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Mondo Vantaggio – The Great MV Sale!

If you’ve seen my last post on Mondo Vantaggio, and if you’re a fan of luxury leather goods and brands, you’ll be most excited about this entry because a nice little surprise is waiting for you. Read on!

The interior and decor of the multi-label luxury boutique is insane! We wanted to just buy everything and shop the luxury our heart desires.

The pink bag of my dreams….from YSL.

And never enough shoes, especially those as exquisite as these!

There’s even a special VIP room for you to rest and relax, beautifully decorated for your maximum pleasure.

I would say this gorgeous room is even fit for royalty, don’t you agree?

Men’s section at Mondo Vantaggio

It’s a shopping paradise for both ladies and gentlemen, and plenty of room to browse, mingle with friends etc.

One of my favourite – guess why? Because it’s colourful! 😀

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas at this display

Thought this Tweety bag from Moschino went very well with my outfit of the day! Like the #cutestyle? 🙂

Bucket bags are all the rage now, and I thought this is pretty cool!

To my surprise, I found Tiramisu Hero cafe right within the facility of Mondo Vantaggio, for customers and guests to have light bites and tea while shopping. With such amenities in the huge store, you may practically linger around for the whole day!

Our tea for the afternoon ? Yums!

Thanks Chloe for dropping by with me! 🙂

More snaps of the stunning displays after tea!

This little Miu Miu bag is too cute!!!

Hello little pink Prada! Matchy with my shoes! 🙂

Regina looking divine in her outfit! Glad to have your company, babe!

After the event, I had the opportunity to shoot with 2 of my favourite bags at Mondo Vantaggio!

This Versace bag is drop-dead gorgeous! ? I fell in love with it the minute I set my eyes on it, so I knew it has to be one of the bags!

I just love the texture of the bag, its details and of course the pretty pink tassle! It had also matched PERFECTLY with my white and pink outfit with floral wedges.

Perfect in every way, isn’t it? I swear it’s even more luxurious and breathtaking in real life!

Another bag that went so well with my outfit – the Givenchy tote.

It’s great as a day bag or for work, and I love its understated baby blue colour on luxurious calf skin.

It can be carried in so many different ways, and even as a satchel.

Simply love this classy and modern Givenchy ‘Shark Tooth’ Tote! ?

Gorgeous babe and my pal Joanna Lim had also fronted Mondo Vantaggio’s Givenchy ‘New In’ Campaign – Style Update: #GameChanger

Decked in sleek looks with simple elegance, she makes a bold statement and keeps her repertoire fresh with versatile arm candies from the French luxury brand.

From classics to the cult, founder Hubert Givenchy to current creative director Riccardo Tisci, Givenchy has always been fashion’s favourite in the arena of pret-a-porter for its consistent innovation and added Haute Couture flair.

Joanna looking amazing in the campaign shots…werk it girl!

Mondo Vantaggio is currently having their 60% mark-down and weekly brand sale this June: 15% off on selected brands (details below)! Plus, all Trussardi items are on 50% off ??

1st to 5th – Valentino & Balenciaga
6th to 12th – Gucci
12th to 19th – Burberry & Saint Laurent
20th to 26th – Prada
27th to 30th – Miu Miu & Versace

 Shop now and don’t miss grabbing your favourite bags at heavily discounted prices!

For more upcoming shots of my feature for Mondo Vantaggio, follow me on Instagram @melissajaneferosha! 🙂


Love, everyday. Till next time!
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FASHION Magazine Summer 2013 Cover: Lana Del Rey


Photographed by Mark Williams and Sara Hirakawa. Styled by Heidi Meck. Fashion direction by Zeina Esmail. Creative Consultant, Johnny Blueeyes. Hair by Anna Cofone for Emma Davies/Oribe. Makeup by Pamela Cochrane for Nars. Manicure by Ashlie Johnson for the Wall Group/Chanel. Fashion assistant, Melissa Watanabe.

There are so many questions surrounding Lana Del Rey. As one of the most enigmatic pop stars of this generation, the 27-year-old talent stands as a sphinx in a sea of overexposed bold face names. Taking a break from recording “Young and Beautiful“—her just-released track off The Great Gatsby soundtrack—the Queen of Sadcore escaped from the confines of the L.A. studio she was toiling in to spend a day shooting with FASHION magazine in Malibu’s Zuma Beach area. The breath-taking beachfront spot Del Rey handpicked for the cover seemed to transport the crew into her dreamy world of ‘50s pinups and MGM icons, evoking the essence of Lana Del Rey videos off her debut, Born To Die, her latest E.P. Paradise and her new duet, “Summer Wine,” which features her boyfriend Barrie-James O’Neill.


Top, $1,795, by Gucci. Jewellery, Del Rey’s own, worn throughout.

Here are a few of the highlights from the upcoming FASHION Magazine Summer 2013 Cover story on Lana Del Rey:

On the inspiration behind her cover look: ?“Every shoot I do, I have a theme. I’ve been watching old Spanish films and my new record has a Spanish guitar on it so that actress-signorita vibe so its been on my mind. We always listen to The Eagles “Hotel California” while we get ready.


