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Pictorial Tale.

Was at Ebiboshi Shotengai (Iluma) for dinner with Eric some weeks ago! I think it was the first friday of my work week!

It was like a Japanese village of food streets, and the entire decor of the place was really attractive! We were shown in without waiting even though there were a lot of people outside contemplating on whether to eat there! Or were they simply admiring the exterior of the restaurant?

I love the extensive menu and Ebiboshi and I was really impressed at the “range” of Japanese cuisine that they’re offering!

They even have a separate menu for their desserts and drinks, which is as wide ranging as their main courses and a la carte menu.

Moreover, they have a special system whereby you can just order your own food simply with the electronic device (I don’t know what is it called) and pressing on your desired item on the menu and wait for it to announce your choice! Coolsome!

The best part is that the service is extremely fast (the food came a few minutes after our order was confirmed) and the food tasted really good, just like what they looked on the menu! Impressivo!

And we were too full for dessert afterwards, so we settled for a small scoop of smooth, sweet and delicious ice cream with a slice of waffle biscuit to satisfy our palate 🙂

After dinner we were shopping around Iluma, and took some random pictures of these interesting displays.

How did they manage to put get in??? Have YOU ever thought of how to put a pack of cards into a bottle?

My poor Mum still had to attend classes at night on her birthday!!! But we made an effort to have a mini celebration at home for her, just the way she likes it. She’s so wonderful, never asking for anything even on special occasions like her birthday, but always giving the world to us.

She always tells me that she doesn’t need presents, or material comfort…all she wants is a happy family, filial children and that we will put our best effort in everything that we do, be it studies, or work. And of course, be good people 🙂

I’m so happy that we’re no longer quarreling.

And I’ve understood the virtue of patience, understanding and of accommodation.

But it was also your love for me that allowed me the opportunity to learn.



I’m itching to go shopping for CNY again, because I haven’t bought much stuffs recently.

Lusting after Miu Miu’s Spring Summer 2010 collection….

And this Stage bag from it’s Resort 2010 collection is ♥!