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So, this is for the girls. Guys need not read on…well, unless you’re really curious about the subject matter or even wish to educate your girlfriend about it. In that case, you’re a keeper!

Skincare for our face, even for our bodies, has always been discussed and prioritised. Brands are always eager to launch new and revolutionary products for the purposes of whitening, anti-aging, lifting etc (and usually for the face), but hardly do I hear about the more “niche” areas of wellness promotion. Like feminine hygiene issues, which are really essential and cannot be neglected.

In fact, I realised that maintaining feminine hygiene is important to overall health, female reproductive health, sexual health and quality of life. In addition to preventing odors, itching, and discomfort, practicing feminine hygiene can also prevent bacterial infections from occurring. A quick Googling tells me that in some cases, bacterial infections may lead to sterility, disease, cancer, and other health problems (gasp! :().

Besides the fundamentals like bathing regularly and developing healthy habits with regards to our menstrual cycle, we need to cleanse our sensitive and intimate areas with the right products. And I don’t mean the regular shower foams and body soaps, contrary to many’s perception that it’s OK to do so. I used to think so myself, until I felt irritation and even itchiness, and started to wonder if I’m doing it wrong.

This is getting a little theoretical but it may help you to understand the topic a little better. So, during a woman’s child-bearing years, nature provides the sensitive mucus linings of the outer genital area added protection against pathogenic micro-organisms with the pH value of 3.8. To maintain this biologically intact state, or micro-flora balance, the pH value has to be at that level. Or else, vagina-related problems like abnormal discharge, irritation or itching, dryness or unnatural odour might occur.


Recently, I was introduced to Sebamed’s Feminine Intimate Wash, which is 100% soap and alkali-free, dye-free and gynaecologically tested. The wash, after going through intensive R&D, is dedicated to protecting the health of your skin through supporting the biological barrier function of the skin’s acid mantle and its specific pH value.


I was using another brand of feminine wash but switched to this after trying it (the pH 3.8 one for ‘Sensitive’ skin). I love its soft, wonderful scent and how fresh I feel after use. The product contains alpha bisabolol, which has effective soothing properties, and its active ingredient of camomile prevents irritation and cares for the skin. The natural moisturising and calming capacities of aloe barbadensis activate the skin’s moisture content.

I’ve grown to love the wash so much and so “reliant” on it that I even bring it on my holidays and staycations. Not gonna wash with any other random shower gels!


A quick summary/understanding of why I’m using the one with pH 3.8 and not the 6.8 (‘Menopause’) one! Some of my older relatives who have tried the latter have feedback that they love the product too, and most say that they prefer Sebamed’s over the other brands they’ve experienced.

With Sebamed’s Feminine Intimate Wash, I’m also rest assured that I can use it daily (given how gentle and soothing its formula is), and no more worrying about odour, bacteria or infection.


Thanks Sebamed for providing several sample sized bottles for our friends and loved ones to try the amazing product too. I’m happy to hear that a few of them are already fans of it!



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Such a worthy deal because it costs more than the actual price of the Feminine Wash, and I love grapefruit flavours in my shower gel!

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For more information on Sebamed, check out their Facebook Page and Instagram Profile 🙂

Love, everyday. Till next time!
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