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Today is Fashionable.

It’s a really fruitful Saturday that started off with an iLead meeting at the usual place, where we had our briefing on our upcoming trip to Silicon Valley in July – it’s now confirmed to be 17th to 30th July!!!

I totally can’t wait, and I really wanna extend the trip by another week or so…to shop, sightsee and EXPLORE California, Los Angeles, maybe even Beverly Hills???!!!


It’s quite a lot of work done and reports to be submitted before such a rewarding trip arrives, but I guess this whole experience is all worth it. I mean, not many people have the chance to go to SV, tour Stanford University and visit Apple, Google, Youtube all at once right? Much less interact and network with the entrepreneurs and success figures there?

I’m so glad I have this opportunity to do that!

Professor Tom Kosnik is so cool to give us this interesting workshop today and introduced us a really good book – Good to Great by Jim Collins – and highlighted some important concepts we may use from it. I’m going to get this book for sure after listening to how brilliant it is.

“Why Some Companies Make the Leap, and Others


And then I got some wonderful news and contacts from Prof Kosnik himself, as well as my dear friend Jasper.

Being offered a place at Prada will be a dream come true!!!

After the meeting I had a chill-out and shoe shopping time at 313 with Charlotte. Got a pair of Substance heels I love!!!


Fashion Updates!

Love Grecian dresses! Sienna Miller supposedly “used” to be the IT girl but I think she still is!

This shade of purple’s like my favourite right now – and yes of course – it complements any skin tone, any hairstyle and flatters your silhouette with its majestic hues.

These are Spring’s hottest looks – denim, candy colours, pastels, florals, nautical and prints. Always, always the most exciting and colourful season.

And most definitely, maxi dresses are back with all pomp and splendor – wear it pretty with minimal accessories and shades/a hat. Go under the sun for some play and you’ll just be the one who will get all the attention!

Easy to match and completely affordable spring style! Did I also mention how wearable and comfortable these outfits are?

Cheryl Cole’s one of those sophisticated ladies who always looks effortless chic! Uh-huh, she doesn’t need Ashley Cole on her arm to look better!

Love the sailor prom dress and spot corsage vest!

The rose printed lantern dress is AWESOME! – A hot favourite on!

Playsuits are always so easy to wear and so cute for casual day outs!

Wanted to get this whimsical Alice in Wonderland inspired dress from Forever 21 but my size (small) is out of stock on its online site! If anyone sees it in any local outlets please let me know okay??? Thanks!

Forever 21 Mesh Corset Dress

Outfit of the Day! collective fashion consciousness.‏

Ending this post with Lady Gaga’s most outrageous MTV yet,

Lady Gaga ft. Beyoncé – Telephone