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5 Reasons to Experience the Orchard Central Shopping Trail (2016)!

I’ve always known Orchard Central (OC) as the place to go for indie fashion labels, trendy overseas brands and of course, delicious food at various levels. Little did I know that there’s much more in terms of fashion, beauty and lifestyle offerings! I had the opportunity to go on a shopping trail at OC with Everest to discover more exciting shops and haunts which I never knew about. Read on to find out 5 reasons why you should frequent Orchard Central, and experience its awesome shopping trail. It’s right in the heart of town and Singapore’s shopping district, so there’s no excuse to miss it anyway!


Tucked in a cosy corner at B2 of OC, Shea specialises in the retail of gentle personal care all natural (and some organic!) body products and home fragrance for the whole family. They are also distributors of natural brands such as Seaweed Bath Company and Bomb Cosmetics.

Skin care, foot care, hair care, fragrances. A one stop shop at Shea!

Shea’s products are suitable for common issues pertaining to

1. facial and body acne

2. dry, flaky, itchy skin

3. stretch marks / cellulite

4. fine facial lines and wrinkles

5. dry, dull, brittle hair

6. hair fall and dandruff…

Or the more uncommon ones like plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. The unique selling point of Shea’s products is that they are chemical free. Some of the best sellers are the Pure Cold-process Handmade Argan Oil (Morocco), Pure Unrefined Shea Butter & Traditional African Black Soap (Ghana), Aryuvedic Anti-Dandruff and Anti-Hairfall Oil (India), Seaweed and Argan Oil Body Care (USA) and Fresh Goats’ Milk & Cold Process Soaps (Australia/Wales).

So what are you waiting for? Start shopping at Shea to discover what really works for you, the natural way!


Soaps that look so good, they probably put some real cakes to shame!

Shea also organises workshops to teach you to make safe and nourishing soaps that gentle cleanse without stripping your skin of its natural protective barrier, ingredients to watch out for and their effects, and get super creative in making your own fancy candles with your favourite fragrances! At the end of the workshops, you get to bring home what you’ve made too! Having an aromatic spa/bath at home is totally possible now 😉

Everest and I enjoyed an express course in making our own soaps! We got to choose our preferred fragrances, exfoliator, shapes and colours, so they were all customised to what we wanted. The process was really hands-on too, and we learnt a lot via step-by-step instructions from Shea’s owner aka Mr. Boss! Shall now let the pictures do the talking! ?


Sizing up the ingredients for the workshop…

First step: Chop up the block of shea butter and chemical free soap base into smaller pieces!

It really required more effort than I expected to chop up the medium-sized blocks and I recalled joking that I was already perspiring when I went on my 2nd block.

All done! *Hard labour completed* 😛

Next, we chose our favourite scent to put into our personal soaps. There were about 20 to choose from, and I was tempted to pick a few because they all smell so good!

Then, we measured 6g of the selected fragrance oil in preparation for the special concoction.

Scraping off gold accents for beautiful colours on my soaps!

All getting into the mix!

Poured the mixture into ready moulds that I chose…the result of gold and purple? Hmmm.

We are about 70% there at this stage?

We all love making our own stuff because there’s so much customisation and satisfaction derived from the process and definitely, the end result.

Funny kid there in bright orange! The aftermath of recklessness and experimentation!  The mixtures were left to cool (and harden) while we went on to our next stop at OC!

Fast forward about an hour later…Here are the final products! Not bad for a first time trial huh? 😉 The colours turned out a little quaint but I really like the heart and angel-wing ones!

Thanks Shea for having us at your fun and interesting workshop. We got to bring all our soaps home to enjoy! ?

For more information on the prices and registration details, visit this link.


TVOILA Café at #B1-15 is an artisan patisserie and organic tea café that offers the widest range of organic teas in Singapore. With over 40 types of Numi organic teas, these are sure to indulge the senses and delight the palate.

Also taste their great gourmet salads, sandwiches, desserts and coffee. More pics to tempt you below!

Pleasant and cosy interior, ideal for a relaxing afternoon tea and catching up with friends!

Here comes our beverages and yummy cakes!

Don’t they look absolutely tantalizing?

Waffles are good too, made extra refreshing with strawberries and bananas!

Nice, warm lighting calls for a selfie!

Can you believe this cafe is “hidden” in such a large, spacious area in Orchard Central? If you would like a break in between your shopping, this is the perfect spot for sipping some aromatic tea while enjoying a relatively quiet time-out!


Our next stop is TOKYU HANDS, just literally a couple of steps from Tvoila, at #B1-07! You know what to do 😛

Tokyu Hands is renowned for being a “hint market” – a place full of useful hints for everyday life, and the products are truly unique to Japan. You can expect high-quality and high-functional living ware, fancy stationery, design tools, health & beauty, kitchen, bath & toiletry, cleaning & laundry, home decor, bags, wallets, travel, variety goods, mobile phone accessories, crafts and materials. And the list goes on!

