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The Oriental Spa Chamber: Singapore’s First-ever Late-Night Spa and Facial Regimen

oriental spa chamber

The Oriental Spa Chamber / Huang Ah Ma introduces Singapore’s First-Ever Late-Night Spa and Facial Regimen for Good Health – the “Imperial Night Beauty Secret Spa & Facial”.

The one-of-a-kind Imperial Night Beauty Secret Spa & Facial promises to help one fully relax after a long day at work, help with insomnia, and aid in promoting good health at the same time. The routine centres around the introduction of special herb blends and crafted massage techniques to enhance cell recovery and rejuvenation, which works best at night.


Main reception of Huang Ah Ma, at the lobby of the Porcelain Hotel 

interior w flowers

Beautiful interiors of Huang Ah Ma

spa interior

The spa is furnished elegantly with a luxurious touch for the comfort of all guests 


Comfortable arm chairs with back support in one of the chambers 


The late-night spa and facial routine starts with a foot spa, inspired by a simple but powerful therapy: the bath routine of the Yao Tribe women. The Yao tribe can be found in the mountainous terrains of southwest and south China, and the women are known to lead lives that are free from sickness and ailments. Possessing a strong constitution, the Yao women can go about their daily activities immediately after giving birth! Their secret to longevity and great health lies in their unique bath concoction made of natural herbs. The women bathe and soak their feet in the blend of herbs every day.


Ginger tea being served during the foot spa to relieve stress and strengthen immunity

The herbs are speranskia, acacia, turmeric and a mix of rare Yunnan herbs. These herbs help with problems such as insomnia. The herbs open pores; in turn the skin can reap the full medicinal benefits of the herbs. They also aid in enhancing blood circulation and overall well-being. The Yao bath can also accelerate sweating —which enables you to expel the toxins from your body.

 Now, at Huang Ah Ma, you can enjoy the health benefits of this concoction of herbs, and more. The eight-step relaxing spa and facial regimen includes the following:

1)      “Yao Yu” Foot Soak (??), as outlined above

2)      Back Massage to help relax the body


3)      Artemisia Herbs (??) Detox and Ear Candling: Artemisia herbs are placed on the navel, helping you to relax. This step will also detox and clear the meridian. When your body pores are open and the 12 meridian blockages are cleared, harmful materials can be expelled. The multitude of benefits includes skin nourishment, relief of itching as well as prevention and curing of skin and gynaecological diseases. The step will also improve the micro-circulation system, digestion and alleviate problems like fatigue and muscle pain.

4)      Facial Cleanse with Huang Ah Ma’s very own product

2)      Enzyme Facial Peel with Huang Ah Ma’s very own product

3)      Musical Ball Face Massage: This massage will whisk you away to a state of tranquillity. The moving steel balls produce a soft tinkling sound. The therapist will execute four strokes in this order, for the ultimate relaxation:

  1. Effleurage stroke – A soothing, stroking movement used at the beginning of the facial to encourage lymphatic return
  2. Drainage stroke – Lymphatic stimulation and drainage
  3. Soothing stroke – Relax the muscle and skin
  4. Shiatsu pressure – Reduce the pressure stress and mental stress

It was at this step that both Ash and I fell asleep! The comfort we both felt actually built up until the musical ball face massage that we succumbed to slumber. I also liked the scent of the artemisia herbs very much, and found it very soothing and calming to the nerves.

4)      Custom Blended Mask: This soothing chiffon aloe mask is suitable for all skin types. It nourishes and relaxes the skin.

5)      Hand Meridian Massage

This 90-minute treatment, the “Imperial Night Beauty Secret Spa & Facial”, has an introductory price of $88 (UP: $188). It is offered at Huang Ah Ma starting 4 February 2015 onwards.

This treatment is recommended to be experienced from 7pm onwards as the regime is put together to suit one’s skin condition and temperature at night. Due to the herbs and massages, it is not suitable for pregnant ladies and those suffering from cancer.

