Colors of Beauty: Amber Beila CET Facial Review

Even though I’m often spotted with pretty heavy makeup (to of course, look presentable and photogenic for my shoots and events etc), I place a lot of emphasis too on skincare, facials and treatments that maintain and even better – enhance my complexion. I believe in working hard AND smart to look good, and never taking short-cuts to essential beauty regimes. For busy ladies like myself who have hectic lifestyles and tight schedules, a quality facial session can give our fatigued skin a much needed boost.


When Amber Beila (AB) approached me to review their facials, I was open to the idea of trying out new beauty parlours and their treatments. So I did some online research and was pleased that their mission and philosophy convey positive vibes and elements which I believe in myself. Amber Beila strives to bring out beauty in their customers, caring for both their physical and mental well-being, through Music, Essential Oils, Touch and Sight. A holistic approach towards the perfect ambience for pampering. Since 2012, AB has grown and established a strong presence in Malaysia’s Klang Valley. They have now expanded to Singapore, and set up a relatively new branch at One Raffles Place (especially convenient for the working crowd!)

While Amber Beila offers treatments for both the Face and Body, I was interested in their facials after checking out their extensive premium facial menu.

My first visit to AB (above), and I was instantly impressed by the parlour’s tasteful and beautiful decor, and relaxing ambience.

They also have a mini nail salon area for mani/pedi services!

Adore the decor! Details like this vintage bird cage and luxurious curtains ?

Pevonia products that are used for my facial!

Consultation Room

Lovely lounge/waiting areas

Enjoying my welcome tea before commencing my treatment session ?

Comfortable, cosy treatment rooms

And this one that I’m allocated to! Appreciate their attention to detail to make me feel as welcoming and at ease as possible ?

How Amber Beila made me feel ?

All ready for my facial! ?

This is the CET & RET Therma-s machine, and I had tried the CET Face Treatment.
CET Technology is used to nourish and revitalize skin cells, resulting in a brighter, clearer and more radiant complexion.

After makeup removal! Photographed bare-faced and actually didn’t mind at that moment because I was so happy with the facial already! I felt so relaxed and the products used felt really good on my face.

My face after extraction (which is a little painful but still bearable because the process was short and swift). There is some redness but my face looks and feels a lot cleaner after AB’s founder, Fion, personally did the extraction for me! I’m always curious to see how much gunk was being removed from my pores – maybe I’ll find out one day! ? I can imagine that it’ll probably be quite horrifying! ?

Can you guess how I was feeling with that mask on my face? I can only say that I fell asleep from all that pampering! ???

I was really amazed that the redness went off significantly right after the mask was applied. My skin really looks much clearer with a more even tone, with a natural radiance even without any makeup on. Awesome! ??

End of facial! Overall, it was a great experience and the results certainly showed. Thanks Amber Beila for this wonderful treat!

An overview of the entire facial in this mini clip 🙂

Quote “Melissa Jane” for a first trial experience on the above CET facial treatment at only $98! U.P. $468. Special facial packages are also available when you quote me!

And here’s their December’16 promotion if you want to pamper yourself in Amber Beila with their services! ?


Amber Beila Beauty Pte Ltd
One Raffles Place
Singapore 048616

Tel: +65-6532 2668

Official Website:

Also check out their Facebook and Instagram a/c for more updates and promotions! ?


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