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Just came home from iLEAD’s briefing cum workshop session on how to write business case studies/internship report, tips/advice on the internship and a general welcome from Prof Kau, Prof Lau, Dr Lee and of course Anne and Joanne. It took the whole morning till about 12, but we had to wait for some time to receive the letter of offer from Joanne. I met quite a few new people at this event – Charlotte, pretty Fiona, Nicholas who has the exact name as my brother, including his surname (!), Germaine, Eunice, Roy, Charles etc. So fantastic! They’re all wonderful peeps and I’m really looking forward to be fully integrated into the iLEAD family!

Got back 2 of my term papers – both B+. SAD. I was expecting A-. Hahaha! Can feel the stress coming up already – how to pull up my grades to As? 🙁 Anyway, I had lunch with Joanne and she advised me on a lot of things that made me think over them. I must say that given her experience in life she could really see and “judge” really well given how little she knows. She could see that I was not feeling very happy even as I stepped into the boardroom. Amazing. Had a really good meal at biz over an even better conversation and heart-to-heart ramblings. I felt quite abit lighter and I know that ultimately, I can control my actions and my thoughts. I probably just need some time. Like she said, a new life next semester at Nuffnang (I’m so lucky and glad I got the offer because Fiona was so eager to work there too!) could change a lot of things. I think so too. I’m just seeking to experience a whole new world out there and be really optimistic about life. Let nature take its course. 🙂


Met up for dinner and drinks with ZQ and co. some time back! Love the Irish-Italian pub we went to at Raffles City. The ambience is quaint yet it gives off an old school feel and touch of nostalgia with a large screen showing an old film (think pulp fiction!), in addition to ceiling fans and of course, the furnishings!

Chillaxing @ the pub with CH and ZQ.

And on the very same day, I had lunch with Syl in school before we proceeded to town for her facial. 🙂 I simply love that girl, and I can’t say it enough. She’s the most wonderful listener and confidante 🙂

Colour theme of the day: YELLOW!


ADVS From Cozycot!


Brought to you by Miss Selfridge.

A lot of blogshops are spotting this trendy velvet sleeved dress!

How about some sexy and chic knitwear in this cold rainy weather? No grandmother-style ones, though!

And we can't miss more party outfits for those who are clubbing this weekend!

That’s all for now, Pals! TGIF! But I gotta hit the books again 🙁