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Solone Eyeliner Pencil Review!

Are you excited at the sheer number of colours you may choose from? I get really excited by bright colours and even more so if there is a whole spectrum at my disposal. To sidetrack a little, the point that I really wanna drive at is that they are EYELINERS! I think girls who know makeup would all readily agree that eyeliners are one of the items that really open up your eyes, enlarge them by a great many times and give them a lot of life, depth and colour, of course!

For photo shoots I like to really line my eyes and darken the edges with eyeliner because they look a lot bigger and definitely better in pictures.

I’m going to introduce a really good eyeliner I just received and I love it! The Solone Eyeliner Pencil is the most popular eyeliner pencil in Taiwan, and wildly popular among females with oily eyelids. After application, it’ll take just 5 seconds to dry and stay matte and waterproof all day! 🙂

Check out this YouTube video that tests out this eyeliner!

I was happy to try this new brand Solone too!

Like all excellent makeup products, Solone is from Taiwan! Comes with a free sharpener too!

Contrast to before the eyeliner (note that I only drew a thin layer after)

Close up of the pencil head

Established only last year in 2011, Solone is one of the leading brands for cosmetics in Taiwan. It offers a wide range of products, from eyeliners to eyeshadows, mascaras, lipsticks etc. Since it’s a huge success in Taiwan, Champstar Marketing Pte Ltd then decided to obtain sole distributorship and bring this hidden gem to Singapore!


One upcoming launch is the Smoody Pencil in new Limited Edition colours, like Peach, Velvet Sky and Gold Brown. The Smoody Pencil, which doubles as an eyeliner or as an eyeshadow, was nominated for Favourite Waterproof Pencil by Cozycot in the Women’s Choice Awards 2012.

The eyeliner I just reviewed, which is the eyeliner pencil that comes in Black Gold, Black Silver and several other colours, has always been Solone’s bestseller and the product that won them the top award in Taiwan’s Prestigious Fashion Guide.

The Solone Eyeliner Pencil in Black normally retails at S$11.90 on Solone’s online store, Gmarket and eBay. But OpenFlea is working with Champstar to give customers a 1-1 promotion on all 4 Solone Eyeliner Pencils on the 5th of July!

Be sure to catch it! Sign up at OpenFlea to be notified of their latest sale launches and updates!

Have fun and stay gorgeous!


Melissa Jane


DKNY Golden Delicious – Of golden delights and royal treats‏

DKNY Golden Delicious - Of golden delights and royal treats


Cozycot: Love Fest 2011

CozyCot Love Fest 2011


Discover the 1st hypnotic lash care mascara today!‏

Discover the 1st hypnotic lash care mascara today!


New Parlez Moi D’Amour‏~


John Galliano Parlez Moi D' Amour


Cozycot 100 Most Inspiring Women Award Ceremony!

Finally got all the photos I need for this post! Been so busy with my financial exams and misc stuff going on that I really didn’t have time to blog about it!

I was sitting at the 3rd or 4th row! awww.

THANK YOU, once again, Cozycot for the honour and pleasure of receiving the award of Top 100 Most Inspiring Women on 12th March 2011.

Receiving the IWD 100 Most Inspiring Women Award from Nicole Yee (Founder, CozyCot) and Agnes Loek (Guest-of-Honor & Singtel Director).

Love my Mika Hayashi jacket specially imported from Japan, dress from MDS and lovely heels from New Look!

Angel! A makeup artist friend I made while waiting for the event to begin! Her skills are exceptional and she did makeup services for so many good looking models! *envy*

A few great looking fellow awardees spotted!

Beauty and health & fitness blogger Fay Hokulani finally seen in the flesh and she was wearing a Dress Sense number! Gorgeous!

Pretty model Melissa Faith Yeo

Tara Rushton

Actress/Model/Host/Beam Artiste

Special performance by Jones Ong

hourly lucky draws


Sponsor booths

Tons of goodie bags ready to be given out!

Event booths and venue pictures…

Beautiful Tara again…she’s so so gorgeous! Love her everything! facial features, height, figure..woots!

YUMMY and pretty cupcake I shared with Wei Ling after the event…

Thanks Suzy (Wei Ling), Anqi and Huix for coming down to support me! 🙂 <3

A little catch up time and dim sum with Suzy…

A picture I took with a Korean iphone app Smilecat!

With the girly gf heehee…

The goodies! tons of food/gift/spa vouchers and product samples!

The plaque of appreciation and honour 🙂 Thank you!

Check out these videos from the Cozycot event, the 2nd one specially made to commemorate International Women’s Day.

And the event sponsors!

About Cozycot:

CozyCot is women’s best loved* online beauty, fashion, lifestyle, forums, reviews and shopping, catering to women and their insatiable needs and features over 20,000 forum threads, and more than 2 million posts to-date. CozyCot is dedicated to connecting women through a social shopping community that cultivates women to learn and share about latest products and services, buy smart with the best digital community advice and rave about highly sought after trends and must-haves in a woman’s world. CozyCot offers an authentic forum infused with compelling content from experts, members and friends on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, health, parenting, food and entertainment.

For more photos and information about the event, please click here !