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It’s already the middle of 2012.

I think I hadn’t blogged about my own ideas and thoughts/reflections for awhile. Recently I felt like I’m having some sort of a quarter-life crisis. Not that I have anything in particular to worry about but yeah it comes a time – exactly, when you’re a quarter down your journey towards the major 100, when you start to think about your present situation a bit more. Anyway pardon the narcissism I’m going to put my face at nearly every paragraph to illustrate the different “milestones”…alright why am I even explaining… a lot of social media actually promotes narcissistic behaviour right? It’s my blog, moreover! I sound weird I’m talking to myself -.-


I caught up with Mabel yesterday. She’s a junior college classmate, and man was it nostalgic. She’s currently with Entrepid, and to promote it a little here – “Entrepid is a community of entrepreneurs who believe that given the right resources, anyone can be successful. They aim to refresh Singapore’s exciting enterprise scene by helping entrepreneurs acquire knowledge capital, social capital and financial capital – all of which are necessary prerequisites to the start-up process.” So if you’re an entrepreneur or investor, check it out! Pretty cool stuff! The community’s building up really steadily and they have a strong support system of investors, partners and fellow business people. Back to the main point – we were discussing our careers and how our fellow peers back then were doing – it’s amazing how things have changed over…6-7 years? Well, it’s a long time, isn’t it.

I’m at the MDA for about 8 months now, and honestly I’m enjoying it. I think it’s a meaningful job, provides a great stepping stone for me as a first job, with tremendous exposure and opportunities to retrieve contacts, network and materializing ideas and connections. That’s major. I have a kind and understanding boss who is patient and guides me well, I evaluate films proposed by experienced local producers, I attend tech/media conferences, networking events, conventions, meet lots of new and important people. I write reports, reviews, proposals, organize matching platforms for investors/venture capitalists/angels to meet startups and companies. And tons of other cool stuff. Shan’t over elaborate here but yes the I do like my job. Not sure if I actually love it, because ultimately government jobs have their own sets of constraints and challenges – but I’m glad that there are more opportunities now for me to contribute to the organization in a meaningful way. I’m in The Play Club this FY! And I’m the 2nd in charge for organizing our DnD next year! Maybe I’ll do a solo performance? Well we’ll see how it goes!


I don’t know where to start whenever I talk about my hobbies. Perhaps the left side panel of my blog already says quite a bit, but if I never have to worry about money or survival, I’ll be a professional dancer. I’m seriously looking out for dance and yoga lessons! I need to MOVE so badly. Putting on weight is not funny. Thanks, Office DESK Job.

I remember a quote somewhere – Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. MAD TRUE! I’ve never been really slim and I wanna STOP ADMIRING very slim girls! How?! Yes, the first paragraph in this section summarizes it. I thought of trying Alma laser’s Accent Treatment from Prive Clinic but it costs a lot! Like $600 a session! Sigh. Stubborn fats… I won’t mention where but it’s making me pull my hair out. Damn.

Singing – yes I’m going to cut my own album one day. Yes, like Cheryl Wee (daughter of Jean Yip) – met her today at the Heroine Make event and she’s looking out for talents for her new MTV – and she asked me! Should I should I???

Gaming – Yes I played Diablo 3 for an hour and got completely hooked! But it’s sold out island-wide! NOBODY believes me when I say I play Warcraft and all these guyish games. Why?! So judgmental.

With Ken. And look! The screen behind! Evidence that I play!

What’s next in the pipeline? Learning Japanese (1st), French (2nd), getting my driving license (definitely by this year), try scuba/diving. Aside, LASIK – this year or next? Sometimes we just need to take the plunge right? I lost count how many things in my life are PENDING. What a sick word it looks to me now.

Additionally, I’m also open to learning new skills. What’s new right? And Groupon helps! Why am I kinda broke? Well I’m still paying off my debts from my entrepreneurial venture last year, and I’ll admit to spending more money on myself – pampering my face, hair and body! I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Love Life

I still DO NOT have a boyfriend (yeah, after 2 years), but I’m actively dating. Will announce good news soon, if any 🙂

No intention to get married early anyway, my guess is around late twenties – thirty, thirty one/two? Absolutely no interest in kids as well so I guess that won’t be a serious issue. If someone were to ask me, my five main motivations for marriage will be –

1) Home Ownership

2) Love

3) Privacy

4) Freedom from parents

5) Independence


Travel Plans

Those on the cards, still considering are: Bangkok, Bali, Japan, Taiwan, Korea

Blogging Life

Am revamping my blog soon thanks to Marvin – and yes I’m actively looking out for more freelance modeling activities/events, blogger assignments, sponsorships etc. Please be a kind soul and ping me if you have good recommendations! I’m doing a shoot on Monday too – can’t wait! Hopefully my new sponsors will give their nods by then! Nothing keeps me happier than new and exciting stuff happening, and of course – FREEBIES! <3

New Role Models

Everyone needs a mentor, a role model, some kind of motivation – and to put a more humane touch to these desires – pretty faces (and bodies) really help!

Face – Viann Zhang Xinyu

She has way too many awesome photos and she totally rocks the photography world with her physical beauty. I’m 200% sold.

Though I wouldn’t say Photoshop didn’t play a part.

Viann Zhang Xinyu (张馨予)

Body – Arianny Celeste

Mind: Oxana Gennadyevna Fedorova

Talent: Olivia Chachi Gonzales

Someone I really liked gave me this nickname: Chachi. I loved it, because I really do adore Olivia too. She’s extremely talented! Just look at her in America’s Best Dance Crew’s Season 6 – her dance crew I.aM.mE won the contest, hands down!

Check this out!

What the heck she’s only 16? I don’t care if she’s a decade younger – she’s my role model in dance! Yeahh baby.

I guess that’s all folks! Enough about me…I’m starting to dread talking another word about myself. No worries – this kind of blog post only happens once in a blue moon, especially on a Saturday night.

Before you wonder any further what on earth I’m doing at home on a Saturday night – yes blogging, reflecting, getting my life back in order with a tidier room, laundry, casual games and stuff to settle. Like another film evaluation. Rawrrrrr!

Goodnight and have a blast tonight, lovelies.


Melissa Jane