Do you notice a lot of pandas in the above 2 pictures, like I did? HAHA!

Such colourful and functional bags – and if you caught the sign, it’s the first time they are here in Singapore!

We had tried on some bags from Tokyu Hands in Japan and back here in Singapore, Ash couldn’t resist too! Check out that camo piece!

Kinda matchy-matchy with his outfit, no?

TOKYU HANDS stocks relevant, trendy goods like these wind charms that well, definitely remind us of Summer time in Japan 🙂

Found these cute key clips to accessorise your bags! They are really sparkly and pretty in real life! ?

Beautiful details on this one, don’t you think? I always believe in Japanese products because of their consistent quality and high product standards!


Onward to our final destination (pun not intended)…Richard’s Atelier!

Richard’s Atelier is an optical retail shop that sells affordable, Korean-made spectacle frames and lenses. So gals and guys who love your sunnies and frames, this is the place to visit!

I really like the variety here, there are just so many types of eyewear that I’m sure you’ll definitely find something you like!

An attractive pair of eyewear can add that extra oomph to your outfit, and also draws attention to your face. So choose wisely – a pair that flatters your features and face shape!

Even for the popular tortoiseshell series alone, they have such a huge selection! 3 words: spoilt for choice!

Gosh I look even younger in this pair, almost like a student! *gasp*

Don’t forget to check out sunnies from well-known brands like Gentle Monster and Grafik at Richard’s Atelier.

Reflective (mirrored) sunnies are such a hit these days, you can’t live with just 1 pair! I had recently bought 2 pairs myself 😉

Found one that matched my outfit/top! ?

Now these are awesome! #swaggg

And this pair on Ash is funky and chic at the same time! Love.

This marks the end of my shopping trail at Orchard Central! For more updates and promotions at Orchard Central and its stores, do check out their official website, Facebook page and Instagram a/c @orchardcentral.

The mall’s now one of my favourite haunts, so I hope to see you there! Maybe you can catch me having ice cream at Cold Stone Creamy or shopping my ass off at TOKYU HANDS! ?


Love, everyday. Till next time!
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The Top Factor that made Joseph Schooling an Olympic Champ


So the our nation-state woke up this morning to the most wonderful news that Singapore swimmer, Joesph Schooling, 21, just won his Olympic gold medal for the 100m butterfly at Rio 2016 and beating his childhood idol-hero, Michael Phelps, while at it. Swimming Singapore is calling it “The Race That Stops the Nation.”

My Facebook feed ran countless articles covering this phenomenal moment when Schooling won Singapore’s first Olympic gold medal. He has indeed done Singapore very proud, as he has not only beaten the world’s best, but also demonstrated tremendously rare qualities in the process. The making of a winner, and a champion in the eyes of many proud Singaporeans.


“Schooling’s time smashed the Olympic Games record of 50.58s, clocked by Phelps at Beijing 2008. This is the first time at Rio 2016 that Phelps, who won the 100m butterfly at the past three Olympics, has been beaten.”

– Channel News (CNA)


Photo via Straits Times – Then: A young Joseph Schooling with Michael Phelps before the 2008 Olympics. Now: The pair after their 100m butterfly heat in Rio. PHOTOS: COURTESY OF THE SCHOOLING FAMILY, REUTERS

Just how much hard work, perseverance and grit he has put into the sport over the years to achieve his dreams, I can imagine. How surreal when it actually happened, and that intense emotion when the medal was finally placed in his hands.

“Reflecting on his race, Schooling said: “I went for it and I didn’t look back. I had some doubts. Everyone has doubts. It’s all about how you turn those doubts into positive moments. And I’m really glad that I could do that.” – CNA

It’s easy to say how “I want to be this”, “I can make it”, “I will do the impossible”. It’s something else to actually materialize these verbalization. I have learnt swimming since I was young, partly to combat childhood asthma, but that “passion” fizzled out after I failed to swim my way into the Singapore Swimming Association (SSA). I recalled the effort it took to wake up early on weekend mornings to go for swimming classes when I was a kid, rain or shine. Including the complaining and finding excuses to skip lessons. Ooops, my bad. I didn’t pay the price.

But Schooling did, while enjoying the entire process. I came across this little infographic below, that a friend just posted on Facebook (thanks, Kelvin), and instantly thought of Schooling. The top factor that made Joseph Schooling an Olympic champ: He belongs to The 2% Mindset, which pretty much sums up all the stories shared about him the past few hours after he accomplished his news-breaking milestone.


Impossible is nothing. And he (swims) the talk.