 Verdict: Overall, the experience was an invigorating one as we both enjoyed the facial with the back massage and other fringe services. It was so relaxing and peaceful to the senses that the process encourages sleep on the comfortable beds. We also emerge out of the session feeling refreshed and recharged, and I did not even put on makeup before leaving for our Valentine’s Day dinner. Although the facial did not include extraction, my face felt smooth, moisturised and healthily clean in a natural way 🙂

Huang Ah Ma, The Oriental Spa Chamber



Actor Li Nanxing, ambassador of Huang Ah Ma, enjoying his foot spa



Picture of a beautifully decorated spa chamber taken during a media event and tour of the spa 



Dimly lit sitting/waiting area outside the chambers for an informal and relaxing ambience during media event


Invited media and guests introduced to Huang Ah Ma’s new late night spa and facial regimen

Huang Ah Ma, The Oriental Spa Chamber, aims to be one of the finest luxurious spas in Singapore. This hotel spa is tastefully decorated in an oriental setting, offering a haven of relaxation and hospitality with modern amenities. It is ideal for those seeking a well-deserved spa break with solutions to their beauty needs.

Address: Huang Ah Ma, The Oriental Spa Chamber (50 Mosque Street, Singapore 059528)

Contact: +65 6536 1661

Opening hours: 11am to 3am


Love, everyday. Till next time!
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[YouTube] Demonstration of the HadaCRiE Cool & Final Verdict

I confess.

I’ve been dreading making this video since the day I know we, as bloggers of this Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool campaign, are supposed to beg, borrow and steal one. Yeah yeah this is my first self-made video EVER – at least in my blog. I’ve been filmed a couple of times for interviews or at events but a tutorial or demonstration with built-in public speaking skills – nah. Thinking about it gets me nervous. I’ll rehearse in my mind how I’m going to present myself, just very briefly. But I never expected for Murphy’s Law to set in as I finally sat down to film with my boyfriend Ash.

Pardon the quality of this video but I tried my very best to produce it by the deadline! Hopefully, I had articulated well enough the key functions, purposes and benefits of the Ion Cleanser device.

Kindly note that before using the HadaCRiE Cool, your face should be fairly free of oil/dirt/makeup after your regular facial cleansing. The device should be used on a clean face for it to work its magic with the massaging and vibration techniques. Always stroke it in an upward motion for the toner or serum/moisturizer to penetrate deeply into your pores.

As you can see in the video demonstration, I’m in a perfectly “natural state” as well, without a trace of makeup. In fact my lines are delivered totally unscripted, and in one take, out of sheer “unforeseen and desperate” circumstances. So they’re very much – a true testimony. You’ll find out in awhile why this video done last minute, in fact, with my iPhone 4S. Initially I had taken a 13 minute video with my Olympus Pen [EP3] and even arranged for a special “guest star” to try the product. OH WELL. On a slightly side note, I do intend to purchase a ring light to enhance the quality of my future videos by having better lighting on my face, so that it’s also possible to demonstrate tutorials on other skin care and makeup products. It’ll be fun and interesting for everyone so if you have any suggestions or tips on video making or editing, please drop me a note! Thanks in advance, lovelies, will really appreciate that! <3

So let me explain the drama alright – because the video recordings taken with my Pen come in AVCHD formats, they’re incompatible with my current Macbook OSX, so there’s the long and tiring process of transferring, converting and loading of the files between computers and hard disks just to get the .mov format. Then comes the problem of having them churned out with mismatched audio, and an irritating “” logo right in the middle of the video throughout. We decided that just won’t work, and iPhone seems like the best way to re-make it at this juncture, so we took the video in a single take, went through the painstaking trouble of retrieving the clip (long story), and finally planting it into iMovie for simple edits.


I’ve also filmed Ash with the HadaCRiE Cool, and I’ll upload it (his testimony) in this space as soon as I can get the files out. He also enjoyed using the device – it pretty much provides a memorable customer experience – even for guys!


Final Verdict: The Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool is an enhanced version of its predecessor, the HadaCRiE, with the additional function of the “Cool-Aesthetic”. Of all the 4 functions of the device, I find the “Cleansing” and “Moisturize” most useful as I could really feel that my face becomes extra refreshed and cleansed, as I do it in front of a mirror and watch how my skin brightens up after the process. Pores also appear smaller and cleaner. In particular, I find the massaging motion a pleasure; moreover it brings out extra benefits like improved blood circulation and promotes faster and more effective absorption of your preferred skin care/toner into your skin.

