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A cool online boutique I chanced upon while surfing the net: asuyeta from Mannheim, Germany.

A seasonal change is upon us; prepare modish wardrobes with the Spring/Summer collection “A Little Love Story” from asuyeta. Beginning the end of February 2011, comfort melds seamlessly with edgy romanticism, allowing shoppers to fall in love all over again when it comes to purchasing clothes.

A Little Love Story” features pieces created with lace, velvet, sweat-jersey and corduroy, all indicative of the cheerfulness and cosiness that comes from the dawn of spring. The blossoming of promises, emanating from the start of a new year, is revealed in the collection’s exhibition pieces ranging in sizes from XS to M. Patrons, regardless of body shape, can undauntedly partake in the Love Story of shopping for just the right ensemble.

Fourteen pieces have been designed for this season’s asuyeta collection, including dresses, skirts, shirts, pants and shorts. Inspired by Brigitte Bardot, of French modeling and acting fame, as well as romantically braided hair styles, “A Little Love Story” revolves around flourishing rejuvenation. Prices range from 39.90 EUR to 99.00 EUR (approximately $49.90 to $129.90).

Shopping for an article of clothing or an outfit shouldn’t be a mindless and ill-conceived task. Truly magnetic and seductive individuals are those who are confident; the right outfit can permit wearers to feel as sexy and self-reliant as possible. asuyeta helps make this possible by inviting consumers to shop online for “A Little Love Story” at

From the Founder Erika Hendrix:

Erika Hendrix reinvents itself- starting May 2010 the young label will be called asuyeta

With her spring/summer collection 2010, “Baby, you’re the ginchiest!”, Erika started her fifth successful year in fashion. For her it was the perfect time to change something. Time for something new.

This new inspiration came to Erika while learning about her Cherokee roots. She was mostly fascinated by the history, culture, clothes and of course their language.

In the Cherokee language there is the concept of asuyeta. A word with a fascinating sound and profound meaning: asuyeta means chosen. It represent the clothes being chosen for the customer.
In an interesting aside, the word asuyeta is also found in the Sanskrit language. Here it means one should be envious.

asuyeta customers are discerning and fashion-conscious young people that want to feel good in their clothes. They prefer to spend a little extra money on unique handmade pieces as opposed to ethically doubtful mass produced pieces from the Third World. The use of high-quality natural fibers, such as cotton or linen greatly lend themselves to the comfort of asuyeta clothes.

Bracelet “Gold Filigree” – my major <3!

I love their Lookbook section too! Full of gorgeous images of beautiful models and impressive photography 🙂

They even have a whole bunch of fantastic press! IMPRESSIVE <3!