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Review: Sexy Look Extreme Whitening Duo Lifting Masks/ Lovemore Kiss Purple Crystal Duo Lifting Mask

Are you ready to indulge in a skin pampering of luxury?! Sexy Look presents you the Black Pearl ( & White Truffle!) Extreme Whitening Mask that tackles your skin dullness – revealing the bright and fair complexion that you long for!

Secretive brings you the Best Selling 3D mask from Taiwan – Sexy Look! Enriched with Ionized Purple Crystal, the Purple Crystal & Peptide Moisturizing Mask gives your skin an energy boost and helps you achieve a polished-radiant look effortlessly.

 Am really happy every time that it’s masking time because my skin really gets a treat from the wonderful moisture and nutrients from the mask sheets. After 20 minutes, ta-dah! It’s like after a facial! Silky smooth complexion and radiant down to the neck! And smelling like a baby who just had her shower hehehehehehe!!!

Pls don’t be greedy and leave the mask on for hours! Optimum is 20-30 minutes max! You don’t want reverse osmosis to occur and backfire on you right!

Some people I know leave the mask overnight! Your skin can’t breathe the whole night and I can’t imagine the damage done! Please don’t do that alright 🙂 you don’t wanna wake up with soggy skin? :/

Could see how much I like the masks right? I’m in love with the lifting and moisturizing effects of the masks, giving a pretty glow afterwards for the next 1-2 days! The duo hooks also ensure that not only your face gets the pampering it deserves, your neck does too! xoxo!

For more information please visit Secretive’s FB Page and SexyLook’s FB Page!


Melissa Jane