Doesn’t matter that he’s the shortest among the 8 finalists, doesn’t matter that the world expects some of the other swimmers to win instead. He did it against all odds.


I think it’s really admirable that at a very young age he had the maturity and ambition to realise what he wants to pursue and puts his words into action. How many of us even had such grand dreams when we were in primary school, much less being determined enough to put everything down to make them come true? Even in my adulthood, I have met quite a few individuals who were happy with “just getting by” and “surviving”. Nothing wrong with that, just sayin.

Schooling, however, has set his eyes on the Olympic Games and focused on it.

If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough. 

Joseph Schooling takes part in the Men's 100m Butterfly Final during the swimming event at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium in Rio de Janeiro on August 12, 2016. / AFP PHOTO / François-Xavier MARIT

At 5 years old, he had already won several gold metals in swimming competitions.

At 6,  he had a conversation with his relatives about his grand-uncle Lloyd Valberg, a former high jumper and Singapore’s first ever Olympian at the 1948 London Games. That must have influenced him a great deal as he later told his father, Colin Schooling, that he wanted to go to the Olympics.

But I was most jolted by the fact that he woke Colin up at 4.30 in the morning asking to go for training. He was only 7. Juxtaposing this with my own attitude towards the sport is just embarrassing. Scrolling back up to the special 2% of the population part, he definitely ticks “living without limits”, “going for your dreams” and “excitement”.

I’m learning to move in his footsteps too.


Image credits: Yahoo Sports SG

There is no time for self-doubt. Supportive parents who fought their way alongside their son to fulfill his childhood Olympic ambitions made Schooling’s story all the more inspiring.

Above: A handmade sign has hung on an archway in the swimmer’s apartment in Austin for the past year. On it, the phrase “Remember Why You’re Here” runs across the bottom in red, bold and capitalised letters. Above it, the numbers 50.1 and 1:52 flank an image of the Singapore flag and the Rio 2016 logo.

“Those are the times he has to do at the Olympics to [finish on the] podium,” Colin explained. “So he reminds himself day in and day out; before he sleeps and before he gets up, he looks at it as a constant reminder of his journey.


ST Photos: Chew Seng Kim, Lim YaoHui

Congratulations, Joseph Schooling! Thank you for all the glory brought to Singapore – we’re all so proud of you. Thank you for being a role-model to all of us, and proving that Dreams DO come true, if we dare pursue them. Thank you for that incredible spirit yet preserving humility, respect and honour throughout.

Thank you for this amazing gift to Singapore, just a few days after our National Day.

Thank you for showing the world that “people from small countries can do extraordinary things”.

That, coming from a little kid with a dream.

Ending off with a sound clip of how Schooling felt immediately after his winning race at the mixed zone. “It’s been a hard road. The first guy through the door is always bloody,” he said.

For live updates, check out Schooling wins gold: Live Blog.


Love, everyday. Till next time!
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Celebrating My Singapore: National Day in the Eyes of Fashion Influencers

A few Instagram posts ago, I was just reminiscing about how it’s only 5 months to the end of the year and right now we are almost ready to celebrate National Day again in full pomp and splendor by dressing up our city. As a fashion and lifestyle blogger-influencer in Singapore, I was eager to rise up to the occasion by creating a LookBook tailored made for National Day, an activity that’s definitely fun and celebratory! Hence, a natural collaboration happened between 3 of us enthusiastic babes (with Everest and Aldora) to showcase this Lookbook, based on each of our personal styles.

We discussed and toyed with key ideas and themes for Singapore’s National Day (9 Aug), for example, Red & White, 4 Shades of Red (based on the 2016 National Day Parade Logo), Hearts, Dreams & Inspirations. We were inspired by U.S.’s Independence Day (a recent event on 4 July), when many American bloggers styled similar lookbook content, in their signature colours of red, blue and white. We loved and participated in the vibrancy and hype on social media with our overseas friends/fellow bloggers and wanted to do the same to celebrate National Day here ?

Fellow fashionistas and Singaporeans who might need a little inspiration for outfit ideas during the National Day holidays, this is for you! 🙂

We did not reveal our final outfit details with one another so it was kind of a surprise when we met up and finally saw what we were each wearing. However, all of us adhered to the themes and turned up in very matching outfits, especially Everest and I! We were pleased with the “telepathy” because the pictures turned out well, with lots of harmony and balance in the colours and composition.

Always a fan of lace, intricate/unique details and florals, I went for a classic, modern and feminine look; this time with red and white as the main colours (of Singapore, too!)

