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Missing the Life Beyond.

I don’t know about you, but the older I get, the more Chinese New Years I’ve experienced in Singapore, the more I wanna try new and hopefully, crazy stuff that Singapore can never offer because of its sheer tiny-ness and relatively conservative culture.

I was just telling Az about this pair of mad gorgeous heels from Charles & Keith, I believe it’s from the Signature premium collection – going at 40% off but I was hesitant – no sizes is one thing. It’s 5-6″ high.

People were giving her weird looks on the train because she was wearing that same pair, and I replied on Twitter “our dear locals just can’t appreciate ladies in HIGH heels. They think we’ve lost our mind, or compare us to aliens.”

“…Too bad but being the heel snobs that we are, 3″ heels and below just scream BORING FREAKS!”

Which is darn right. Most people here don’t know, or care about fashion.

When it comes to heels, anything below 5″ just doesn’t bring out that arch in my legs and back, or the confidence in my body. Blame it on that “reliance” on killer heels but heck, I’m in love.

Anyway, I chanced upon this video from H&M’s mailer and I love it! Reminds me of New York City and how much I wanna go back there with my best friends.

Follow us to New York and meet Wendy Lam, who runs the popular fashion blog Hear her talk about the typical New York style as she’s showing us her favourite spots in the city. Keep up while we visit Japanese restaurant, Nobu, contemporary fashion store JNBY, sneakers store Flight Club and the candy shop, The Sweet Life.

Someone teleport me back there pleassssssse?