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I’m not unfamiliar with aesthetics, having tried botox, fillers and different types of facial rejuvenation treatments and medispas. Unlike plastic surgery, which literally involves going under the knife, aesthetic procedures are often much less painful, with little or no downtime. The results are also less drastic, more natural and subtle. Being in this (media) industry, where looks does matter, the temptation to enhance/improve our appearance is great and honestly, a little help from aesthetic clinics goes a long way. I think I never looked this good, thanks to little enhancements and treatments to reverse the effects of aging, stress, and late nights.

I’ve been introduced to Celevenus by a friend and she has recommended the clinic after personally experiencing its excellent services. Led by Dr Dylan Chau, Celevenus offers innovative face and body treatments that are non-invasive and results oriented. I was impressed by its chic and urban-modern interiors, and professionalism of Celevenus’ team, who readily serve walk-in customers, attend to enquiries and made all guests at ease.

With so many aesthetic clinics out there, why Celevenus? I had actually heard about Dr Chau’s skills and expertise, especially the signature Sculptra treatment, which is a non-surgical facelift that corrects facial wrinkles, folds and lost volume caused by aging through collagen stimulation. I was also particularly interested in the PDO Thread Lift, which is a revolutionary anti-wrinkle facelift and skin tightening procedure that has been widely performed by clinics in Korea, and has gained much popularity in Japan and other parts of Asia. After looking through reviews by other bloggers and some online research, I had a strong interest in trying out V Lifting, especially for my nose.


Image credits to aesthetics hub.

I wanted to do this, particularly with Dr Chau, who has over 11 years of experience in the medical aesthetic field, and he is known for his diligence and commitment in pursuing the latest developments and innovations in aesthetics.

After a consultation with Dr Chau to discuss the procedures I would like to undergo, also taking into consideration his advice and suggestions, we proceeded with the Hiko Nose Thread LiftSquare Jaw reduction with Dysport and Sculptra. The overall look I want to achieve is to have sharper, more “3D” features, a smaller, V-shaped face and to lift certain areas of the face and reduce fine lines.

 Sculptra: The Liquid FaceLift That Is Natural Looking & Long Lasting


A quick description of what Sculptra is –

“Facial volume can be traditionally replaced with fillers. The latest trend, however, is to achieve global facial volume replacement with Sculptra, through natural collagen stimulation with l-poly-lactic acid. Sculptra, known as ‘the liquid facelift’, would substantially increase the collagen of your skin to correct the folds, wrinkles and skin laxity as a consequence of aging. The result looks and feels natural. Sculptra is FDA approved for treating nasolabial folds and facial wrinkles, its smoothing effect can potentially last for up to 25 months depending upon the initial severity of the facial wrinkle and fold contour deficiency.”

Sculptra is a signature treatment of Dr Chau’s at Celevenus. He is a the trainer of Sculptra, with 9 years of hands-on experience in the this procedure. He is one of the pioneers in Sculptra ever since its launch in Singapore. Dr Chau is also a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) for Sculptra in the medical aesthetic industry.

Sculptra is suitable for:

Deep folds between the nose and the mouth (nasolabial folds) also called smile lines

The lines framing your mouth (marionette lines)

– Sunken & droopy cheeks

Sunken temples

Eye bags & dark eye circles caused by sunken tear troughs

– Skin laxity

The above with underlines are the areas which I hope to target. Although the problems are not severe, it helps to address them earlier so that they will not aggravate. My main concerns are especially the sunken undereyes/dark circles and smile lines. I also noticed that marionette lines have started to form in recent months, so I was eager to get rid of them with Sculptra to attain a fresher and more youthful-looking face.

Putting some numbing cream before my Sculptra procedure!

Light makeup at Celevenus, check out the awfully thick nose bridge and bulbous nose tip I had then ?

Sculptra has been injected into the respective sites. As mentioned earlier, the smile lines, marionette lines and under the eyes. He also did some magic at my temples (which I never knew was a little sunken). Gotta trust Dr Chau’s expertise on this! ?

In my state of nervousness I also managed to observe that both Dr Chau and the assisting nurse had eased me into the procedure by chatting with me (as a way of distraction), preparing me for the jabs, and even tapping on my arm so that I will not focus my thoughts on the injections into my face. Well, it all works!

Dr Chau massaged the areas where Sculptra has been introduced for a more “even distribution” of the injected material.

Some patients may experience injection site pain, redness, bruising, bleeding, itching, or swelling. Other side effects may include the delayed development of non-visible, small bumps under the skin sometimes noticeable when pressing on the treated area. For me, there was bruising and swelling over the next few days after the treatment, to about a week. As an aftercare, I had diligently massaged the treated areas for 5 minutes 3 times a day for 5 days after treatment. The bruising subsided completely after about a week and everything was back to normal after that.

Sculptra takes at least 6 to 8 weeks after the 2nd session to have visible results and sometimes it takes a 3rd session to see optimum results (if there is a need for 3rd session). So far, I have done 2 sessions and the 2nd one gave me no bruising at all as perhaps my skin has gotten used to the procedure.


A fuller, more youthful and lifted face after Sculptra.


[After pic] was taken in early January 2017, a couple of weeks after my 2nd Sculptra session.

Hiko Nose Thread Lift


PDO Thread Lift is an anti-wrinkle facelift and skin tightening procedure that has been very popular in Korea due to its safe, fast and effective results. You can achieve the most sought after ‘V-shaped’ face or a natural looking nose lift with this treatment.