 Personally I really love both red and white for different reasons. Red because of its vibrancy, depth of hue, boldness and character. And White always looks elegant, peaceful, wholesome and timeless.
I chose to style separates to add various elements and details into this outfit. My chiffon Leigh Ribbon Tie Blouse is from SophiaLuv. It features a ribbon tie at the neckline and 2-tiered laced sleeves for a soft and sweet finish. I decided not to tie a fast ribbon at the neck to tone down the school-girl, demure look, and did a casual knot for a flowy effect instead (this subtle move also made the blouse complement the skirt better).
The Rosie Skirt in White is from The Closet Lover, or TCL, one of my favourite Singapore-based online stores. Specially manufactured by TCL, it is made of neoprene for a stretchy and body-hugging material. It features vibrant rose prints and wavy, asymmetrical hems. I chose this skirt not only for its red-white combination, but its slightly unconventional design that injects oomph and a distinctive vibe to my outfit.

My Platform Strappy Heels are from JRunway. They totally match my top with their lace details! And they are so comfortable I can walk around all day in them! 🙂

2-way Star Boston Bag – also from JRunway. I love it for its strong red hue, tri-colour striped star detail and great material. Straps are adjustable with detachable ends for adaptable styles. Perfect for a casual day out!

Other outfit details:

Watch: Daniel Wellington – Classic Canterbury 36mm in Rose Gold.

Earrings: Lovisa – pearl drop and crystal details.

And something really, really beautiful and close to my heart…

Our Customised National Day 2016 Bloom Box from Gift Flowers Singapore!!! 

I look insanely delighted here! *laughs* The girls and Ash were joking that I was actually disguised as a flower delivery girl. HAHAHA!

So in celebration of our nation’s birthday and for our Lookbook collaboration, Gift Flowers Singapore has customised this lovely National Day themed bloom box consisting of a Large Round Flower Box in Black with a mix of Red & White roses. These flowers nicely accentuated our looks/outfits in this shoot. You can imagine my joy when I saw them because I am simply obsessed with flowers, all the time!

They are completely stunning in real life, and smell so wonderful too! Thank you Gift Flowers Singapore!

The Signature Bloom Boxes are the new styles offered by Gift Flowers Singapore which has their customised logo on it. They are super duper pretty, aren’t they? Will make my day any day, period!

Gift Flowers Singapore is offering free same day delivery for orders place before 1pm*.

*Except these following areas – Changi (Changi Bay, Changi East, Changi Village)/ Tuas (Wrexham, Promenade, Soon Lee, Tuas South)/ Sungei Kadut/ Woodlands (Admiralty, Innova, Marsiling, Woodgrove)/ Sentosa)

For more information, you may visit this link.
  As Gift Flowers Singapore understands that every customer has different budgets and needs, the flower gifts can be customized to any bouquet or flower arrangement! Just feel free to let them know your requirements/preferences 🙂 What a great gift idea for your friends and loved ones!

 Blogger’s Promo with Gift Flowers Singapore

(Valid till 30th September 2016)

Quote “GFSGOFF10” upon checkout for 10% off your purchases.

*Note: Not applicable to sales / promotional items

It was really fun to hang out with Everest and Aldora, like-minded content creators who obviously love to play dress up and are so confident in their own skin and style preferences. It was a breeze shooting with them at the Victoria Concert Hall (VCH) with Ash’s help as Photographer of the mini project! 🙂

I wonder why I did not come to VCH more often to shoot because there were so many great picturesque spots and the venue is air-conditioned for us to escape from the hot and humid tropical weather. Love the classy and well-lit interior and white marbled floors!

The sun was out and lighting’s good so our shoot was even extended to the outdoors! It was also a relief to all of us that we were dressed comfortably, and taking into consideration practicality because it was after all a Sunday! Probably not a good time to overdress. In fact in Singapore, rarely do you see people who overdress…Unless it’s for a major event, festival or if the dress code says so. Many of us like our shorts, slippers and tees to beat the heat (and unpredictable showers of rain!)

Doing a Sex And The City walk ×

After this collab / shoot, I am even more certain that I will continue to explore collaboration opportunities with other influencers, bloggers and media personalities, because more brains (or styles, in this case), is better than one. I enjoy the exchange of ideas and concepts to experience working on different types of shoots and projects, to cross promote and to learn and grow as a content curator. Collabs also give me the chance to venture out of my comfort zone to take on fresh perspectives and acquire knowledge in this space. Also, even though Singapore is relatively (much) smaller than other countries (therefore we have limited locations for shoots), I am excited to discover other angles and photography styles that will introduce new dimensions to my shots. So…stay tuned!

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for places to shoot in Singapore, you may check out “20 Most Instagram-worthy Places in Singapore” and my review on The Smart Local, which offers terrific online guides on many topics and issues related to Singapore.

Hope you guys have enjoyed this post and to end off, here’s a cute and quirky song by ??? The Freshman that’s trending now on social media. I’m sure its lyrics will resonate with all Singaporeans!


