stop working out. What a pain seriously, because all the pretty apparels I love usually come sleeveless and show off the arms. But not when I was terribly dissatisfied with how they look!

I was lucky to get away with many photos that didn’t display the worst angles of my arms, otherwise before photoshoots I tend to diet a lot / cover my arms / angle myself such that the photos turn out fine. But of course the best case scenario is that I never have to worry about flabby arms again, and be able to look great from every single angle!


I had a consultation with Dr Christina Low at OneHealth Medical Group to learn all about CoolSculpt (non-surgical fat reduction treatment by Zeltiq).

It’s meant to treat/eliminate stubborn fat, or “spot reduction”. It is being called “stubborn fat” for a reason: no matter how much you eat healthy and exercise, it’s virtually impossible to lose those annoying muffin tops, love handles, saddle bags and belly pooch. You’re left with two options: live with them or think surgery. And there’s this new third option we can consider – the CoolSculpting procedure. Only CoolSculpting targets fat cells alone, eliminating them in an easy, non-intrusive fashion that exercise and diet can’t achieve as quickly or as effectively.

Found a video on YouTube that very much describes what CoolSculpting is really about.

The CoolSculpting procedure doesn’t burn, shatter or extract any cells. Developed by Harvard scientists, the FDA-cleared, patented procedure uses a targeted cooling process that kills the fat cells underneath the skin, literally freezing them to the point of elimination. Only fat cells are frozen. Your healthy skin cells remain, well, healthy. No knives. No suction hoses. No needles. No scars. Once crystallized, the fat cells die and are naturally eliminated from your body. In a few months: say hello to a new you!

So while I had remained quite petite all these years, my arms remained quite un-toned and the fats in them became very stubborn. Even as I worked out, the fats at the back of my arms don’t go away. The arms generally got toner but I have never achieved those perfectly slender arms that I wanted. You know, the sort that you try to pinch but there’s practically nothing you can grasp. That’s my kind of ideal.

As you can see from the above picture, there was quite a lot of “excess”. Sigh. So CoolSculpt, help!!!

Dr Low took pictures of me before the procedure – yes painful evidence of my problem areas – in this case focusing on my arms. I don’t know if you could deduce it from my expression but I was really eager to try the treatment and once and for all get rid of my annoying stubborn fats! Yup, I was very hopeful for a nice little miracle!

Ok, maybe this is not the most flattering angle in any way but surely, I need help with those arms!

The parts to be treated actually weren’t the most comfortable for me, as I needed to have my arms outstretched (one at a time) as I laid on my tummy. If you were treating say your love handles, you may just lie on your back and you can text, use your phone, do anything with your hands. But because the applicator was to be attached to the back of my arms, I had to settle in this position.


A thin mask-film was applied to the area to be treated. It was to serve as a layer of barrier/protection from the applicator instead of direct contact, as the device would be gripping firmly onto the treated area.

A card being measured up with my arm – it is approximately the size of the applicator-device.

Dr Low positioned the device on the back of right arm (pictured above). The device would then draw the bulge up between two cooling panels. The sensation is a firm pull and pressure – enough of a pull to ensure the selected tissue would be cooled most efficiently. This happened for about an hour for each arm, taking 2 hours for the whole procedure to be completed.

As the cooling began during the first few minutes, I felt pressure on the affected areas, and intense cold. This soon dissipated. Many people read, work on their laptop, or even take a nap during their treatment. I simply closed my eyes and rested until the time was up!

Even though I was experiencing slight discomfort due to the position I was lying in, Dr Low and Tracy made sure I was well taken care of, propping by arm(s) up with a roll of towel, putting a clicker just beside me so that I might call for help anytime, and even the air conditioner remote control well within reach in case it got too cold. I was also covered in a blanket to keep warm.

And I was done! The applicator was removed, and I felt the relief off my arms. The treated area looked a little sore and reddish, but it was all temporary. After all, it was all about fat freezing and eliminating the unwanted fat cells by flushing them out of the body over a period of time.

You may start to see changes as quickly as three weeks after the treatment, and will likely experience the most dramatic results after two months. But your body fat cells will continue to undergo apoptosis (cell death) for up to another 4-6 months after the treatment.

Typically, each CoolSculpting treatment results in a noticeable reduction of fat in the treated area. After the initial treatment is complete, you can attain further reductions with additional treatments, resulting in even more fat loss. Some patients find that just one treatment fully addresses their goals. You and your doctor will discuss and design a customized treatment plan that suits you best.


