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Bring Joy to your Back this Christmas with OSIM uJolly!

I have a major weakness for two things in life: massage and aromatherapy. Both instantly put me in a state of relaxation, happiness and pure bliss. Thankfully, I can use them at the same time to send me straight to the land of good sleep and sweet dreams ?

Unfortunately, I don’t get a lot of that pleasure these days! Hence, OSIM (a home-grown brand which I’ve supported since my late teens) has been giving me much relief and comfort via their massagers and quality products. In fact, I recall making a deal with my Dad to buy for our home the uSqueez Warm in exchange for good exam results – back then when I was just a student. That’s really a good number of years ago!

When we were introduced to OSIM‘s new full back massager, the uJolly, I was really keen to give it a try, being well aware about my bad posture and hence an aching back (due to long hours at the desk/on my laptop), strained shoulders and stiff neck. Believe it or not, I can hardly make time to go for massages even though I already have a package waiting for me to utilize! ?

Daniel, Yixin and I made a trip down to the OSIM store at Raffles City to learn more about the uJolly and its functions. It seems like the versatile massager can cater to the needs of almost anyone from all walks of life – PMEBs, housewives, students, service staff, the elderly etc. It’s definitely great for me as it directly addresses my existing problems. In fact, after using it for about 2-3 weeks now, I’m beginning to see improvement in my posture and feel less pains and aches in my back and shoulders!

The stylish OSIM uJolly comes in two colours – Merry Red and Happy Yellow.

Daniel and Yixin feeling relaxed while they were being pampered by the uJolly.

I look like I’ve dozed off easily on the uJolly ?

My satisfied expression says it all about the uJolly ?

uJolly’s Chinese name ??? is so cute! Just had to act like the massager’s poster girl because I became one of its new fans ?

Lucky us – we get to bring home an OSIM uJolly each and I chose the Happy Yellow! Perfect for my sofa at home which is chocolate-brown. My parents were so excited to unbox the uJolly when it arrived, so really…the desire to be massaged is truly universal ?

I use the headrest pillow as a comfortable support for my head and neck when I relax on uJolly. It is easily removable for a more intense neck & shoulders massage as your entire back will be leaning against the backrest of the massager.

Does the headrest design remind you of a YSL handbag? ???

You can easily customize your massage experience just the way you like it, with the touch of a button on the attached remote control.

You can select shoulders position (Hi / Lo) adjustments according to your height before an auto massage program starts.

Also, you get to personalize the massage the way you like it by choosing ‘Rolling & Tapping’ or ‘Press-Grip’ manual massage program.

So what’s so special about the uJolly compared to the other back massagers?


V-Grip Technology (Exclusive to uJolly)

uJolly’s innovative Dual-Action V-Grip massage technology works along the contours of your body to provide a precise and human-like massage on your neck, shoulders (Shoulder Grip) and lumbar area (Lumbar Press). I love the deep tissue relief it provides by loosening my stiff and aching muscles.

Soothing full-back warm air


Another feature I really appreciate. The soothing warm air in uJolly full-back massager envelops my entire back and prepares my body by loosening stiff muscles and joints, so that I can enjoy the maximum potential of the massage. The warmth from the massager makes me feel extra comfortable without feeling too hot, and helps me transit into a deeper state of relaxation.

 4 Specialized massage programs

To satisfy varying needs, the uJolly back massager comes with 4 thoughtfully designed auto massage programs for the common ‘problem areas’: Neck & Shoulders; Lumbar; Relax & Energize.

My favourite modes are the ‘Lumbar’ and ‘Relax’ as they really target the areas which needed attention. On ‘Relax’, I never fail to fall asleep right on that chair as it feels sooo good! ?

One of the best things about the OSIM uJolly is that it literally converts any chair into a massage chair. It is portable, versatile and can conveniently fit onto most chairs, sofas, loungers and beds to provide a one-stop relief for neck, shoulders and back, wherever I am!


The backrest is a little on the heavy side to give you a sturdy seat, but definitely light enough for you to move it around the house or office.


Yes, even on that bean bag! ?