Matchy matchy bags, shoes and flowers ends the post on a high! ?

Check out Everest (@everestsays) and Aldora‘s (@aldora_muses) respective blogs to view their take on their chosen outfits and style of the day in our national colours!

And I’m now off to smell the roses!


Love, everyday. Till next time!
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5 Reasons Why Singaporeans Should Read THE SMART LOCAL (TSL)

TheSmartLocal (TSL) was founded by Bryan Choo, an entrepreneur with a passion for travel, food, writing and film making. Having realised that there was no existing portal (back in 2012) that provided the true local voice, he started TSL to build a hyper-local resource from the inside-out that both locals and foreigners could use. Well, something like TripAdvisor but with more focused and organised content.

I first came across via Facebook shares of their articles and it was almost always the topic or title of the posts that made me want to read them. They touch on interesting subject matters in and around Singapore and actually make me become/feel more Singaporean after reading. Why? Here are 5 reasons below:

1. They have the Most Popular Guides. Literally.

We all love to complain about how boring Singapore is, that there’s nothing to do here – no scenery, no entertainment, no mountains, no lakes, just plenty of buildings and malls (that have the same shops). But, we really love the variety of food here! You’ll be able to satisfy practically any craving you have, though there are sooo many places to eat that you really need a guide to help you narrow down your options. Most naturally, you will whip out your smart phone and start googling. Pretty often, you see an article on TSL telling you just what you want to know.

“A Guide to Singapore Nightlife”

“EPIC Bars you won’t believe exist” 

“Cheapest & Best Buffets in Singapore” 

There you have it.

For most couples, when we think of going on a date, only 2 things come up instantly, almost on reflex: Dinner and Movie. That can’t be more predictable. However, with TSL’s tips and hints, we get to discover the “Most romantic places for dating” and “Dating ideas for Singaporean couples”. I like the idea of conquering a cycling route together 🙂

I have to give it to TSL  for 52 Things to do in Singapore before you die. That sure took a lot of time and effort to compile given such a long bucket list, covering almost every type of activity you can think of, from recreation to entertainment to sports, education and shopping!

For those who live #forthegram, you need to check out “20 Most Instagram-worthy Places in Singapore”. No more excuses for the lack of Insta-worthy backgrounds to pack your feed!

2. Their Articles are as Easy to Read as Bedtime Stories

Sometimes, I scroll through my Facebook feed as one of the last things to I do before I go to bed. Although we can’t choose what we want to see due to the feed algorithm, I find myself clicking through light-reading articles rather than those which leave me gasping for air (too much brain juicing there). So those with lots of pretty images tend to catch my attention for a nice visual feast before I crash. I will usually go for my topics of interest as well e.g. fashion, beauty, shopping and entertainment. The short and sharp style of writing and “Singaporean lingo” help in making their articles relatable and engaging too. *proceeds to like and share!*

My latest favourite article, “10 Best DISCOUNTED Staycations Over The GSS Weekends Because You #EarnedIt” for the obvious reason: Who doesn’t like staycations on sale?!

3. Great Video Features & TSL TV

We know video is such a necessity here and now. There is so much content out there on the web, even beautiful photos and images are competing for eyeballs. Videos are able to capture attention much faster and also portray experiences, details and information in more compelling ways. TSL recognises that and I love how they film travel destinations around Asia. Nice cinematography, cool edits and a great summary of the places of interest!

Here’s a travel one from 2014 hosted by Andrea Chong:

And one of the latest from their signature Pretty Smart series:

You may also like the fun TSL Acoustic Sessions, Travel Like a Local and Singaporeans Try playlists on TSL TV! Extra tidbits for you if you prefer watching videos over reading. You get the same local flair and relatively high entertainment value from its quality content with a humourous touch.

4. Discovering Influential Brands with Intriguing Perspectives

So there’s a section labelled “Influential Brands” that TSL uses to present and showcase brand stories and in TSL’s words, “a consumer insight driven awards programme which provides a platform for brands to celebrate their achievement; for consumers, businesses and stakeholders to recognise the brands’ efforts in arriving where they are today.”

I thought it’s interesting to recognise the most influential brands in Singapore and tell their stories because consumers today make smarter and more informed purchasing decisions. Most of them want/hope to know as much information as possible, including whether the brands are serving a good cause on the side, whether they are environmentally friendly, and even details about the brand’s historical background, who are the brand owners and partners. These knowledge help consumers understand the brand on a deeper level, and establishes a stronger connection between both parties.

For example, positioning SK Jewellery within an article like “12 Prized Possessions Every 90s Singaporean Girl Grew Up With” seems quite intelligent yet subtle to me, as I wouldn’t have guessed it’s a brand feature until I scroll until the end of the article.