This is not to say that you’ll WILL expect miraculous results of your skin’s condition after using the HadaCRiE Cool. I would say to manage your expectations because then again not everyone’s skin react/adapt to the same products similarly. I recommend to use this device for a period of time (2-3 weeks) before you may notice a more dramatic improvement. In any case, 18 minutes is all you need to complete the 4 steps, but of course you may skip steps according to your preference and schedule. I’m certain most of us will not skip the Cool Aesthetic mode though, because the icy-cool sensation on the face is AMAZING! It really is a feel-good innovative product 😉

Want to have it for yourself right now?

Retail Price of the Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool: S$499

Outlets: Gain City Marina Square & Changi City Point and Parisilk 46 East Coast Road #01-01 East Gate.

Thank you OMY.SG for the great opportunity to be in this campaign, and the patience you’ve had during the course of this project. Apologies for the slight delay in the video submission! I’m making a trip this weekend to the IT Mall to upgrade my laptop, hard disk and all, and to ensure that my camera outputs are compatible, so no more dramas and hassle in future, hopefully!

Colour Ad

Thank you Hitachi for having me as part of the new HadaCRiE Cool campaign, hope my honest reviews are useful. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself testing and using this product for my daily cleansing and skin pampering, and I look forward to more quality, trending and innovative beauty products from you that constantly strives to enhance our busy lifestyles and improving our quality of life.

Just a quick announcement: Hitachi is participating in the Lianhe Wanbao 30th Anniversary Health & Beauty Event @ Marina Bay Sands on 4th and 5th May. Above appended is the event ad with more details. It’ll be at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center, so do drop by and check the HadaCRiE series out if you intend to make a purchase 🙂

Finally, for my dear readers – VOTE & WIN!

vote1 screenshot_03

Vote for me now and stand a chance to win a Hitachi FaceCRiE and an Electric Eyelash Curler worth $260!

Have fun and God Bless!


The Joy of Using the Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool – The Facial Massager

In my first post using the Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool, I was gushing about its packaging, various functions and the potential benefits of using the product. I think most people would be amazed at how modern technology is weaved into our everyday lives, changing our lifestyles dramatically – usually for the better. Mundane daily activities such as cooking, showering, cleaning the house, even face cleansing may be done very differently using innovative machines and devices. We question their effectiveness, and often, prices. But really – seeing is believing!

Thought I’ll illustrate and animate this post more in Chinese for readers who are proficient in this language – since the first post is wholly in English. The CRiE series has been so successful that it has evolved (above image) from the FaceCRiE to the HadaCRiE to the latest HadaCRiE Cool version that incorporates the function of “pore-shrinking” via the Cool-Aesthetic mode.

Left: Comparison of using just a makeup remover VS cleansing with the HadaCRiE Cool

Right: Comparison of using a blackhead remover mask alone VS using the mask AND the HadaCRiE Cool


My own cotton pad after using the HadaCRiE device. It doesn’t seem very dirty, but upon very close scrutiny you do notice minute remnants of oil and dirt trapped within the fibres of the cotton pad. Do note that the routine is performed only after regular cleansing has already been completed. Hence, we don’t really expect the cotton pads to be mad yellowish and dirty…but if that’s the case I guess your skin may need serious help! 🙁


Above: 4 steps of the HadaCRiE beauty regime and the enhanced version (HadaCRiE Cool) that cools and shrinks your pores instead of just the “Refresh” function in the older model.

Which “preferred lotion/toner” to use with the HadaCRiE Cool then?


I use Bio-Essence’s Bird’s Nest Nutri-Collagen and Whitening Advancer.

To me the product smells very pleasing and refreshing, and most importantly it nourishes my skin well. It contains concentrated Bird’s Nest Essence to supply nutrients to the skin. Doubling as a toner, this Nutro-Collagen and Whitening Advancer effectively promotes complete absorption of subsequent skincare products for suppler, fairer skin.


BEST way to use this product: After cleansing, gently massage (with the HadaCRiE Cool) an adequate amount onto your face and neck until fully absorbed. Yes, you may also use the versatile device on your neck as you deem suitable 🙂 Always stroke in an upward motion!

Speaking of motion techniques to use with the HadaCRiE Cool, this product has been dubbed
The Ultimate Facial Massager” by Hitachi.

