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Merry X’mas! May all your wishes come true! :)

Here’s wishing everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS this year and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!


Christmas Shopping!!!

The best part of Christmas is of course Shopping!!! I realized that to some of my friends I have a reputation for being a Shopping Queen! Well, I don’t mind that title at all because I truly love shopping! Walking through malls and looking at displays, (new products) and mannequins give me lots of ideas and room for my imagination to flourish! So cheers to that! :)

Before I let the pictures do that talking again, I chanced upon this website that’s pretty cool – great for students who love discounts as they shop!

Yep! That’s a website called where just by signing up, you’re entitled to all kinds of discounts and promotional prices for your favourite brands like River Island, eating places like Pastamania and Manhattan Fish Market, doing your nails at Nail Faerie or hair at X-hair, a holiday at Bintan Lagoon Resort/clubbing at St James Power Station, even online shopping at Blogshops like myclosetdelights and Alpha!

10% off at River Island when you sign up!

Click to SIGN UP NOW!

(PLUS receive 20 free prints from Snapfish if you’re a first time user!)

With Eric :)

And we’re loving Muji’s chips with the so many different dip sauces! Yums! Loves Muji snacks!

Ichiban Boshi had a long queue so we had a cheap but great meal at the food court! I never have enough of sushi!

Then we watched Avatar at Great World City! Fantastic movie and I love it to bits!

James Cameron took 10 years to make this film on a S$500 million budget and I think his efforts have paid off judging from the box office ratings! Well, I’m a tech-lover and a sci-fi film fan at heart! The next movie I’m totally anticipating is The Fourth Kind starring Milla Jovovich from my favourite Resident Evil series! Bravo to heroines!

Gift Exchange – Blazer from New Look and Vest from Uniqlo!

With Pei Wen :)

"Cameo appearance" by Wanie, my ex-colleague!


Most Creative (or Weirdest?) Shoes I’ve Ever Seen!

I was online late last night researching and searching for inspiration when I chanced upon some of the coolest, most unique shoe designs I’ve ever seen!

Wireframe Heels
Wireframe heels – creative wire sculpture by Polly Verity

Origami Heels
Designed by Catherine Meute, these cool shoes have to be folded by the consumer. Therefore, production costs are significantly reduced.

Glass Heels
Martin Margiela has gone all transparent with these glass slippers that look straight from the Cinderella fairy tale.

Toeless Heels
Creative experimental shoe design by Annejet Kosters

Hoof Heels
Possibly the world’s most unusual shoes by Iris Schieferstein!

Hair Heels!!!

Futuristic Shoes
London architect Julian Hakes has designed a pair of modern shoes with no foot plate.

Nail Heels – Looks “Ouch!”

Soleless Heels
Unusual shoes by London design duo Maki Aminaka (Löfvander) and Marcus Wilmont (Aminaka Wilmont).

High Chair Heels
Inspired by a modern high chair, these heels will make you stand out (hahaha!)

Next post: Top 10 movies you’ll be anticipating next year!


When Reality tastes better than a Dream.

I have the weirdest dream these days – dreams that I don’t even want to remember so I shan’t do a recollection here. But back from Jakarta there is so much to do and so many people to meet! But I’m lovin’ every minute of it. The only bad part is, my moolahs can’t last that long. Awww. My shout-out:


Abigail’s 21st!

The theme was “Childhood” and the decorations and some of the outfits were really cute! Bibs, toys, playthings, pacifiers, you name it! The food was really good and most of all Erica and I love the parrots (owned by Abi’s brother Amos and his friend!)

Pooh & Friends! And look at that "scandalous photo" in the middle!!! Heehee!

Abi was made to do a “nobody” dance and it was hilarious! Then we played games (quiz + wacking the bear) and I must say the host is pretty good at engaging people to be interested and to participate :) woohoo!

Cake cutting and photo-whoring session before Erica and I had to leave because she was meeting her boyfriend and the journey home for me was really looong from CCK! And the most “awesome” thing that happened was that I went to the MRT toilet before boarding the train but I left my ez-link card there and I spent a good half an hour or so searching the area.  My mood was really foul by then! What’s more I had just topped $10 that evening! When I reached Toa Payoh I had the idea to report to the control station and lucky me – by 11plus that night I received a call saying they have found my card! Thanks to the person who found it and returned it! If not I have to pay $28 for admin fee, replacement card fee and another $10 top-up! God bless you, honest person! :)


Happy Meet-up with Steph, Hendri and Eric!

