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Chinese New Year Events!

10 February 2010

@ Hard Rock Cafe with Eric and our friend Namrata from India 🙂 Eric and our guest met at the Model UN event held at NTU the weekend before!

Love the ambience at Hard Rock Cafe! The band even sang for Namrata a song we dedicated to her –

David Cook’s Always Be My Baby

Gloriously good food! The set meal which includes a clam chowder soup, a main course of your choice, Haagen Dazs ice cream and coffee/tea only costs $20 nett! The quality is really good too – I could hardly finish my main course because the main course came in a rather large portion! Yums 🙂 Love love love the decor at Hard Rock!

5 February 2010

Our first Chinese New Year steamboat dinner!

Brother Jonathan, Aloysius, Geanie, Eric and I!

12 February 2010

Met up with Jonathan and Geanie for shopping, movie and dinner! We watched Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief! It was awesome! Hearts Logan Lerman! He’s totally my version of cute and I can’t resist his dazzling crystal blue eyes!

My favourite peeps 🙂

And the yummy food we shared at Cafe Cartel!

And here’s my shopping for that day!

1. Colourful Striped Slippers for Nuffnang’s lunch time so that in case I have to run back to office I won’t have to charge through Farrer Park MRT station in my heels, and inevitably making my feet uglier with bruises!

2. Acrylic nails with glue from a shop at Far East Plaza (see previous post)  – took super long to choose those pretty pink floral nails!

3. Falsies and eyelash curler from Daiso (only $2 each!). Believe it or not I’ve never used an eyelash curler before except when I had this makeover at Bobbi Brown 🙂

4. My loot from Dorothy Perkins! It was having a sale so I grabbed a pretty chunky lime green necklace and a gorgeous black sunflower-shaped bracelet that Jon helped to choose for me! They were the most treasured pieces I had for the day because they were such beautiful accessories but I only paid $22 for both!

5. Surprise CNY gift from Jon! How sweet! :))))

The surprise gift turned out to be huge milk chocolate bars! One of them is even strawberry yoghurt flavoured, my favourite! :)))

13 February 2010

Chinese New Year Eve Lunch with Shu and shopping in town!

Had a upset tummy later that evening and nearly missed reunion dinner! Thank goodness I managed to recover in time and got better later that night after some rest and medicine!

14 February 2010 (CNY Day 1! + Valentine’s Day)

After doing some visiting in the day, Eric and I met up for a walk at River Hong Bao!

The crowds contributed to the festive mood and the lighting, decorations and exhibits made the place so lively and exciting!

Enjoying Haagen Dazs ice cream after that! :)))

Group Picture with Steph and her bf JS 🙂