Pretty smart, TSL.

5. The Singaporean Frequency

Driving home the point, why Singaporeans should read TSL, is what I would call the “Singaporean Frequency”. That wavelength. That spirit of kiasu-ism. The same love for cheap deals, good food, convenience and most importantly, our familiarity with the Singaporean culture after years of going through the education system, our diverse population, cosmopolitan lifestyles and everything else. All these elements unite us.

I think this article is the perfect piece to illustrate what I’m talking about:

“10 Bizarre Things Singaporeans Do That The Rest Of The World Won’t Understand”

Yup. Speaking 5 languages in one sentence is what we grow up with. And we can switch from one language to another faster than you can ask “Whut?”

And this is another: “Why Young Singaporeans Think Their Lives Suck”.

Unrealistic expectations, blindly chasing goals, impatience, bombarded with choices, etc etc etc. Singaporeans, read on and find out if you can’t stop reading because you can’t stop nodding.

And if you are a Smart Local, click here because TSL has provided a solution to the above sentence.

? This is a sponsored post but it consists entirely my own views and opinions. ?


About The Smart Local 

TheSmartLocal is an independently owned media publisher that focus on travel and lifestyle stories for Singaporeans. It gives locals trusted hyper-local information on what to do in and out of their country. It is one part blog/magazine with editorial content and one part community review database where members can have their say about everything Singapore.

Today, TheSmartLocal reaches over 3 million Singaporeans each month. Businesses looking to advertise can check out the digital media solutions and advertising services provided.

TheSmartLocal also has its own video channel – TheSmartLocalTV, its own mobile discount app SNATCH and they have expanded their online publication regionally into Malaysia and Australia.



Love, everyday. Till next time!
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Mondo Vantaggio – The Great MV Sale!

If you’ve seen my last post on Mondo Vantaggio, and if you’re a fan of luxury leather goods and brands, you’ll be most excited about this entry because a nice little surprise is waiting for you. Read on!

The interior and decor of the multi-label luxury boutique is insane! We wanted to just buy everything and shop the luxury our heart desires.

The pink bag of my dreams….from YSL.

And never enough shoes, especially those as exquisite as these!

There’s even a special VIP room for you to rest and relax, beautifully decorated for your maximum pleasure.

I would say this gorgeous room is even fit for royalty, don’t you agree?

Men’s section at Mondo Vantaggio

It’s a shopping paradise for both ladies and gentlemen, and plenty of room to browse, mingle with friends etc.

One of my favourite – guess why? Because it’s colourful! 😀

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas at this display

Thought this Tweety bag from Moschino went very well with my outfit of the day! Like the #cutestyle? 🙂

Bucket bags are all the rage now, and I thought this is pretty cool!

To my surprise, I found Tiramisu Hero cafe right within the facility of Mondo Vantaggio, for customers and guests to have light bites and tea while shopping. With such amenities in the huge store, you may practically linger around for the whole day!

Our tea for the afternoon ? Yums!

Thanks Chloe for dropping by with me! 🙂

More snaps of the stunning displays after tea!

This little Miu Miu bag is too cute!!!

Hello little pink Prada! Matchy with my shoes! 🙂

Regina looking divine in her outfit! Glad to have your company, babe!

After the event, I had the opportunity to shoot with 2 of my favourite bags at Mondo Vantaggio!

This Versace bag is drop-dead gorgeous! ? I fell in love with it the minute I set my eyes on it, so I knew it has to be one of the bags!

I just love the texture of the bag, its details and of course the pretty pink tassle! It had also matched PERFECTLY with my white and pink outfit with floral wedges.

Perfect in every way, isn’t it? I swear it’s even more luxurious and breathtaking in real life!

Another bag that went so well with my outfit – the Givenchy tote.

It’s great as a day bag or for work, and I love its understated baby blue colour on luxurious calf skin.

It can be carried in so many different ways, and even as a satchel.

Simply love this classy and modern Givenchy ‘Shark Tooth’ Tote! ?

Gorgeous babe and my pal Joanna Lim had also fronted Mondo Vantaggio’s Givenchy ‘New In’ Campaign – Style Update: #GameChanger

Decked in sleek looks with simple elegance, she makes a bold statement and keeps her repertoire fresh with versatile arm candies from the French luxury brand.

From classics to the cult, founder Hubert Givenchy to current creative director Riccardo Tisci, Givenchy has always been fashion’s favourite in the arena of pret-a-porter for its consistent innovation and added Haute Couture flair.

Joanna looking amazing in the campaign shots…werk it girl!

Mondo Vantaggio is currently having their 60% mark-down and weekly brand sale this June: 15% off on selected brands (details below)! Plus, all Trussardi items are on 50% off ??