The CoolSculpting machine/technology by Zeltiq

The applicator-device

A visual representation of the sizes of applicators available to treat different parts of the body. The bigger ones are for areas like the tummy, love handles, buttocks, thighs etc.

With Dr Low – thank you for the kind sponsorship trial to try out the CoolSculpt!

Dropping another video here to illustrate CoolSculpt and the various testimonies from people who have tried the treatment, saw results and loved it 😉

It’s been about 2 months since I had the treatment and I must say I saw slightly slimmer arms from just that one session! It’s not immediately visible but I could feel that my arms were less bulky in my clothing, less tightness in long sleeves and generally more contours around the sides. I had continued to watch my diet and drink more water to flush those fat cells out of my system – hopefully forever!

Will update this space in a month or two to report the latest observations from the CoolSculpt treatment.

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[Usual Price: $888, min 2 areas]


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(above Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf)

Singapore 277676

Operating Hours

Mon to Fri : 9am to 1pm, 2pm to 8pm

All other timing by appointments only

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays*

Dr Christina Low Bee Lee

Tel: +65 6467 1844


Dorra Slimming Review!

Although I’ve tried quite a few places for slimming, I’m still excited about my first visit to dorra, the tummy, hip and thigh slimming expert from France, who specialises in providing fat-burning and body-shaping solutions that target and banish unsightly bumps and bulges on the lower body of women.

Lower body weight problems have been and will always be the main issue troubling most women. Women tend to put on inches on their lower body more easily than men because of the higher estrogen levels in their body and the fat cells there which are more prone to fat storage for childbearing purposes.

 Besides, women burn fat differently from men. Women who have dieted will notice that as they lose weight, body fat starts melting away from the upper body first, while lower body fat tends to stay put. Furthermore, unhealthy habits such as long hours of sitting, love for high calorie food and sitting cross legged make it even more difficult for ladies to lose the excess fat on the lower body.

If only we could have a treadmill each, right at our work desks?!

Exactly for me, I would consider myself living a sedentary lifestyle right as most of the day (and even night, omg!) I’m sitting at a desk working on the computer. I find time to exercise whenever I’m free, or after office hours, but that can really be so challenging when work becomes hectic (recently this is more frequent).

So I’m really thankful when dorra comes knocking with a trial for me to experience slimming at their outlet. I had an open mind about it, casting away any suspicions of hard-selling or sales tactics, and just want to try their slimming treatments at my problem areas.

A little introduction about dorra’s promise before my review:

dorra’s proven effective therapies work by targeting your trouble spots, breaking down stubborn fat and cellulite without bringing damage to your skin, muscle, bones and nerves. Specifically developed to treat lower body concerns such as love handles, bulging tummy, cellulite, heavy thighs, wide hips or post natal weight gain, our extensive range of anti-flab and anti-cellulite solutions can be customised to one’s specific needs, and can banish even the most stubborn fat that you’ve had for years.

 Currently with 6 outlets in Singapore, dorra has helped more that 16,000 ladies to slim down quickly and effectively, bringing them an inch closer to the ideal figure they’ve always yearned for. dorra has been particularly well-received among working ladies and busy housewives because the first treatment only requires 90 minutes!

I went to the Heartland Mall outlet, and was about 35 minutes late because of bad traffic and well, couldn’t get out of bed as I was down with flu. The great thing is that it wasn’t difficult to get there, and I spotted dorra almost instantly after arriving at Level 2.

To me, dorra had a welcoming feel to both its entrance and interiors – not too clinical, so overall I enjoyed the positive vibes from the staff, who behaved professionally and presented themselves well. One of them ushered me in to have my belongings put neatly into a dedicated locker, no questions or unhappiness about my lateness. Whew! After taking some pictures around the parlour, I took my height, weight and a Body Composition Analysis in just a few minutes. The Analysis was done with the help of a body composition analyzer, which found out my waist-hip ratio and the percentage of body fat, protein, water and salt (or sodium) in specific parts of my body. These will be carefully monitored throughout my slimming journey at dorra.

dorra’s body composition analyzer

A typical consultation room at dorra’s

Thereafter I was introduced to Cherry, my personal consultant, a slim and pretty lady who had polished manners and a sincere attitude. Cherry offered me a one-to-one consultation that allowed her a preliminary understanding of my problem areas, eating habits, lifestyle and possible causes of my problem areas. To be honest, and I don’t mind revealing here – Cherry deduced that my metabolism is rather low (likely due to low frequency of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle). Another concern is water retention. One consolation is that I don’t have much cellulite. Yeahhh!

