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Charlotte & Beyond 2010

Collected my tuition pay today – SO HAPPY!!!! :)))

Met up with Charlotte today and had lunch @ Aoba Ramen, Ion Orchard! The ramen was so oily but still acceptably nice…

We had a great, great chat about our internship and iLead in general, and I must say that I really have found another nice friend with so much in common and chemistry between us! :)))

Alas that I reminded her to bring her camera but we were so busy eating, chatting and shopping afterwards at Far East that we forgot to take even ONE picture together! Awww… 🙁

Far East’s really crowded today! But we were happily browsing through Best of Blogshops and there’re so many springing up now! Amazing! Saw Foong Wen Jia today promoting one of them. She’s really tall and pretty in person, and right now she’s modeling for catwalkclose and tracyeinny.

And I’m so tempted to go for hair extensions and manicure!!!

Saw a shop doing hair extensions and did some enquiries – I so want to go because I’ve always been bothered by my messy, neither long nor short locks. Imagine looong curly hair. It’s a dreammmm!!!

I’m now almost determined to go for the extensions and manicure (both for the first time!) to pamper myself before my birthday arrives – anyone interested to be a guest star in this quest??? 🙂

After a quickie dinner at Hans (National Library), Eric and I proceeded to Victoria Theatre for SMU’s dance concert – Indancity’s Beyond 2010.

Honestly I think the performance was pretty okay, but I was particularly impressed by the all guys’ item, because the plot was good and the moves allowed them to show off their gong-fu chops! Nice.


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