1st to 5th – Valentino & Balenciaga
6th to 12th – Gucci
12th to 19th – Burberry & Saint Laurent
20th to 26th – Prada
27th to 30th – Miu Miu & Versace

 Shop now and don’t miss grabbing your favourite bags at heavily discounted prices!

For more upcoming shots of my feature for Mondo Vantaggio, follow me on Instagram @melissajaneferosha! 🙂


Love, everyday. Till next time!
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OSIM uLove Massage Chair Media Preview!


As a fan of both OSIM and massage, I did a little dance at the wonderful news of being invited to experience OSIM’s new massage chair, the uLove???? ???, at their media preview and private event. I was full of curiosity as to why it’s called “????”, or “Prince Charming” in English. Surely a massage chair can’t be romantic, or princely, like what we would have imagined from fairy tales?

The global Ambassador for OSIM uLove is none other than International star Fan Bingbing, whom I’ve grown to love and enjoy watching her dramas such as mega-hit TV series, Empress of China. She is also a fashion icon who has graced many red carpets, movie premieres and fashion shows. Most amazingly, she topped the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list in 2013, 2014 and 2015, after ranking in the top 10 every year, since 2006. What an inspirational figure!

Here’s what Fan Bingbing has to say about uLove, “OSIM uLove serenades me with alluring music and romances my senses with the most wonderful touch. I never imagined a chair could make me feel so good, so relaxed and yet so invigorated! uLove…it is truly a massage gem and I absolutely love spending time on it!”


Indeed, OSIM uLove is a cut above other massage chairs, with its striking design, ultra-luxurious fittings, new massage features and superior sound system. It cuts an impressive sight, with its lush contours and plush leather fittings made with the finest perforated quilting, and chrome finishing. It also has an immersive audio system allows you to play your favourite songs on a smartphone or iPod!

Sounds like a massage designed in heaven! But nothing beats a personal testimonial of sitting on the uLove for a real-life touch and feel of it all. And just before the magical (half) hour came, we were treated to a beautiful dessert table, and an introduction to Neal’s Yard Remedies for the ultimate sensory experience. Love the romantic, sensual and floral theme of the event!


So much goodies and canapes, we were so spoilt by the organisers! Not to mention how pretty the set-up and decor are 🙂




Even the beverages were thoughtfully curated for the event! I love the blue Cupid’s Cup and Flirtini!



And it’s Photobooth Time with the girlies!




As you can see, it was a night full of pretty flower petals and we had so much fun scattering them around for pictures and Boomerangs!

Image above credits to OSIM Singapore


Neal’s Yard Remedies had set up a booth at the venue for us to experience their organic and natural health and beauty products such as essential oils, bath, face and body products, herbal teas and even books! Their aromatherapy range, in particular, will be so perfect when used together with the OSIM massage chairs. I can imagine the level of relaxation and calmness the combination will bring me 🙂


Everest trying out the products and choosing her favourite scent!




Guess which one I got? The eucalyptus one, of course! Really into the anti-stress range recently, because the scents really help me to unwind and relax. Ash got the Rosemary mixed with Lavender, also from the stress-relieving series.

According to some studies, aromatherapy can even help to boost job performance and productivity, as smell is the strongest of the senses and is best able to influence brain activity, emotions and learning processes. Essential oils also have anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and having them in the environment helps to keep germs at bay. A simple inhalation of an aroma can activate the immune system, affect blood pressure and stimulate digestion. All that benefits our bodies and improves our health, why not?


After the reception, our hosts for the night began the event proper and got us all anticipating what was in store for us next – the Experience Zone. Like VIPs, we were chaperoned in a pompous manner into what seemed like a “massage theatre”, where each of us laid in our very own OSIM uLove, with personal blankets and assistants. Once we were all relaxed into the chairs, the amazing 30-minute massage began, with beautiful, dreamy music in a surround-sound system. The whole time we were in darkness, and I felt like I was transported into another world as the massage soothed away the aches and knots in my body.

The first session of the massage, before another program was initiated, focused more on my shoulders, upper back, head and neck. The second was more on the hips, lower back and back to the shoulders and head. Personally I felt that the massages were very very close to human massage techniques. So what made the massage so unique and out-of-this-world?


A really good massage means to have every part of one’s body totally destressed and relaxed. OSIM uLove fits the bill, with 720 degree roller balls that intimately rolls along every contour of your body, V-Hand Massage to extract deep-seated knots and Long Track massage technology for a most far-reaching massage that satisfies like no other massage, for the ultimate sense of well-being. In Fan’s words, “it’s hard not to fall asleep, with the exquisite massage pampering of a gentle lover”.

