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New Look’s AW13 Fashion Preview & Workshop @ Suntec City Tropics

Your Outfit of the Day (or #OOTD) can either make or break your look of the day. As much as I love to style myself (and others), and look at fashion everyday, browse the latest trends on my Instagram and social media platforms, I do occasionally make mistakes too – mostly duped into buying clothing which may look good on stick-thin models but not on my petite-and-not-so skinny frame. Also because I jump on loud, pretty colours and statement pieces with bold prints, they often do not outlast the season nor are versatile enough to be worn repeatedly.

These are some classic examples of fashion disasters or wardrobe malfunction:

Seriously, Kristen? Those shiny granny panties?!

The Care Bears rejoice as a pantsless Rihanna takes them out for a fun night on the town. They haven’t been this excited since the annual Fluff Your Stuffing Day in the Kingdom of Caring.

What is this? An overgrown Christmas tree? Or a ketupat wannabe? Fresh peplum hell, really.

Ok, I had digressed. I’m no Kate Moss, who can pull off almost anything she wears – but I certainly learned a thing or two at last Saturday’s New Look event at Suntec City Tropics (organized by, where we got to preview the British global fashion retailer’s Autumn-Winter ’13 Collection. What I really love about New Look is that they have really versatile, updated pieces for every season without the intent to break their customers’ banks. They have both statement numbers as well as well-thought out coordinates that will spice up, or boost, any girl’s wardrobe. This Autumn Winter (AW), New Look has identified some key themes/styles that are superbly outstanding and memorable, yet complementing the high-street layman’s lifestyle (without the extravagance) – Baboushka, New Model Army and Grunge.

New Look Logo

A little introduction on New Look:

  • Founded in 1969
  • British fast fashion brand
  • Currently the 2nd largest retailer in the UK Women’s clothing and accessories
  • Fashion forward items at value pricing
  • Brand Pillars: fashion excitement, value and newness
  • Translate the latest trends from the catwalk, celebrities and the streets
  • Weekly new designs arriving in stores



Description: Rich colours, sumptuous fabrics and decadent prints give the “Baboushka” collection folkish flair and rustic Russian charm. Faux fur coats are worn over delicate, embroidered blouses teamed with washed ripped denim and a colour-block beanie for a snug and stylish look. Shearling lined bikers sit next to floral pussy-bow blouses, whilst heavily patterned knits are perfect with a flirty peplum jacquard skirt.

Baboushka1 Baboushka2

Burgundy, teal and navy are key tones of this cosy, wintry collection. Prints and textures are layered up with accessories to create an opulent look that is rich in autumnal colours, luxurious textures and statement jewels.

Baboushka3 Baboushka4

Baboushka focuses on ravishing knitwear, intricate embroidery and statement outerwear that is effortlessly stylish and loaded with luxe.

Baboushka5 Baboushka6 P9141332




Stylist Melissa sharing with us all about how to style BABOUSHKA and came up with a couple of outfits to illustrate this trend.

Inspiration: Tapestry Florals, Russian Glamour (embroidered lace accents, Russian influenced motifs)


Description: Sharp lines, structured shapes and classic cuts work effortlessly together to give New Model Army its unique simplicity.


Fabrics are luxe, silhouettes are clean and colours are powerful and bold. Delicate sheer sleeves with a hint of shimmer add a feminine twist, whilst faux-leather panelling on coats and jackets give an alternative hard edge. Quilting adds a sports luxe touch to the collection alongside graphic tees, giving New Model Army’s fashion recruits casual, off duty style with a premium edge.

nma2 nma3

Monochrome is key and provides a neutral base that works to make the accent colours, scarlet and cobalt, hyper pop. Prints are statement with daring leopard and graphic checks used to transform must-have staple pieces.nma4 nma5 nma6

New Model Army is essentially a collection of wardrobe VIPS reworked with indulgent textures, luxe fabrics and injected with a burst of colour or print. The concept is simple, the outcome is anything but.nma7 nma8


I like the structured, bright red blazer with a graphic leopard print tee look. Casual yet oh-so-chic!