Top, $165, by Catherine Malandrino. Skirt, $325, by Pink Tartan.

On women she admires: ?“I believe in Amy Winehouse. I know she’s not with us anymore but I believe she was who she was and in that way she got it right. I would say an actress like Lauren Bacall also got it right. She never let anyone [persuade] her to be something she wasn’t. She was strong. She always looked like she knew what she was doing.”


Bra and briefs, both price on request, and earrings, $1,200, by Dolce & Gabbana.

On being called anti-feminist: “I get it. It looks like I’ve chosen a path of submission. But I’m a modern day woman in so many senses. I pay my way and work hard for things but it is my choice that at the end of the day I have a dominant male in my life that is hands-on. Someone who wants what he wants the way I do. I get so tired of trying to have it only my way, it’s nice to have someone else who also has their life and opinions. I have to be so assertive in life that its nice to feel escape through a really passionate romance.”


Jacket, $5,305, by Miu Miu.

On her romance with Scottish rocker Barrie-James O’Neill: “He’s on tour and opens for me. We sing some Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood duets together. I’ve been seeing him for a year and a half and he’s even more of a meticulous, devout artist than I am.  He can’t keep his hands off the piano, ever. Whenever I’m not writing he always asks, ‘why aren’t you writing?’ We kick each others asses. We give each other input every night.”


Top and skirt, both price on request, by Giambattista Valli. Cuff, $1,450, by Chanel.


Dress, $2,900, by Sally LaPointe.


Jacket, $4,550, and dress, $6,450, both by Chanel.


On her musical philosophy: “Einstein said ‘your imagination is more important than intelligence,’ and I have a very, very big imagination. I love to live in my internal world and will never stop seeking influences and visions for my art.


Adapted from

“Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey, for the motion picture “The Great Gatsby”

Original Soundtrack MV


Not feeling Brad Pitt’s Chanel No. 5 ad? This second video may change your mind

And the plot thickens. The saga of Chanel No. 5’s Brad Pitt campaign continues with a second edition of the commercial. The monologue from Monday’s ad—which is voiced by Pitt, the brand’s first male ambassador for the fragrance—remains the same only now the commercial is less about his brooding face and more about Chanel No. 5.

Playing into the “wherever I go, there you are” messaging, the commercial shows various Chanel-styled women (one even walks on water!) looking longingly into the distance. Probably thinking about Brad Pitt.

When the 30-second video cuts back to Pitt so he can say “inevitable,” it’s a strange combination—his face is still in black and white while the new cuts of women are bright and feel fairly futuristic.

First version. Not feeling it, right? The only thing that struck me was how forlorn and tired Pitt looked, though his deep, sexy voice remained.

“Plans disappear, dreams take over and every journey ends…” says a sad and scruffy Brad Pitt, with a soulful smile that still manages to go right into our hearts.

The commercial’s plotline is simple: Brad Pitt delivers a 30-second monologue directly to the camera and that’s it. Brad must take fragrances very seriously because the tone of the entire commercial is sombre and emotional. The Chanel No.5 bottle never even shares a frame with Brad Pitt, instead making a 2 second appearance at the end, before cutting back to Brad so he can finish it all off by saying “inevitable”.

The print campaign on the other hand is a bit more reasonable than the video because Brad Pitt doesn’t speak. The black and white ad features the same unkempt Brad Pitt, but now he stares at the Chanel perfume bottle looking curious and a little stunned.

After 91 years, Chanel has the recipe for perfume success locked down: Beautiful woman, timeless scent, timeless bottle. But while the formula for Chanel No. 5 itself will never change, Chanel is modifying their marketing with an interesting twist: Brad Pitt has signed on as the newest face of Chanel No. 5 face, making him the first man to represent a women’s fragrance.

The history behind Chanel No.5.

“It’s not a journey. Every journey ends, but we go on. The world turns and we turn with it. Plans disappear. Dreams take over. But wherever I go, there you are. My luck, my fate, my fortune. Chanel No. 5. Inevitable.”


What has passed but never forgotten: Fashion and Beauty in 2009!

As promised, here’s my edition of what has taken the world by storm in Fashion and Beauty this year. Bringing you the best of 2009 –

credits to msn singapore

Best Dressed Celebrities: Rihanna & Sienna Miller

Rihanna pushes the best of today’s trends. Going all the way with arched shoulders, engineered dresses, full-body bandage suit and more, RiRi’s love for the edgy look gets our utmost respect. Also in this category are Sienna Miller, one of English’s best export, and best remembered for her 24/7 trendy styles and never-go-wrong ensembles that characterize her fashion sense.

Best Fashion Collaboration: Christopher Kane for Topshop & Jimmy Choo for H&M

I love 2009 for these fash-collabos! From the runway and to store racks, such collaborations allow commonfolk like us to own these designer products at an affordable price. Although deemed as OTT to most of the general public, many are digging this iconic alligator top which sprung forth from his original animal print t-shirt collections. Also, In my previous post I’ve shown you how awesome the designs were for Jimmy Choo’s (H&M). I’m delighted to once again present to you these beauties.