For most of us who live in HDB flats and space is a constrain, the uJolly is definitely more space-saving than a full-sized massage chair! Together with the uSqueez Warm, my ordinary couch has instantly transformed into an actual “massage chair” or massage station, effortlessly! Good idea? ?

Love that just one massager pleases everyone in the family, including Ash! We now depend on the uJolly for a massage fix when there’s no time to head to the spa. ?

Ash commented that the rolling movement felt very “organic”, almost like real human hands. He particularly enjoys the shoulder and neck rolling massage, that accurately hits all the aching spots on his back. So shiok! ??

For more information on the uJolly, click here for its official product page, or OSIM’s Facebook page.



In this season of giving, plan a surprise for your loved one with OSIM! ?? The uJolly is retailing at an affordable price of S$429 (U.P.: $499)! Available at all OSIM stores, roadshows or their online webshop at

You may also personalise your presents for everyone with these Christmas bundle sets – Mix & Match OSIM Gift Sets by picking any 2 from $68! ??


Chose the uMist Dream Humidifier for myself too – cheers to better sleep!

Let me know what you think of the uJolly too by leaving a comment below – looking forward to hearing from you guys!

And here’s something cute from Eden Ang! Enjoy! ?


Love, everyday. Till next time!
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Love at Butter Studio! :)

Many Singaporeans love food – our love for food – well, no literature can describe, really. With Instagram so widely used now, at least a third of my feeds in there are all about delicious stuff we put into our mouths and of course, they usually look so gorgeous too. My addiction to sweet pastries (especially pretty ones) has never been properly addressed as it deserves because I’m a weight watcher. How to fit into my favourite dresses if I were to carry those extra pounds?! But I couldn’t resist Butter Studio‘s (Bakery/Cafe/Food & Grocer) invitation to have a meal there after visiting their Facebook page! Especially since it’s only a stone’s throw away from Bunc@Radius where we had our weekend staycation with friends couple of weeks ago. Pss…it was 23rd November too, our monthsary! Time to forget the discipline and tuck right in! Sometimes we need to treat ourselves a little better 😉

Here’s a sincere little introduction by Butter Studio:

“Butter Studio is a home grown gourmet confectionary and we bake to feed and to share. Deeply inspired by the home baked childhood favourites we grew up with, we took all that traditional goodness, gave them a modern spin and share them with people who have the same love affair for good food.
We honour home baking traditions and handcraft treats fresh on premise daily. Chic yet unassuming, our bakes are packed with honest, rustic goodness made to make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.
To keep things real, we do not use any preservatives or stabilizers and bake in limited quantities daily with the best possible ingredients – Australian butter, European style sweet butter cream and fresh fruits. Constantly experimenting and re-crafting to create bakes that surprise and delight, packed with whole goodness we know Mom would approve of.”

To be honest, I get really turned on by handmade goodies and even better when things like “do not use any preservatives” are mentioned! So hungry now just thinking about the cupcakes we had at Butter Studio!


It has an intimately cosy interior with elaborate decor for guests and customers to enjoy their delicacies. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon to chill, relax and catch up with friends! It also boasts pleasant and helpful service staff! In Ash’s words, “the ambience of the restaurant was very warm and homely – a good place to chill and unwind from the tension of the city.”



With Marianne and Fina 😉


And the boys 😉 Jeff, Gymy, Ash <3


Don’t you just love how all the beautiful decor are being put together? I’m drawn to all details quirky, unique and unexpected!










We were served a lovely selection of gourmet cupcakes, including a tantalizing red velvet cupcake, homestyle maple walnut loaf cake, Belgian chocolate tarts, butter loaf cakes, artisanal tarts/ pies and seasonal treats. They sure taste as great as they look! Mmm…the mere recall of these goodies makes me want to go back again!



As pretty as the decoration and icing on the cupcakes may be, the real deal is actually the spongy cake at the bottom! Excellent taste that’s yet light and not too sweet. I couldn’t help taking second helpings!



I really like the maple walnut loaf cake. The aroma from maple syrup and walnut blended into one goodie is simply too good to be true. Thankfully, it is also not too sweet so that we could savor the freshness and real taste of the different ingredients.