Inspiration: Leather details, zips, animal prints, asymmetricals


Description: A mash-up of hard-edged embellishment, bold print and tough texture gives “Grunge” a cool, carefree confidence. Leather pencil skirts, fishnet tights and distressed biker jackets give a harsh twist to feminine ditsy print dresses and over-sized check shirts. Fur trimmed canvas parkas, textured cardigans and graphic print tees keep things casual and effortlessly edgy.

g1 g2

The colour palette is muted, lifted by florals and checks that are thrown into the mix. Studs, chains and spikes are key details that toughen up an outfit whilst a knitted beanie hat is perfect for pulling the look together.

g3 g4

This collection contrasts tough and rough with pretty, ultra-feminine highlights to capture the true spirit of 90’s “Grunge”.

g5 g6 g8


Inspiration: Dark Blooms, Tartan

After the style “advisory session”, there was a mini contest to style our chosen models (10 teams were formed) according to the 3 key styles. The team which interprets the respective themes best wins!

Younhi, Eileen and myself got…..

And we remember it’s all about the folkish flair and rustic Russian charm! Not forgetting some quick style tips for autumn – 1) lose the bulk,  2) layer with thin garments and 3) sleeveless items!

Excited as adolescent girls in a teenage dream, we went about the whole store at Suntec City Tropics fishing up the appropriate pieces that fit this style. It was so much fun whisking pretty apparels off the racks and rattling off our opinions while coming to a consensus on the “perfect Baboushka look”.


With pretty and svelte Eileen as our model, we got the “first draft” out as she emerged from the changing room…


Then we got the almost final look….minus the finishing touches!


And just before the contest ended, we topped off our doll with a stylish black clutch with studded jewel details and a pair of shades before whisking this “trophy” gleefully to be placed with other “trophies” for judging time! Each team stepped forward to present their model while explaining their respective interpretations of the designated themes and choice of apparels/pieces on them.




Yes, another “Baboushkan” team pictured above!







omysg-newlook -18

This was when my team presented – image credits to


Image credits to I wish I were 10cm taller and 5kg lighter! Maybe I should’ve worn platforms….but before I rant further, THANK YOU OMY.SG and New Look for making us the winning entry for the mini-contest! YAYYYY $15 each to spend on anything we want in the store 🙂


Younhi, Eileen and I <3 Thank you both of you for making this activity so awesome!


Image credits to – Winning team with style advisors



Great to meet all the blogger-fashionistas at this NEW LOOK event. See you all again soon and thank you once again, OMY.SG and New Look Singapore (Instagram: #NewLookSG) for the kind invitation 🙂


A special “hello!” shout-out to my Korean friend Younhi Park – it’s fantastic to see you again after Singapore Blog Awards! 😀 She’s an absolutely stunning mother of 2!


Exclusive Promotion for Readers!

Quote “omy bloggers” at New Look stores and receive a 10% discount on regular-priced items (valid from 14 to 30 September 2013). Quick! Visit New Look outlets to check out the collections!

Just in case you haven’t gotten enough of the visual diarrhea of the hottest fashion and trends this season, here are my choice picks from the New Look Autumn Winter 2013 Collection! Enjoy!


Embrace Your Natural Beauty with The One Stop Ion Cleanser Device – The Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool!


My “shocked/surprised” expressions tells everyone the wonderful surprise that lies waiting for me!


Come experience easy beauty in the comfort of your own home with the Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool!

It’s all really simple.

Beauty mogul Helena Rubenstein famously said, “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones”. And you’d be hard-pressed to disagree judging by the complex skin care routines the women of today have adopted, or rather, how commercialization has convinced so many women around the world to believe that they require 1001 types of skin care and beauty products just to look like you’ve been taking care of your face relatively well.