Cherry explained that for that evening’s session, she will perform one Customised French Formulated Slimming Treatment. For me, it’ll be the Bye Bye Fat Treatment using a gentle booster to activate my body’s lipase (tummy area) and another booster to reduce water retention (full body).

Large frame just beside the reception, reminding customers of their desired body shape. I guess most women will like to look like that, no? To me, the image doesn’t just present a healthy, slender lady who has a body to flaunt, but that she also possesses an outstanding personality and confidence that she’s ready to face the world. Just look at that picture-perfect pose!

For the next 20-30 minutes, I was in a private room having my treatment. I must say I really enjoyed it, Cherry is both a wonderful consultant and therapist, and was patient and sweet throughout. At dorra’s, your consultant and therapist is the same person, to ensure a consistent level of privacy and personal touch as only she attends to you and your needs.

To mention a little about the machine I used – unlike other treatments I’ve received at other slimming/beauty centers, I feel comfortable with dorra’s as the applicator feels very warm and soothing; no discomfort at all. As Cherry was using the applicator to massage my tummy and waist/hip areas, together with the booster gel, I felt so at ease that I nearly fell asleep! The only thing that prevented me from doing so was my conversation with Cherry…she was giving me some healths tips and advice, and answering my queries throughout. After that session, I would highly recommend Cherry as my preferred therapist cum consultant as I find her very pleasant, likeable and genuine.

Before I realize it, I was done with my customized slimming programme, using the latest fat-burning and body-shaping technologies from France to target the stubborn fats on my tummy! Cherry took before and after photos, but I won’t be sharing them on my blog to safeguard my privacy. Overall, however, I’m happy to say that I’ve lost 2.9cm at my tummy/waist/hip/midriff areas in just 1 session! Midriff lost the most (-0.9cm), followed by waist (-0.8cm) and hip (-0.7cm).

How it works is that the a booster gel that was applied during the treatment contains mico-molecules which can penetrate deep into my skin to reach and burn excess fats. Infra-red equipment will then be used to soften the fat cells and an oxy trimming gel was also applied to improve blood circulation, which in turns aids in flushing out excess fatty acids. So you can expect to see some results in only 1 session (at least in my case). Everybody’s problem areas and weight issues are different, so I won’t be speaking for the masses. That being said, the customized programme, treatment(s) and even products used at dorra’s are definitely greatly appreciated!

Feeling good after my treatment, as I experienced a flatter tummy, less bloating and flatulence 🙂

In just 1 session, you’ll burn 600-2400 calories, which is equivalent to a 10-15km run!

No pills, no injections, no crash diets! You’ll see visible CM loss in just 90 minutes 🙂

 Subsequent treatments only require 20-40mins, saving minutes of your precious time. You can expect 14-30cm loss in just 14 days.

With lovely Cherry, who readily posed for my camera! She’s such a natural beauty, and really, I seldom praise beauticians because most of them are too sales-driven for my liking!

Thanks Cherry! For your help, advice and after-treatment texts to follow up on my condition and well-being 🙂

I was given a set of home-care to bring back – it contains the Ultimate Cellu-lite Cream 513 and Ultra Toning Gel 525. Both are suitable for all skin types.

Ultimate Cellu-lite Cream 513: Specially formulated to battle uneven bodyline due to accumulation of fats on tummy, hip and thighs. It contains actives like AMM and Methyl Nicotinate that promotes blood circulation on targeted areas and gradually trims bodyline. It also nourishes and hydrates skin epidermis layer, thus reveals a youthful complexion.

My verdict: To be used with the Ultra Toning Gel concurrently to minimize a burning sensation and slight redness of the skin due to the active ingredients working their magic.

Ultra Toning Gel: Specially formulated gel that refines and reshapes your silhouette, making your skin feel firmer, tighter and appears more toned.

My verdict: It feels cool on the skin and when massaged well into skin, the product becomes fully absorbed and doesn’t feel sticky at all. I love it!

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You can also enjoy A COMPLIMENTARY Detailed Body Composition Analysis + 1 FREE Customised French Formulated Slimming Treatment (worth $300). Simply call [Hotline: +65 68818181] and quote “Blogger Melissa Jane” for your FREE trial!