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Lost in Music.

I LOVE Sam Li Sheng Jie’s songs – his voice really melts my heart! If you like him too, you must really listen to these songs, if you haven’t already! 🙂 He injects just the right amount of emotion, “slang” and attitude into his love songs. Ooooo!!!

And 2 songs from Power 98’s Countdown!

This song by One Republic really really really ROCKS!!! Love the MTV and Masquerade dance!! Check out 2:50 when Ryan Tedder sang WHILE playing the piano with one hand. OMG. Weakness!

This MV is COOL. Period. Jay Sean is HOT HOT HOT!

UPDATED: Thurs, 12.20a.m.

Chatted with Yee Sheng online just now and he sent me this link. OMG this pair of pretty twins from Australia can sing!!