We ordered too many cupcakes! Here’s one with topped with chocolate and marshmallows. Double yum!


I highly recommend this! Artisan loaf topped with cheese, ham and egg.



Shannon also dropped by from the kitchen to serve us freshly baked turkey bacon lagsana topped with rosemary leafs. It wasn’t in the menu apparently, as the main course for the day differs from day to day. Home-baked food certainly tastes fresher and healthier than commercial sodium laced dishes we are used to having every day.


Some of the guys were greedy and ordered a muddy mud cake to share. It was served warm, with the chocolate melting from the top.  The chocolate seemed a little too generous for my diet but everyone else enjoyed it of course! Here are some macaroons too for your visual pleasure. They are super good – a must-try! 🙂


These are not real cupcakes I took, but of a poster in the cafe 😛 They cheered me up so much!


With the friendly and lovely Shannon, owner of Butter Studio. She gave a quick introduction of the place and invited me to her Christmas market this weekend! More details at the end of this post!





As you can tell I can’t get enough of snapping pictures of the cafe! Love it!


Ahhhh look at those cupcakes! Needless to say I’m instantly attracted to the Christmas tree and rainbow ones!!! I speak colorful 😉



Fina and Marianne happily posing with the cafe’s signature bike decor at its front entrance.



Christmas Market at Butter Studio


This 14 & 15 Dec, Butter Studio is having their Christmas Market in the studio! They will have in-store:

Homemade festive treats: Chocolate Toffee Walnut jars, Gingerbread men, Christmas cupcakes, Traditional Fruit Loaf, Gourmet Food Baskets and Christmas drinks.

Butter Studio will also having a couple of popular festive workshops that include:

Floral Bar: Get to handpick fresh flowers and bring them home in a pretty mason jar

Carve & Print Bar: Stamp carving and get to personalize your greeting cards

Needles, Threads and Sequins! Embroidery Workshop

DIY Furoshiki Cloth Bar: Design your own Furoshiki cloth and fashion them as headscarves or petit lunch bags


Try your hand at their Floral Bar where Christmas blooms and wreaths will be on sale as well.




Butter Studio is characterized by their thematic dessert bars, custom workshops and party catering services. Dedicated to honor the craft of home baking traditions and time tested recipes to present nostalgic, soulful treats of handmade distinction. Not overly fussy, served with warmth and thoughtfully packaged, they seek to inspire, cheer and lift. Proudly supports local talents and community projects.

Butter Studio

Changi Airport, T3, #B2-13 (Daily 10am-11pm)

147 Jalan Besar (Sun-Thurs 12-10pm/ Fri, Sat 12-12mn/ Tues closed)

Contact // Show your support & love for Butter Studio!

Tel: 6294 7115




Instagram @butterstudio


[Event Coverage] Bobbi Brown’s Old Hollywood Holiday Collection Preview @ Ngee Ann City!

With party season just a couple of skips away, every beauty brand is launching into full steam their gorgeous holiday collections and glamorous looks for the year end festive occasions. With Christmas being the highlight, we’re talking about smothering red carpet worthy looks with luscious reds and warm browns. Our darling holiday favourite Bobbi Brown brings to the table its own interpretation of holiday makeup that just tempts your purse strings.


Bobbi Brown has always been about enhancing every woman’s unique beauty and this holiday season, she is about adding a touch of sparkle (in this case, old hollywood glamour) to a look that’s natural, perfect for the targeted occasion, and never overdone. I love how Bobbi Brown incorporates charming elements of the tinsel-town beauty to every deserving lady who believes in this brand.

“This holiday season is all about expected glamour.” – Bobbi Brown

Here’s a snapshot of the Old Hollywood Collection – from the versatile eye palette, to the lip glosses, cream shadow sticks and nail polishes.