Having used it for 2-3 weeks now, I must say the most addictive part of using the device is being able to massage your face, while effortless encouraging all the other wonderful ingredients of your preferred skin care to penetrate your skin and pamper it. One thing’s to do something you have to do mundanely, the other is to do it the FUN way! I actually look forward to plugging in the device and “playing” with it, feeling the vibration in my hand while it works its magic on my face. Talk about being adventurous and craving novelty 😛

Anyway, in my opinion, HadaCRiE’s facial cleaning and massage system puts the other competitors to rest. I really enjoy cleansing my face with it, and control every motion with ease and convenience. The “Cleansing” is a particularly therapeutic process as I diligently apply the titanium head (prevents allergy of any sorts) of the device to every possible inch of my face and letting the Bird’s Nest Nutri-Collagen and Whitening Advancer nurse my skin cells. The “Cool-Aesthetic” function completes the process by coaxing my pores to shrink (especially the T-zones areas like the nose and chin where they’re more oily) while I them tightening and “cooling down” after a simple yet rigorous regime.

Hada CRiE  Cool (CM-N1000)

Some Important Specifications of the Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool

  • Size: 5.0×16.0×5.6cm
  • Weight: 170g approx
  • Model (N1000) – due to motor for the cooling mode – can run only with power supply -> you need to be near a power socket whenever you’re using it.
  • The power supply specifications for this product is 100V-120V AC / 50-60Hz. Please use it with a suitable Power Converter, in order to avoid any damage or accident caused.
  • Memory Function: Memorizes users’ power level
  • Comes with a pretty travel bag and all the other necessities e.g. sample size of toner, cotton pads, travel charger etc. Weight is roughly that of a medium sized clutch, which is perfectly manageable to bring along when you’re traveling, out on a couple days of excursion

Just to share a sample of my experience as 1 of 10 bloggers selected for this promotion campaign for the Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool……

Product Presentation at SPH

Product Presentation

Excitedly trying the product and photo-taking session

Getting their hands on the product and photo-taking session

Getting their hands on the product and photo-taking session

Will post my video demonstration of the Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool by this weekend, do look out for it!

Highlight: Vote for your favorite Hitachi Bloggers frm 22 April – 5th May 2013 and 8 lucky voters stand a change to win a Hitachi FaceCRie and an electric Eyelash Curler worth S$260!

For more information and reviews from other bloggers, please visit the OMY.SG Hitachi HadaCRiE site.

Be good and God Bless! 😉


Embrace Your Natural Beauty with The One Stop Ion Cleanser Device – The Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool!


My “shocked/surprised” expressions tells everyone the wonderful surprise that lies waiting for me!


Come experience easy beauty in the comfort of your own home with the Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool!

It’s all really simple.

Beauty mogul Helena Rubenstein famously said, “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones”. And you’d be hard-pressed to disagree judging by the complex skin care routines the women of today have adopted, or rather, how commercialization has convinced so many women around the world to believe that they require 1001 types of skin care and beauty products just to look like you’ve been taking care of your face relatively well.

Do you think your daily skin care regimen is enough to keep your complexion clean, clear and luminous? I believe that you don’t need to pile on the makeup to make your skin appear flawless. Definitely, a powdered face with beautiful eye makeup can dramatically enhance a woman’s picture, but porcelain complexion lies in the heart of true beauty. Regular facials for deep cleansing can give your skin a huge boost and much-needed pampering, but to go for daily facials is unrealistic (costly + time-consuming) and usually, quite impossible in our hectic lives.

So how to achieve a good complexion? Never be lazy with your face cleansing. Never skip steps so that you may “save time”. Never compromise on the little steps that will contribute to a beautiful, clean face. It’s an amazing, refreshing feeling to have your face deep cleansed on your own. I can’t stand it when my skin feels oily and sticky. That only means the higher probability of breakouts due to the accumulation of oil, dirt and bacteria in the pores, hence enlarging them in the process as well. Ewwwww!

Have you seen the above device – the Clarisonic? Some swear by its prowess but I haven’t tried it before. Though last I heard from a girlfriend it doesn’t work so well. But the reason why it even exists – we have to get our face the deep and thorough cleansing it deserves, especially after a long, hard day.

Welcome to the world of the Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool (Model: CM-N10000) ($499) and FaceCRiE series (from $199) — two handy beauty devices that provide fast professional beauty results from the comfort of your home.

