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She’s not the newest model or celebrity around but every time I chance upon her pictures on the net I can’t stop scrolling through more and more pictures of her perfect face and beautiful body. To me she isn’t just another pretty face but a face I can’t forget that’s why I’m dedicating a post to her right now! Call it luck, destiny or pure plastic surgery, she has succeeded in capturing my heart and seducing me to inject her into my “Book of Beauties”. I’m such a fan girl that I once put her as my desktop wallpaper!~ I’m such a beauty whore. Beautiful things are my weaknesses –

I’m vice-free. The only vices I have are my ♥ for shoes and beautiful things

OK, so what’s the secret to that perfect face? The fact that it looks so PROPORTIONATE. Small face (doesn’t ever go wrong), huge doe eyes, SHARP NOSE, cherry lips. Highlight’s always the eyes that capture souls.

Yeah, I mean, there must have been a lot of help she got from makeup, surgery and lots and lots of luck to become who she is today – Angelababy’s career began when she was spotted by Style International Inc. at the age of 17 and entered the modeling industry that year (2007). She then featured as a dancer in Jay Chou’s 《07-08世界巡迴演唱會香港站》concert in Hong Kong.

Since her shot to fame after a photo shoot with Janice Man, her original asking price of HK$1,000 has risen as quickly as her popularity. She now charges $30,000 to appear at shopping mall events.






One of her more natural looks? Still so pretty <3

But did she look like this before her surgeries?

Does it really matter? Seriously I’m considering it myself – botox? rhinoplasty? enlarge my eyes? If it makes me happier. Maybe!

I’ll perhaps just end this post of pretty memories of her (how superficial but definitely choosing to look on the bright side :))

Angela Baby Yang