Actual display at the Event –






To celebrate the launch of this Holiday 2013 Collection, Bobbi Brown has organized a preview event on 6th October, Sunday at Ngee Ann City Atrium B2. Honestly, as I received a last minute invite just a few days before the event, I was expecting a humble preview of the collection within a booth. I was pleasantly surprised to arrive at the atrium and see a huge runway in the middle of the atrium, and countless seats prepared for a sizeable audience. Not to mention, canapes and champagne were also served! I met Jerlene just before we were ushered to the front row VIP seats. Yay, we’re grateful 🙂



So what the set-up of the runway was really about – reality TV series “Models Reinvented” – with “mature models” aged 35 and above (or what the industry likes to call “real” women) strut their stuff, or bodies, for all to gasp at. All of them wore Bobbi Brown colours from the holiday collection, and boy were they gorgeous! Some of them look so good, some of them were already mothers. Ooops, I feel so ashamed of myself because I can’t remember when I last hit the gym! Perhaps time to get those abs and lean mass back?!

For more information on “Models Reinvented”, please click here, and check out their Facebook Page too!


Here comes the statuesque models confidently strutting their stuff down the runway!






The lady in red – she’s the most elegant and beautiful! Simply stunning contestant in a flattering red number.





And there was a makeup demonstration on a flawless young model who really didn’t need much makeup to look great 🙂 She seems to have a pleasant demeanor too, smiling throughout her presence on stage.



Holiday Gift Giving with Bobbi Brown

With so many lovely sets from Bobbi Brown’s limited edition holiday gift sets, you never have to fret over holiday gift giving!




My choice selection for Holiday Gifts:

Classic_Lip_Gloss_Trio_FH13_150 Mini_Brush_Set_FH13_150 Twilight_Pink_Palette_FH13_150 Travel_Brush_Set_FH13_150

Prized Possessions from the Old Hollywood Holiday Collection:

LipColor_OldHollywood_FH13_150 LipGloss_Old_Hollywood_FH13_150 LWCS_Stick_Old_Hollywood_FH13_150 Nail_Old_Hollywood_FH13_150 Old_Hollywood_Eye_Palette_FH13_150

A snapshot at the photo-booth with fellow bloggers Rachie & Carrie (The Cambelles) and Jerlene 🙂


Mel and Rachie

Guess what the door gift was?


A nicely wrapped gold-dust box with a crimson red Bobbi Brown ribbon around it, like a perfect Christmas gift! They sure know how to practice “gift-giving” and make their guests totally delighted!



So it was three eye-shadows, one powder blush, one gel eyeliner, one lip gloss and two red lip colours. Thank you Bobbi Brown Singapore for the kind generosity!

Bobbi Brown’s Holiday 2013: Old Hollywood Collection will be available at all Bobbi Brown Studios from November 2013 onwards at the following locations: ION Orchard, Tampines Mall, Isetan Scotts, Isetan Katong, Takashimaya, Robinsons, The Centrepoint, Robinsons Raffles City, Robinsons JEM, Tangs VivoCity & Tangs Orchard.


It’s nearly Xmas! Party like a ROCKSTAR with your favourite Club!

Filter Christmas Eve Special: Vice Convent – Episode XXII: Mistletoe Madness (Mon)?

Filter Presents a Christmas Eve Special: Vice Convent – Episode XXII: Mistletoe Madness, Monday 24 December 2012

Celebrate the festive season with us at Filter Members Club as we deck the halls out with bangers and mistletoes for Vice Convent – Episode XXII: Mistletoe Madness!

We’ll designate a few mistletoe hotspots for all you couples out there looking for an excuse to have a night of debaucherous fun! Join the sexy santarinas and little helpers in sipping on champagne and sucking on candy canes because what happens under the mistletoe, stays under the mistletoe.

For table reservations speak to Benjamin, Langan, Cedric, Phil or simply email


Mink Christmas Eve Special: XMAS Eve Rager (Mon)?

Mink Presents XMAS Eve Rager, Monday 24 December 2012

Let your imaginations run wild this Christmas eve and breathe life into this mystical land of ours by visualizing Mink’s interior freezing over, giving new meaning to poppin’ bottles on ice!

Whether you’ve been good or bad this year, get ready to over-indulge in some serious merry-making at Mink amidst our santarinas and mistletoes, even if it is for one night of pure decadence.

For table reservations speak to Jeremy, Langan, Cedric, Phil or other Mink team members or simply email


Playhouse Christmas Special: Santa’s Little Helpers (Thurs – Tues)?