Do you think your daily skin care regimen is enough to keep your complexion clean, clear and luminous? I believe that you don’t need to pile on the makeup to make your skin appear flawless. Definitely, a powdered face with beautiful eye makeup can dramatically enhance a woman’s picture, but porcelain complexion lies in the heart of true beauty. Regular facials for deep cleansing can give your skin a huge boost and much-needed pampering, but to go for daily facials is unrealistic (costly + time-consuming) and usually, quite impossible in our hectic lives.

So how to achieve a good complexion? Never be lazy with your face cleansing. Never skip steps so that you may “save time”. Never compromise on the little steps that will contribute to a beautiful, clean face. It’s an amazing, refreshing feeling to have your face deep cleansed on your own. I can’t stand it when my skin feels oily and sticky. That only means the higher probability of breakouts due to the accumulation of oil, dirt and bacteria in the pores, hence enlarging them in the process as well. Ewwwww!

Have you seen the above device – the Clarisonic? Some swear by its prowess but I haven’t tried it before. Though last I heard from a girlfriend it doesn’t work so well. But the reason why it even exists – we have to get our face the deep and thorough cleansing it deserves, especially after a long, hard day.

Welcome to the world of the Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool (Model: CM-N10000) ($499) and FaceCRiE series (from $199) — two handy beauty devices that provide fast professional beauty results from the comfort of your home.

CM-N10000 Shots

Using the power of ionisation the HadaCRiE Cool comes with four modes that will gently purge deeply-embedded dirt, moisturise and tighten your pores to reveal refreshed and radiant skin.

I’m really excited and honoured to be one of 10 beauty bloggers selected by Hitachi to share my experience on the HadaCRiE Cool with YOU, my beloved readers! From 25 March till the next 3 weeks, do frequent this space as you can expect to win yourself a Hitachi FaceCRiE and more by reading and voting if you will for me and my humble blog


2013-03-13 20.01.51

Close up of the FaceCRiE

NC-5510 (S) Pink


If you’re familiar with my blog, it’s just coincidental that I just migrated to this new skin, do you like it? Pretty dreamy and “princessy” with the theme of carnivals, pin-up girls and balloons 😀 But please bear with the temporary bugs and slight errors if you will, I’m still trying my best to get all the nitty-grittys fixed! Thanks for your patience~!

Back to the HadaCRiE Cool, I just can’t wait to share more about my new favourite product!

Your essential beauty tools

2013-03-13 19.44.39

2013-03-13 19.44.49

2013-03-13 19.45.34

2013-03-13 19.45.46

It comes in really pretty packaging and an adorable Travel Pouch that packs every bit of goodness (tools) of this essential product! I love just how thoughtful and intuitive the design is! Open it up and vroom! What a pleasing visual effect!

2013-03-13 19.46.48

A very feminine concept – with bottles of nail varnish, lipsticks and other makeup products as the backdrop of the kit’s interior design, you see little pouches labeled “cleanser”, “toner” and “moisturizer” and on the other side, “charger”, “cotton wool” and the HadaCRiE Cool handheld device itself. Just opening up the pouch makes me cheerful and excited – the power of beautiful packaging that intrigues activity!

2013-03-25 20.35.48

2013-03-13 19.46.56

2013-03-13 19.47.27

Touted as “Japan’s No.1 beauty gadget”, the HadaCRiE Cool brings skincare to a whole new level. The Hitachi HadaCRie cool provides a multi-tasking facial cleaning and massage system that will simplify yet improve your skincare routine. It uses the power of ionization to gently purge deeply-embedded dirt from pores, a process which normal facial cleansing cannot achieve. Here’s an illustration:


HadaCRiE Cool

4 Steps to perfection

The secret to beautiful skin - cleansing your pores

Cleanses & tightens pores

It's so simple you can use it everyday

Hadacrie cool CM-N10000

2013-03-25 20.30.27

2013-03-13 19.48.40

The HadaCRiE Cool in real life and close up! I felt mighty and empowered holding it! 🙂

