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How I Prepared for Christmas – French Cleanse Program

screenshot_01If you have not checked out our latest video on Black Box’s Channel, please click on the link above! As the name suggests, it’s all about the different ways we can detox in our daily lives and more effectively so with the help of Theresa Beauty’s French Cleanse Juices! Previously I have tried out Theresa’s signature internal detoxification and external slimming treatments. If you wonder why it’s called the “French” Cleanse and how this program originated from, read on!

The French are known for their excellent and sumptuous meals. French women practically don’t get fat. Despite the abundant availability of exquisite French macaroons, breads and cheeses, there is still one golden rule of typical French eating habits – that is, to eat everything in moderation in order to revel in delicious meals but also stay off the kilos.


The French Cleanse system is formulated with the best fruits from the land of France. Cleansing the body system with its rich organic nutrients to achieve optimum well-being.  The human body is designed to be an extraordinary self healing mechanism. Its number one priority is to consistently return to homeostasis, or “perfect balance”. In perfect balance we experience complete health, vitality, energy and optimum well-being. One of the most important ways our bodies achieve this balance is through detoxification.

Our detox organs (liver, kidneys, colon, lungs and skin) work 24 hours a day to rid our bodies of the harmful toxins and sticky waste products that accumulate in our cells. Processed foods, air pollutants, cleaning agents, the water we drink, medications, even many of the beauty products we slather on to our skin contain harmful chemicals that the body has to continually process. As these toxins accumulate in our cells, our bodies become taxed, overworked and overburdened. We begin to experience breakdowns in our health, digestion, immunity, clarity and our ability to focus.

It is possible to develop signs of pre-mature aging, allergies, unexplained aches and pains, and “stress” headaches. We go through our days feeling thick, heavy, bloated, tired, depressed and discouraged. But we don’t have to! Juice cleansing is a natural way to give our bodies a break, clear out toxic obstructions, and repair degenerated cells. Let fresh raw juices flood our cells with live enzymes, vitamins, mineral and oxygen in their most absorbable form. These are the vital elements that stimulate the body’s innate healing system while flushing out old toxic waste. When the waste is eliminated, our bodies can return to its natural balance and optimum health, leaving us feeling light, clear, healthy and energised!

Cleansing the organs with natural foods in the meantime has become a new type of effective self treatment. The best part is, you can enjoy the juices because they happen to taste good too!


Theresa recommends that their customers should undergo internal detoxification in order to achieve optimum slimming and detox results. Otherwise, the weight loss process will be lengthy and there is a 90% possibility of weight rebound.

Theresa Beauty’s French Cleanse juices are:

• free from chemical residue that are harmful to one’s health (they may cause cancer and allergies).

• 100% pure fruit, carefully selected from their own farm, pressed, softly pasteurized to preserve nutritional quality and bottled – the fruits used in the juices are certified by many certifying bodies in France. One of which is Ecocert, that guarantees natural cosmetics containing ingredients resulting from Organic agriculture and complying with precise rules aiming at protecting the consumers and the environment. The AB logo belongs to the French Ministry of Agriculture.

• not made from concentrate.

While you enjoy the high quality taste, no sugar, water, preservatives, artificial or natural additives are added. So they are a dietetic drink and need around 2kg of fruits to get 1 liter of juice. In fact, drinking a 250ml glass is equal to 500g of fruits.


Alene and myself were given 3 flavours for our 3-day French Cleanse – Hibiscus, Raspberry and Apricot.

Benefits of Hibiscus (Main Quality: Detoxification)

1) A natural emollient ideal for softening and healing skin.

2) Stimulates Body Detoxification

3) Improves arterial health by decreasing blood viscosity

4) Hibiscus contains anti-oxidants that help control cholesterol

5) Known to alleviate constipation, bladder infections and nausea.


Benefits of Raspberry (Main Quality: Ultimate Fat Burner)

1) Raspberries break down fats 5 times faster, reduces weight by 2kg to 4kg and body fat by 5% in one week. Raspberries are excellent source of anthocyanins, the powerful anti-oxidants, which retard the effects of aging, prevent cancer and may reduce the risk of heart disease.

2) Excellent source of manganese and Vitamin C, town critical antioxidant nutrients that help protect the body tissue from oxygen- related damage.

3) Great for alleviating morning sickness and arthritis

4) Folic acid is important in helping the body make new cells, especially red blood cells.

5) Combat viruses and bacteria

6) Drastically increases lipolysis (fat breakdown) in the body as well as greatly increasing your body’s resting metabolism, allowing you to burn stored fat and shed pounds quickly and efficiently

7) Regulate metabolism and break down stored fat.

8) Increases our metabolic rate without heart palpitations like slimming pills


Benefits of Apricot (High Fibre Detox)

1) High fibre promotes metabolism and prevents indigestion

2) Protection of skin and lungs from oxidative damage

3) A very cooling drink to soothe fever when mixed with glucose or honey

4) Lycopene is known to prevent build-up of fatty deposits in arteries


So the program is to alternate between the Hibiscus, Raspberry and Apricot juices in scheduled timings throughout the day, from 9am to 8pm while maintaining a low-calorie, protein-based diet (light meals). As you can see I have been conscientiously drinking the juices and really looking forward to my next glass everyday! In between the juices, we have been advised to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. That calls for frequent visits to the washroom to clear the bowels/bladder but it’s all worth it because I never felt so detoxed and healthy! The result is also a less bloated feeling because of better digestion and weight loss.

With the festive season tempting us with parties and feasting opportunities, we will definitely need some of these cleansing juices to free our system from the overloading and calories, and to feel more energetic for our outings!


Thank you Theresa Beauty for taking care of us with your fresh juices!

For more information on the Number 1 Organic Slimming And Beauty Wellness Center, please visit MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR all!