Dr Chau is one of the pioneer physicians for PDO Thread Lift procedure in Singapore. He is a trainer and key opinion leader in PDO Thread Lifting in Singapore and many parts of the world. He constantly updates himself in the technologies and skills from other master level practitioners and industry professionals. He has also tapped on his experience to co-develop the latest PDO threads with Korean counterparts. Who else to trust with this treatment but Dr Chau? ?

I’ve always thought the “weakest link” on my face is my nose. I have a very low nose bridge and a bulbous nose tip, such that it has a curved look, especially from my side profile. I was never proud of my nose, and longed for a higher, straighter and more photogenic nose like the Caucasians.

Ultra V-Lift has been truly a God-send for me because fillers could no longer give me the nose I wanted, even though I had relied on them for a couple of years. Pictured above, you will see that fillers gave me the height of a nose bridge, but it also looked thick and broad, with quite a bulbous nose tip. You may also refer to other pictures above (Sculptra procedure), which were taken before I did the Hiko Nose Thread Lift.

My nose looked extra large for my face and strong at the bridge, and it really wasn’t the most flattering.

The fillers had to go in order for me to try Hiko, so I had a session with Dr Chau to remove them first, wait for about a week for the fillers to completely dissolve, before going for a brand new nose!

The feeling is like a balloon bursting and what’s inside just oozes out ? So “jelly”, literally! ?

So Dr Chau kept squeezing the fillers out, as much as he could, as way of removal. I felt a little helpless but as you can tell, a little amused at how my nose bridge was disappearing, just like the fillers.

Draining every bit of fillers (there was a lot) out and injecting hyaluronidase to “melt” the rest which cannot be physically removed.

I was so excited to get my nose done! I was back about a week later, and had my numbing cream applied before the procedure. Could you sense the anticipation I was going through? ?

So this is my original nose with zero fillers – see the curvature of the bridge instead of a straight one?

Selfie while waiting for Dr Chau…with barely a nose bridge to speak of ? Time to say bye to this and welcome a splendid new nose ???

The versatile PDO threads are used to heighten the nose bridge, giving it a natural elevated look. The latest PDO threads can even be used to enhance your nose tip. This is something that cannot be done with dermal filler injection (tends to move/migrate, gives an unnatural look over time as the fillers absorb water etc). The result is a more natural looking, structured nose than the traditional method of dermal fillers. It also lasts longer – 1 to 2 years depending on individuals’ conditions.

There was no pain or downtime for me somehow, perhaps my nose is used to being injected. ??

The obvious difference before and after Hiko Nose Thread Lift! Instantly, the threads gave my nose height, volume and that straight, narrow bridge I always wanted! This wasn’t the final result, it will take awhile for the threads to settle and slight swelling to dissipate.

The PDO threads can also be used with minimal amount of fillers at strategic sites on the nose for optimum results – Dr Chau used this combination of procedures for me. It worked like a charm! Just check out my latest pictures ?


Love the shape of my nose! It looks so natural too, perfect for my face omg it’s like a customised nose! THANK YOU DR CHAU! ? No downtime at all, no pain, minimal swelling, and I could go out with just a little touch up on my nose to cover the redness from the injections. What a life (and face) saver! ??

 Square Jaw reduction with Dysport

To contribute towards a more ideal face shape – smaller/sharper jawline, more V-shaped, Dr Chau also helped me with square jaw reduction with Dysport, a type of botox.

Dysport is a botulinum toxin Type A, commonly used to reduce wrinkle appearance. It works by relaxing the jaw muscles so that with less exercising, these muscles will shrink and hence lead to smaller jawline. You can expect a slimmer lower face in 1 month’s time after injection. For best results, separate the treatment into 4 sessions in the first year, followed by just 1 session yearly for maintenance.

Similar to the other treatments I had experienced, the pain level is quite low and the whole procedure is over in a jiffy. No wonder one can be so addicted to aesthetic treatments! ?

before-after-square-jawPardon the messy makeup / swollen face / unflattering angle but it shows best the results of the botox treatment!


With a combination of these treatments that I’ve done at Celevenus with Dr Chau, I am really pleased to say that I have never looked better in my life. My face shape has never been so ideal and my features more pronounced – if you have been following me on social media, you’ll be able to witness a subtle difference (read: improvement) in my looks over the years, especially in recent months. I feel so much more confident in front of the camera now, with friends and fellow influencers at events commenting that my face looks smaller and more V-shaped…some even thought that I lost weight! One word: WOW. So happy! Thank you Celevenus for making me look and feel more beautiful! ??

 Here’s a summary of the procedures I did at Celevenus:

– Ultra V Lift (Hiko Nose Thread Lift): to heighten the nose bridge, giving it a natural elevated look
– Square Jaw Reduction with Dysport (botox): to shrink the size of my facial muscles for a shapelier face
– Sculptra: to plump up sunken tear trough/zygomatic area, reduce the appearance of dark eye circles/wrinkles, lift/remove my nasolabial folds and marionette lines

I would strongly recommend Celevenus Wellness & Aesthetic Clinic if you wish to transform your look with premium cosmetic treatments. They offer clients an extensive range of the latest cosmetic technologies and professional treatments (for face, skin, body) administered by some of the foremost aesthetic doctors in the region.

? Specially for my Readers ?

Quote my name “Melissa Jane” if you do pop by Celevenus for a complimentary consultation with the esteemed Dr Chau! Call +65 6410 9621 or visit for more information. ?

Celevenus Wellness & Aesthetic Clinic

391B Orchard Road #16-03/04 Ngee Ann City Tower B, Singapore 238874

General E-mail:

Telephone: +65 6410 9621

Operating Hours*:

Monday-Friday – 1030am to 7pm / Sat – 10:30am to 3pm

Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays.

*Please call for appointment.


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