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Retail Dream…

I’m stressed and I need to shop…going through my emails this morning, I saw so many pretty stuffs I that set my heart on fire. I need a job already!

Oh well I love to be financially independent though it means plenty of hard work and even sacrifices I’m prepared for..but what’s going on? Am I aiming too high?

Anyway, I can’t get enough of shoes and here’re some from my no. 1 love TOPSHOP.

LILA Coral Bow Platform Sandals

WINNIE T-Bar Espadrilles

Woven Tassle Wedges by Unique**

LUMINATE Mint Ankle Strap High Heeled Sandals

LILA Black Bow Platform Sandals

Shoes..why do we want beautiful shoes? Because waiting is one of the most painful processes, especially if you don’t know what’s at the end of the long winding road. With beautiful shoes, at least there’s some comfort during that journey, when we look down at the eye candies strapped on our feet.