2013-03-13 19.48.51

As mentioned, the 4 power modes, timed to be 5 minutes each, except for the Cool-Aesthetic (3mins only) –

  1. CLEANSING – The power of ions removes deeply-embedded dirt and grime in pores
  2. MICRO-PAT – Enhances moisture absorption into skin
  3. MOISTURIZE – Deep moisturizing treatment
  4. COOL-AESTHETIC – Cools skin and tightens pores

2013-03-13 19.53.30

And the HadaCRiE Cool is ON! Hitachi’s MicroStep Waveform technology (Japanese Patent No. 4583045) emits fine but high frequency waveforms that reduce stimulation to the skin. Titanium Metal head is gentle and pampering, and suitable for sensitive skin.

After each operation, there will be a beeping sound and device will turn off automatically. You may choose high or low level intensity modes according to your skin’s needs!

Before (left picture) vs After (1 week later)

The above image shows the tightening effects of skin pores (on cheek’s surface) after using the Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool. Specifically, a comparison of pore size, between skin before the use of Cool-Aesthetic mode, and skin that uses Cool-Aesthetic mode once a day for a week.

2013-03-13 20.02.36

Back of the device. Fingers should maintain contact with panels on either side. Place device head gently on skin, avoiding areas around the eyes and ears. Starting from the center, gently glide over face in an outward motion. I’ll be demonstrating how to use the HadaCRiE Cool in my next post via a video! It’s going to be the first time I’m posting a self made video, so exciting! Please kindly support okay!

2013-03-25 20.32.13

I may appear to have relatively “good skin” – I admit my complexion has improved a lot from my days of annoying acne – but notice that my nose still looks “shiny” in the picture because it’s quite oily! Then again, it’s after a long work day and I really wish that an effective skin cleansing regime can further improve my skin’s condition and keep it relatively oil free all day. It’s possible if you work hard in masking, going for regular facials/facial treatments, applying suitable skin care at least twice a day and of course, using HadaCRiE Cool daily!

2013-03-25 20.31.31

With light makeup on, after a full day at work. Skin feels tired and dull, in need of a rejuvenation!

2013-03-25 20.32.24

On closer look and another lighting, you can actually see the imperfections like oiliness, enlarged pores, whiteheads and blackheads and even very minor acne (on chin area).

Follow me as I’ll continue to review the HadaCRiE Cool in this space and document how my skin has improved (or not?!) using this product, via OMY SG blog and my Wonderland 😉

If you really can’t wait to lay your hands on the HadaCRiE Cool, you may purchase it at the following outlets:

  • Gain City Marina Square & Changi City Point
  • Parisilk 46 East Coast Road #01-01 East Gate


About Hitachi Consumer

Hitachi Home Electronics Asia (S) Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd, Japan and Hitachi Asia Ltd., markets consumer & multimedia products in Singapore and the region.

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The portal provides the latest news and info-tainment for web-savvy users who want to be engaged and involved with the news they read. enjoys over 15 million page views* from 550,000* unique visitors per month, and is one of the top news/entertainment/blog sites in Singapore. also manages a community of 3,000 bloggers registered with the omy Blog Club and is the only media in Singapore organising a series of social media events annually under its Singapore Social Media Fiesta branding, covering major social media platforms.


STClassifieds Fashion&IT Showcase 2012 – The Aftermath!

Thanks to ST Classifieds and, I was invited to attend the ST Classifieds Fashion & IT Showcase at Suntec as a blogger – it’s my first time attending an OMY event, and I was pretty excited to meet the other bloggers! I was looking forward to this fashion event as my friend from NUS Sports Camp Shirlene was participating as one of the contestants for “I’m A Fashionista”, and she got second! Well done babe! You really did well on stage!

Another big reason is that – all my favourite blogshops are going to be there! It’s a day of fashion, catwalks, shopping and just basking in the crowd of photographers, fashionistas, blogshop entrepreneurs and a teeny weeny bit of glitz, like all fashion events are!

Firstly, my outfit of the day!