CM-N10000 Shots

Using the power of ionisation the HadaCRiE Cool comes with four modes that will gently purge deeply-embedded dirt, moisturise and tighten your pores to reveal refreshed and radiant skin.

I’m really excited and honoured to be one of 10 beauty bloggers selected by Hitachi to share my experience on the HadaCRiE Cool with YOU, my beloved readers! From 25 March till the next 3 weeks, do frequent this space as you can expect to win yourself a Hitachi FaceCRiE and more by reading and voting if you will for me and my humble blog


2013-03-13 20.01.51

Close up of the FaceCRiE

NC-5510 (S) Pink


If you’re familiar with my blog, it’s just coincidental that I just migrated to this new skin, do you like it? Pretty dreamy and “princessy” with the theme of carnivals, pin-up girls and balloons 😀 But please bear with the temporary bugs and slight errors if you will, I’m still trying my best to get all the nitty-grittys fixed! Thanks for your patience~!

Back to the HadaCRiE Cool, I just can’t wait to share more about my new favourite product!

Your essential beauty tools

2013-03-13 19.44.39

2013-03-13 19.44.49

2013-03-13 19.45.34

2013-03-13 19.45.46

It comes in really pretty packaging and an adorable Travel Pouch that packs every bit of goodness (tools) of this essential product! I love just how thoughtful and intuitive the design is! Open it up and vroom! What a pleasing visual effect!

2013-03-13 19.46.48

A very feminine concept – with bottles of nail varnish, lipsticks and other makeup products as the backdrop of the kit’s interior design, you see little pouches labeled “cleanser”, “toner” and “moisturizer” and on the other side, “charger”, “cotton wool” and the HadaCRiE Cool handheld device itself. Just opening up the pouch makes me cheerful and excited – the power of beautiful packaging that intrigues activity!

2013-03-25 20.35.48

2013-03-13 19.46.56

2013-03-13 19.47.27

Touted as “Japan’s No.1 beauty gadget”, the HadaCRiE Cool brings skincare to a whole new level. The Hitachi HadaCRie cool provides a multi-tasking facial cleaning and massage system that will simplify yet improve your skincare routine. It uses the power of ionization to gently purge deeply-embedded dirt from pores, a process which normal facial cleansing cannot achieve. Here’s an illustration:


HadaCRiE Cool

4 Steps to perfection

The secret to beautiful skin - cleansing your pores

Cleanses & tightens pores

It's so simple you can use it everyday

Hadacrie cool CM-N10000

2013-03-25 20.30.27

2013-03-13 19.48.40

The HadaCRiE Cool in real life and close up! I felt mighty and empowered holding it! 🙂

2013-03-13 19.48.51

As mentioned, the 4 power modes, timed to be 5 minutes each, except for the Cool-Aesthetic (3mins only) –

  1. CLEANSING – The power of ions removes deeply-embedded dirt and grime in pores
  2. MICRO-PAT – Enhances moisture absorption into skin
  3. MOISTURIZE – Deep moisturizing treatment
  4. COOL-AESTHETIC – Cools skin and tightens pores

2013-03-13 19.53.30

And the HadaCRiE Cool is ON! Hitachi’s MicroStep Waveform technology (Japanese Patent No. 4583045) emits fine but high frequency waveforms that reduce stimulation to the skin. Titanium Metal head is gentle and pampering, and suitable for sensitive skin.

After each operation, there will be a beeping sound and device will turn off automatically. You may choose high or low level intensity modes according to your skin’s needs!

Before (left picture) vs After (1 week later)

The above image shows the tightening effects of skin pores (on cheek’s surface) after using the Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool. Specifically, a comparison of pore size, between skin before the use of Cool-Aesthetic mode, and skin that uses Cool-Aesthetic mode once a day for a week.

2013-03-13 20.02.36

Back of the device. Fingers should maintain contact with panels on either side. Place device head gently on skin, avoiding areas around the eyes and ears. Starting from the center, gently glide over face in an outward motion. I’ll be demonstrating how to use the HadaCRiE Cool in my next post via a video! It’s going to be the first time I’m posting a self made video, so exciting! Please kindly support okay!