Best New Fashion Icon: Michelle Obama & Lady Gaga

Remember how the First Lady‘s pictures were splashed all over fashion magazines for her designer outfits that were simple yet oh-s0-elegant? She was notably remembered for her Jason Wu cream gown. The days of boring politicians (on and off stage) are long gone. Lady Gaga‘s outrageous outfits and “crazy” MTVs are particularly jawdropping, too. We can all see why and how, I’m sure.

Best Fashion Trend: Sequins and Strong/Structured Shoulders

We love sparkles so much, we’re willing to be a Twilight vampire anytime! Our new year’s resolution? To liberate sequins so we can wear it all year round without looking like a desperate, delusional disco freak. From sequin jackets to body-con dresses, this is one trend that will definitely keep you in the views of photographers around. Sculptured shoulders are so hot this year, especially in FW09, every sort of style tried to incorporate it. It’s so cool isn’t it? However, I totally do not buy overly huge shoulders…I mean, who wants to look like some Dutch maid?!

Best Beauty Trend: Bandage Shoes and Puple/Gold Eyeshadow

Strong and strappy sends all the right messages for spring and goes so well with almost everything. Another fashion trend that is the sibling of bandage shoes are of course the bodycon dresses. And they sometimes totally go together. As for purple and gold eyeshadow, they’re so versatile and sexy that putting them together will just make you look Boomz! Ok Ok I shall stop using Ristionary.

Best Beauty Product: Estee Lauder’s/Lancome’s Vibrating Mascara and Toni & Guy’s Refreshing Dry Shampoo

Estee Lauder


Toni and Guy

In July, Estée Lauder launched TurboLash All Effects Motion Mascara exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue. The vibration of this battery-operated brush promises to separate lashes to avoid clumping. And from what I’ve heard, it REALLY WORKS and lots of women around the world have been amazed at this wonderful tool.

Lancôme’s version, Ôscillation, was out in Fall. The brush vibrates 7,000 times per minute, claiming to provide 360-degree coverage around each lash. It was created by Jean-Louis Guéret, who has developed almost 400 (!) mascaras in his lifetime. As expected,  Ôscillation gives Estee Lauder a run for its money!

Toni and Guy‘s Refreshing Dry Shampoo are for lazy people who do not or cannot wash their hair in the shower – yet it takes the oilyness and the shinyness away from your hair and leaves it with a nice smell and a nice easy to style look! How good is that!

Best Hair Style: The Pixie Crop and Flowy Long Hair

Victoria Beckham wore it, so did Katie Holmes, Natalie Portman and Agyness Deyn. It just speaks for itself – trendy, chic and style-setting. Short and cropped’s the way to go!

I personally love loooong hair because you can tie it, style it, dye it, keep it in any way you want – straight or permed. Most importantly, long hair goes well with any kind of trends and styles because it’s so versatile! Sexy’s the word.

Best Designer Label for Handbags: Louis Vuitton and Chanel

LV used a lot of decorations to complement its handbags. For example: this handbag with bronze tones, big tassels and beads. Very popular on the runaway and a big hit in spring/summer 2009.

Chanel‘s handbags for Fall 2009 are so gorgeous that celebrities can’t stop being photographed carrying them! Oh how I wish I could own one of them too…

Best Statement Jewellery: Chandelier Earrings and Statement Necklaces

Chandelier earrings can brighten up and glamorize almost any kind of outfit or occasions – day or night. And as you know, when it comes to bling, the bigger and bolder the better!

Statement necklaces are known to be worthy investments any girl (or guy) should indulge in. Just look at how amazing and stylish you’d look with a beautiful statement neck-piece. So what are you waiting for? Choose something you really like, and colours that reflects well on your complexion, not wear it for the sake of knowing it’s HOT now. Good luck!

And the Finale…

Best Label: Balmain

credits to Fab Sugar Australia

Yes I totally agree with the 2009 Sugar Award! It is definitely the most influential label this year! Balmain dominated the catwalks, red carpets, designer stores and inspired every chain store imaginable with their clever take on 80’s dressing mixed with a French rock slant. Designer Christopher Decarnin took the once-elegant eveningwear label (founded by Pierre Balmain in 1945) and resurrected it with thigh-high, tough-chic, sequin-filled, rock-star glory. A favourite amongst stars including Sienna Miller, who wore a glittery Spring 2010 number to her broadway debut this October; Beyonce, who’s been seen in multiple Balmain items including a multi-coloured mini dress for the BET Awards; Blake Lively, in a full sleeved Paillette mini dress for a post Emmys soiree; Kylie Minogue, who changed into multiple Balmain looks for her Brit Awards co-hosting duties; and most recently, model Daria Werbowy in the same frock as Sienna.

And the good news is that the Balmain hysteria is only set to continue, with Decarnin’s Spring 2010 collection offering liquid gold dresses and distressed military detailing on everything from skinny pants to jackets!