The Lifestyle Zone was where we were shown the 4 desirable uLoves, which were indeed luxurious and majestic in design. Their main bodies were upholstered in quilted and modern weave inspired leatherette. The overall design element speaks of excellent craftsmanship of form and functionality, exuding style, elegance and versatility to grace any modern living space.


Sharon Au and Jade Seah representing StylexStyle at the OSIM Media Preview. Image credits to OSIM Singapore.



The Dashing Copper – versatile, grand and lavish



Optimally positioned speakers for a splendid surround-sound audio experience


Simple, intuitive userbility in a retractable remote control



The Gorgeous Teal – refreshing, vibrant, free-spirited



The Handsome Brown – alluring, contemporary, refined

08A uLove Charming Red(LR)

The Charming Red – passionate, ravishing, sophisticated

The Dreamy White – timeless, elegant, classy – and it’s my favourite of the 5!


I’m so ready for my sweet dreams in this beautiful white chair!


Pampering massage from mind to body, OSIM uLove boasts the following key features:

1. Immersive Audio System for deeper mental relaxation

2. V-Hand 3D Massage with 720 degrees Roller Balls to pamper you with loving precision 

3. Long-Track Massage for a most far-reaching massage 

4. Professionally Crafted Suite of Massage Programmes 

uLove’s Signature Massage Programmes

a. Neck & Butt – Works on the head, nape, neck and buttock areas to relieve stiff muscles. (First complimentary download program)

b. Shoulder Caress – Quick relief from aches and tension on neck and shoulders

c. Lumbar Pamper – Loosen lower back tension to maintain a healthy back

d. Butt Cuddle – Targeted back and butt relaxation for a prolonged sitting lifestyle

Additionally, OSIM uLove possesses intelligent features that understands you and your body, from its intelligent auto shoulder detection, to an extendable foot massager for different height, comprehensive safety features, one-touch chair position and soothing warmth, among others.

To me, the unique selling point of the uLove is its V-Hand 3D Massage with 720 degrees Roller Balls and Long Track Massage. These features gave me a very satisfying massage and I had emerged from the 30 minute session feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and agile. The uLove provides a head-to-toe pampering that I know I need on almost a daily-basis, as I get stressed out easily and like most people, I really love a good massage that relieves tension from my body and gives me a good night’s sleep. The second great thing about uLove is its dreamy music that instantly signals “rest and relaxation time”! Drop those worries and stresses now!


Group photo with fellow bloggers and influencers at the end of the Lifestyle Zone


The event ended with the big unveiling of the new OSIM uLove! We were literally holding our breaths in excitement and prepping our cameras and phones as the curtain slowly drew open to reveal a breathtaking display of the Dreamy White on its deserving “throne”!





Official Presentation of the OSIM uLove by Evangeline Long



Video presentation of Fan Bingbing and a short interview on her thoughts of being OSIM uLove’s Global Ambassador

Fan shared “I never pass on a good massage as it can do wonders for your mental and physical health. With uLove, I’m spoilt as now I get my daily dose of massage and pampering in the comfort of home. Before the massage, I simply brew a cup of soothing honey drink, apply a hydrating mask, settle onto uLove and let the music and massage melt my cares away. The feeling is pure bliss.”

Guess we can all pick up this excellent tip from her!

I’m totally agreeing with the beautiful Chinese actress, producer and singer, who manages to look beautiful and radiant all the time despite balancing an extremely hectic schedule. Her secret? Massage and hydration, of course. For me, the intimate half-hour bliss with uLove was the highlight of the event, and I slept like a happy baby that night – a wonderful consequence from the glorious massage from paradise.

07 uLove BeautySleep(HR) (1016x1024)

Updated: 7 September 2016

The OSIM uLove retails at a Special Price of $5,499 (UP $5,999) & will be exclusively available at the following:

· OSIM uLove Preview Shops

Ang Mo Kio Hub #B2-05/06
Bedok Mall #B2-57
Best Denki Ngee Ann City L5
Best Denki VivoCity L2
Bukit Panjang Plaza #01-12
Causeway Point #B1-37
Changi Airport T2 Departure #026-115
Courts Tampines
IMM #02-40
Jem #B1-46
Jurong Point (B1-34A/35/36)
Junction 8 #03-10
Metro Causeway Point L3
Nex #03-05
Parkway Parade #B1-63 & #03-24/24A
Plaza Singapura #03-09
Raffles City #03-21
Takashimaya B1 OSIM Counter
Tampines Mall #B1-05
VivoCity #01-50/51
Waterway Point #B2-23
White Sands #02-07

· Online at

Find out more about the OSIM uLove at!

Available in an array of premium intense hues – Dreamy White, Handsome Brown, Charming Red, Dashing Copper and Gorgeous Teal that will add a touch of luxe to any home.


Love, everyday. Till next time!
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