2013-03-25 20.32.13

I may appear to have relatively “good skin” – I admit my complexion has improved a lot from my days of annoying acne – but notice that my nose still looks “shiny” in the picture because it’s quite oily! Then again, it’s after a long work day and I really wish that an effective skin cleansing regime can further improve my skin’s condition and keep it relatively oil free all day. It’s possible if you work hard in masking, going for regular facials/facial treatments, applying suitable skin care at least twice a day and of course, using HadaCRiE Cool daily!

2013-03-25 20.31.31

With light makeup on, after a full day at work. Skin feels tired and dull, in need of a rejuvenation!

2013-03-25 20.32.24

On closer look and another lighting, you can actually see the imperfections like oiliness, enlarged pores, whiteheads and blackheads and even very minor acne (on chin area).

Follow me as I’ll continue to review the HadaCRiE Cool in this space and document how my skin has improved (or not?!) using this product, via OMY SG blog and my Wonderland 😉

If you really can’t wait to lay your hands on the HadaCRiE Cool, you may purchase it at the following outlets:

  • Gain City Marina Square & Changi City Point
  • Parisilk 46 East Coast Road #01-01 East Gate


About Hitachi Consumer

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Adventures with DealPrimo: Immanuel Beauty & Wellness!

Everyone deserves a good spa and massage treat once in awhile – to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life! I’m a huge fan of good massages (this may sound a little odd but there are people who don’t like massages!) and advocate of a well balanced lifestyle – wellness is always key! I used to go for massage once or twice a fortnight! Until my schedule was too packed with work and events 🙁

So imagine my delight when I was surprised by DealPrimo with this massage deal from Immanuel Beauty & Wellness!

Located in the heart of Orchard, at Forum The Shopping Mall – the location was perfect for me and I couldn’t wait to enjoy the 60-min full body massage 🙂

These are the full-fledged benefits you’ll enjoy from a good body massage:

– Create a calm state of alertness while reducing mental stress
– Increase the capacity for clear thinking
– Relaxing and allowing the body to release stored stress
– Improve blood circulation and joint flexibility
– Aid in healing scar tissue due to injury
– Release chronic muscle tension and pain
– Reduce physical fatigue, muscle spasms and cramps
– Aid in the release and elimination of toxins
– Promote deeper and easier breathing
– Reduce blood pressure
– Relieve tension related to headache and eye strain
– Proven to aid in fibromyalgia
– Increase energy flow

Met with fellow DP blogger Joanna to go for the treat together!

It’s a relatively small and new wellness center but rooms are nicely scented (aromatherapy), clean and pleasantly decorated!

There’s also a shower facility in one of the rooms – so that guests may enjoy full pampering and emerge fresh and clean after the massage/facial/waxing etc services.

Reception/waiting area with a soft couch for guests

Immanuel’s full range of DALTON beaute de la mer beauty products and skincare imported from the UK.

Immanuel’s Facial Care (Celumernique Facial Wellness) includes an exciting catalogue like “detox and brightening facial”, “algae hydrating facial”. “olio rejuvenating facial” and “face slim contouring” tailored for customers of all types/ages. From basic facials to those with elements like moisturizing, purifying, slimming, or even anti aging, Immannuel has well thought out facial packages that will address your skin’s concerns and needs.

Similarly, their massages range from Aroma Swedish, Shiatsu, Balinese Deep Tissue to other pampering treats like ear candling, aroma sea salt glow and mineral wraps.

I tried the Aroma Swedish massage, according to the masseuse’s advice, as I was complaining of fatigue, shoulder and back aches like an old lady 😛 Wow I was enjoying every minute of the massage as she really knew which “spots” to press. She used quick kneading and massaging strokes on my body, and this technique works excellently for me as with each stroke I could feel the tension and stress leaving my body. I wish this would last much longer than 45mins (I was late and their appointments were packed so I didn’t enjoy 1 hr :()

Overall, it was a good experience at Immanuel. Service was commendable, with friendly and knowledgeable staff and a relaxing ambience quite perfect for a beauty/massage treat. No hard-selling too, but Joanna enjoyed it so much that she bought a massage package for her Mum and herself to share.

Thumbs up!

With Immanuel’s Manager & Aesthetician Vivian Hoong and Joanna

Here’s the deal @DealPrimo! Only $25 for a full body massage!

For more information, you may visit Immanuel Beauty & Wellness’s Facebook page too.

Enjoy and be happy! What’s not to love about massages?!


Melissa Jane