Playhouse Presents Santa’s Little Helpers, Thursday 20 December – Tuesday 25 December 2012

It’s that special time of year again! Yet the party, quite literally, never stops at Playhouse and we’re proud to present our newest theme which debuts this Thursday: Santa’s Little Helpers!

We cordially invite you to spend this celebratory time of year with us, the season where everybody loses their inhibitions and participates in the festivities – over here at Playhouse it’s no different as Santa’s little helpers are gearing up to get you in that Christmasy mood! Who knows, you might even spot them under the mistletoe! Open 6 days a week, we hope to see you at Playhouse sooner rather than later.

For table reservations or invitations speak to Edison, Benjamin, Langan, Cedric, Phil or simply email

Main EDM Image

<Insurgence Parties> [MON] Wonder Emporium [WED] Pangaea: Naughty/Nice [FRI] Heavy Hitters: The Naked Waxing Girl Search [SAT] Le Noir X’mas Lockdown?

[MON 24 DEC]

X’mas Eve


Mon 24 Dec 2012 / Attica

This Christmas Eve, wander into our enchanted Wonder Emporium where we put the magic in your party from life-sized toys, dancing ballerinas, and maybe even real-life toy soldiers. Dream a little dream with us as we also present the debut of our FEMMEBOTS, an eccentric wild bunch guaranteed to inject madness.

Club rules apply
Attica  – 3A River Valley Road #01-03 Clarke Quay Singapore 179020


[WED 26 DEC]

Pangaea Rock Chaos presents


A Boxing Day Giveaway Special: Bags from Ares by Sandra Holstad

Wed 26 Dec 2012 / 10pm / Pangaea

As we approach the end of the year, have you been naughty or nice? Come on down to Pangaea and let our santarinas decide as we give away elegant ladies’ bags from Ares by Sandra Holstad.

Ares by Sandra Holstad can be found at

For complimentary entry guestlist, RSVP at

RSVP submission closes strictly at 6pm on 26 December.

Kindly call us at +65 9186 6213 for table reservations.

Age limit for gentlemen – 21 years and over

Dress code – Red & White

Entrance of Pangaea is located next to TCC Cafe and Robinsons at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Basement 2.

Club rules apply

Pangaea – 2 Bayfront Ave, Marina Bay Sands Crystal Pavillion South B2-05, Singapore 018956


[FRI 28 DEC]

Heavy Hitters presents


Fri 28 Dec 2012 / 10pm till late / Attica Too

Naked Waxing, the newest sexiest brand in the city is on the search for the perfect girl that captures that heady mix of energy, sensuality and femininity. So come on down and support the girl who you think should win the Naked Waxing Girl Search.

For complimentary entry guestlist, RSVP at

Kindly call us at +65 9271 4446 for table reservations.

Club rules apply

Attica Too – 3A River Valley Road #01-03 Clarke Quay Singapore 179020


[SAT 29 DEC]

Le Noir presents

Le Noir X’mas Lockdown

Sat 29 Dec 2012 / Lockdown begins 10pm (No entry once Lockdown starts) / Le Noir

On the 5th day of Christmas, Santa decided to throw a party for the naughty, sexxxy and the thirsty. Experience the original Le Noir party with X’mas Lockdown. At Le Noir X’mas Lockdown, we’re all about giving, and you get to decide if everyone shares, share free-flow that is. Take part and win our challenges and you get to decide if you want to walk away with a juicy prize or grant free-flow for everyone in the room!

THE RULES: Strictly dressed in Red or/and White, no leaving of premises, no toilet or smoke breaks, no puking. Lockdown lasts until someone breaks ‘the rules’.

Free entry for ladies dressed in Red & White / Men $30

Kindly call us at +65 9186 6213 for table reservations.

Club rules apply

Le Noir – 3C River Valley Road #01-01 Clarke Quay Singapore 179022


NEXT: Gift List + Shop by Personality!



CHARLES & KEITH | This Christmas’s Most Wanted‏

This Christmas's Most Wanted

Complimentary Gift Wrapping: Shop Now! Online Only