Hendri’s like my new found half-brother. Well, he’s my brother’s age anyway, and we had met at AYLE 2009 and totally hit off, and now, we’re “potential” business partners and of course, great friends and confidants! :)

I had a craving for sushi so we had a casual meal at Itacho Sushi while reminiscing about AYLE and our business plan. Itacho serves, to me, quite unconventional Singaporean Japanese restaurant food because a large portion of their menu are raw food. My favourite “seafood sushi” commonly found at Sakae Sushi and Sushi Tei are not to be found! But I enjoyed my udon with tempura and jellyfish appetizers! Their sushi is really fresh though! LOVE LOVE LOVE SUSHI!

Thereafter we met up with Steph and Eric for coffee @ Coffee Club, Takashimaya!

It’s always good to meet up with friends, have a meal/coffee, go shopping, take pictures, share happenings and ideas! :)

Checked blazer and purple/magenta tulip skirt credits to Foggiare!

Check out Steph’s post too!


Pick Your Lingerie Angel: La Senza VS Victoria’s Secret!

Canada’s La Senza (LS) and US’s Victoria’s Secret (VS) are my most favourite lingerie brands, no prizes for guessing why! They have the sexiest, prettiest and most comfortable (wide) range of lingerie and they’re marketed very effectively through emails, store promotions, gorgeous brand “Angels”, season collections and memberships! But I think their selling point is ultimately the sense of luxury and “prestige” given their popularity among the women and maybe male fans too!


La Senza

Personally I’ve worked with La Senza for 2 months and I’m a great fan of their lingerie and PJ sets! They’ve maintained their popularity with customers with good service and recommendations from retail assistants on the go, a beautiful retail space and visual marketing and definitely great products that keep attracting new and repeat customers with their loyalty cards and discounts/store promotions (with credit card partners)!

They constantly change their stocks (from what I’ve experienced, every 2 weeks or so) and bring in popular trends and designs that sometimes parallel Victoria’s Secrets, but I must highlight that they have their very own niches such as the Beyond Cleavage collection, La Senza Spirit, DreamLegs and Ooh La Lace collection as well as La Senza Shapewear. They also tend to “package” their products so that the more you buy, the more you save! For example, 3 for $69 bras, 5 for $25 panties but I personally love the 3 for $3o panties because they are so silky and soft and some of them, seamless!

If you’re also a La Senza fan, do purchase their membership ($30 a year) which can help you save as you buy your favourite items! Thereafter, keep a lookout for credit card promotions as they provide you with further discounts and always remember to bring your membership cards when you drop by!

Now they even have a La Senza Girl in stores!

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria's Secret

Great news for lingerie lovers and fans of VS! They’re coming to Singapore!!!

Victoria’s Secret in Singapore Resort World Sentosa is First Victoria’s Secret in Asia!!!

Alessandra Ambrosio

The famous lingerie retailer will open in Singapore at Resorts World Sentosa in 2010 and the news came soon after Liu Wen became the first Asian VS Angel in November 2009.

Ashvin Valiram, the director of Malaysian-based retailer Valiram Group, revealed to the media that after 5 long years of negotiations, his company will finally be able to bring in the first Victoria’s Secret store in Asia to Singapore, and possibly even the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Brand ambassadors such as Sharon Stone and Orlando Bloom are expected to fly in to grace various events.

VS is known for its “Angels”, of course, including top supermodels like Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, Marisa Miller, Doutzen Kroes and Heidi Klum. Fashion shows and jaw-dropping catalogs graced by these beauties attract a lot of attention and revenue.

On November 13, 2007, the Victoria’s Secret Angels became the first trademark awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Angels are among the world’s best-paid models!

What I adore about VS? Victoria’s Secret PINK with their wide range of tees, sweaters and other loungewear/accessories, beauty products and makeup, GORGEOUS swimwear and sexy lingerie! Their most loved collection include Glamour by VS, Sexy Little Things, Angels by VS and Very Sexy.

So which is your weakness?

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