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Advertorial: Jewelry of Lav!


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I’M A BIG FAN of unique, exclusive and limited edition handmade jewellery and that’s why I’ve been in Jewelry of Lav’s (aka Beads of Lav) mailing list for the longest time! I had first discovered it on a famous blogger’s blog, can’t remember who it was exactly – could be Xiaxue or Dawn Yang, but I’ve since fallen in love with its wonderful BLINGS! Can’t wait to get them all whenever I see the new creations launched! Anything from necklaces to bracelets to earrings and bag charms, they’re beautiful and irresistible all the same!

The talented jewellery designer Lavender, who has a penchant for handmade crafts like teddy bears, cards, cross-stitching and of course, pretty jewellery, is also a mother of young children. Inspired by her children, Lavender’s works often reflects childhood innocence and fairytale like sweetness. Beyond this, her inspirations also come from God’s lovely creations – the beautiful and amazing nature and things she sees in cosmopolitan Singapore. Hence, her unique handmade jewelry designs mirror different stylish combinations – sweet chic, classy girlie, quirky cute, vintage whimsical, natural drama, flirty pop, dainty ethereal etc.

All the jewelry seen here are handmade with great care and quality supplies: 14k gold filled , 14k/24k gold-plated components, rhodium-plated components, 925 silver components, white gold parts, semi-precious stones, gemstones, rare charms and beads found from all over the world. Under good and appropriate care, Lavender’s handmade jewelry can be worn and kept for many years to come.


Gorgeous Blings Blings that cannot be missed! 


Gorgeous Bling Blings that cannot be missed!

“Lovely Angelic Versatile handmade Jewelry for fashionistas” – I cannot agree more!

Lavender has also personally made some delightful blings for Ms Rachel Kum, Miss Universe Singapore 2009.

Some of my favourite pieces are here! I have a soft spot for dainty jewellery that reflect sweet themes like fairy tales, mysticism, enchanted gardens and florals. Customized jewellery will be a dream come true for me! Would love love love to wear jewellery that fits my personality, fashion sense and style!


Too pretty to resist!
Too pretty to resist!

I personally handpicked a few really outstanding pieces – here they are! 🙂


Alice II
“Alice II”
What She Needs - Bag charm + necklace!
What She Needs – Bag charm + necklace!
Garden Fairy - epitomy of sweetness and innocence!
Garden Fairy – epitomy of sweetness and innocence!

All her jewellery are EXCLUSIVE – they either come in limited quantities, or only 1 piece! So you don’t have to worry about other girls wearing your favourite, precious designs! Also, because of this exclusivity, many pieces are sold out very soon after they are launched – do be quick in join her mailing list so that you won’t be disappointed!


Jewelry of Lav has also appeared in the Straits Times!
Jewelry of Lav has also appeared in the Straits Times!

Do check out Jewelry of Lav @!

PROMOTION! Please quote “Melissa Jane’s Vogue Tales” when you make any online purchase from Jewelry of Lav and you get 10% off!! Offer is valid till end of 2009!