I took the opportunity to take pictures of the Tocco Tenero bag I was carrying too – anyway, a printed top, matching wedges and a nice duffel bag is part of my style and I was very comfortable in this outfit throughout the day, though, no doubt that my feet ached after nearly 10 hours of walking around!

Back to the event – there I met OMY bloggers Cookie, Shanice, Kiyo and Charlene – all very pretty and young girls! I feel so old amongst them, like an old thorn among the roses!


Tada! And we were all carrying goodie bags containing endless number of vouchers, magazines and other goodies 😀

Thanks to Shanice for some of the pictures here because I didn’t manage to take them somehow. Her pictures are really beautifully contrasted!

See the background of the picture? There were several booths in the relatively large hall so we took our time to walk around, snapping pictures and browsing clothing and accessories.



Yes definitely Her Velvet Vase was there and so many people (girls, mostly) were trying out the clothes and grabbing them at all time low prices! There was even a clothes buffet by The Scarlet Room that day (Earl Grey Party’s was on Saturday).



ModParade was there too! Their new collection is so stunning and adorable! Only too bad it isn’t really my style! Then again, I would love to experiment a little by mixing and matching some of their eclectic and quirky pieces with some of my own 😉



The 3 in house models of ModParade – so slim and pretty, and most noticeably – they look unique!

I’m A Fashionista contest – 70% goes to online public voting while 30% comes from the professional judges’ evaluation. The 10 finalists were handpicked off the streets for their outstanding personality and fashion sense.

Shirlene in the house! She’s right in front with the crimson red fedora!

The Q&A session hosted by Ben to test the contestants’ quality of response, wit and personality!

okok, more like fashion sense, style, creativity and community hype received!

One of my favourite contestants – check out his “avant garde” shoes!

Amazing! The whole time I was looking at his shoes, almost not paying any attention to the Q&A and half scared that he might trip and fall? I’ve always wondered how do you walk in those shoes? I’ve seen them before but never tried them on…maybe I should…

Shirlene handling it all with the confidence and poise she always had!

Sorry for all the side and back views because of the “strategic” position of my seat – front row, VIP but the scenery is not all that beautiful 🙁

The judges of the contest –

  • Hosanna Swee (Fashion Blogger)
  • Lucinda Zhou (Founder, Ohvola)
  • Clare Chan (Founder, HerVelvetVase)

Hot babe with a tummy revealing bra top and my favourite colours orange and jade green!

Mr OH-I-CAN’T-STOP-LOOKING-AT-YOUR-SHOES – he’s really proud of his outfit and fashion sense too!

Contestants showing off with a final pose.

Fashion Show TIME! Ken and I waited till 5.30pm (3 hours) for this!

The show ran from 5.30pm to nearly 7pm.

My favourite look from ModParade.

Owner and designer of ModParade, Fernice, with her model

My favourite dress! Peplum’s the trend, without looking like a wedding cake!

In my opinion, the coolest model of the lot with a short cropped hair, lean bod and never ending legs. Her facial features such as the high cheekbones and straight nose gives her an edgy look in totality!

Jade Seah’s fashion brand, Mary Julian – the actress-host made an appearance for 10 seconds and disappeared back behind the scenes! Didn’t get a shot of the pretty lady 🙁

Co-Founder of HVV – Mag Chan

The models all look like they’re wearing the same dress – they are – because the focus was on Rezilienz’s handmade sparkly jewellery! Style: Gorgeous bling and classy

Malaysian brand Armoire

And the fashion show by Armoire marked the end of the event! Thanks to OMY and Straits Times Classifieds once again for inviting me down to cover the event as an official blogger 🙂

I was also lucky to beentitled to a VIP Blogger goodie bag with these fabulous perks proudly sponsored by the following merchants!

Not forgetting, the winner of the I Am Fashionista contest Vera See. She walked away with $2,000 cash, with the birdie headgear still on her head 😉

For upcoming exciting events and more updates, please visit ST Classified’s FB Page!

Follow them on Twitter here.