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Admittedly, I’m not a huge K-pop fan, and I know little about the various K-pop groups and their latest gigs. BUT I’m definitely fascinated with their fashion and beauty trends, especially their street style inspirations. Koreans are big about colours, patterns, textures and designs, trends are adopted from the west and reinterpreted into something they actually own. They also love their accessories and ensure that their makeup of the day (#motd) goes perfectly with their outfits.


Wearing the slip in this silhouette of the season.


Matching suit set in quirky, colourful illustrations and that cute statement sling.


Bomber jacket with an extra bang from the pops of bright colours.

These are just some of my favourite Korean street style lookbooks from Seoul Fashion Week earlier this year.


The K-pop idols also brought back the 90s trend by effortlessly rocking fashion accessories like tattoo chokers and bandanas.




Crop Tops



Besides surfing fashion & entertainment online sites like Style Nanda, KoreaBoo and Yes Style for inspiration, video platforms like Viu are also content sources which I consult for the hottest and latest trends/ happenings. Because nothing says it better than videos, which are more interesting and engaging than stills. Get It Beauty is one such Korean variety show that I watch. The programme features Lee Honey, Kim Jung Min, Luna and Hwang Min Young as its main host. Every week, they invite professional makeup artists to introduce their unique style of makeup by using best selling beauty products. Quite like 女人我最大, it provides a platform for viewers to discover the best products recommended by celebrities and professional makeup artists.


I also check out K1 Entertainment News to gain insights on what the Korean celebrities wear to events, press conferences and bits and pieces of the entertainment scene, whenever I have some time to spare. If you love popular hit series Running Man, you know where to watch now!

Guess what I’m watching? I recently discovered this show on Viu while drama-switching. If you are fascinated by the Korean entertainment business, this will certainly attract your attention!


It’s Entourage (2016), starring popular actor Seo Kang Joon and also Running Man cast, Lee Kwang Soo, and more! It is a dark comedy drama about life in the Korean entertainment industry, based on the American drama series of the same name. Not only does it show you the glamorous parties, culture and fashion, but it also shows you the hidden sides through the five main characters. As these five men try their best to survive and excel in the industry, you’ll also be able to see the true meaning of friendship and what really exists behind all the glitz and glamour; bright and flashy cameras.


Definitely something I’d love to watch on a relaxing Saturday afternoon with my favourite chips and soda!

If you’re new to Viu, it’s a legal [not another PirateBay!] video streaming platform. It offers a wide variety of subbed content from Korean dramas, variety shows to Japanese and even Thai dramas! I’m excited to see more Asian content coming soon on Viu!

You can be streaming your favourite show on in the comfort of your home via Wifi on a PC, but you can also download to your mobile device and catch it on-the-go, offline…so no more eating into your data usage or have the insane need for WIFI all the time!

How about an extra incentive to watch your dramas or variety shows on Viu? (as if you need one!)

#ViuStarEntourage Contest

You get to even win prizes for watching your favourite dramas! How cool is winning a trip to anywhere in the world, and you can bring your own entourage of friends/family – simply by binge-watching on Viu! More details here.

If you would like to enjoy additional perks like unlimited downloads, you can also choose to sign up for Premium at just $5.98/mth. Yes it’s that affordable! Just imagine exchanging a cup of latte for a month’s worth of non-stop Asian entertainment.

I’m now off to watch, all the best in the contest! 

Love, everyday. Till next time!
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Want A Dream Infinite Wardrobe? Your Answer is The New Style Theory!


Wish You Could Have An Infinite Wardrobe?

StyleTheory was created to offer us ladies unlimited access to a diverse designer wardrobe at a fixed, affordable monthly rate.

Select three items you love each time, wear and enjoy them as long as you want, return them when you’re done, and select three more. Unlimitedly. Laundry is on StyleTheory! *best news eva!* 🎉

Simply based on their belief that every woman should have the freedom to wear and experiment with every style and designer she adores without being constrained.

A simple theory: Unlimited Designer Clothing. One Monthly Cost.



I mean, what a great idea that is! 😁 The cost is a reasonable sum of $129 and you certainly have every opportunity and flexibility to make the most bang for your bucks. A piece of designer clothing already retails for at least a few hundred dollars and we usually don’t wear it more than a few times (especially if it’s a statement piece / or with strong, memorable prints). Nope, not for fashionistas!

With Style Theory, you no longer have to say

“I have nothing to wear, AGAIN!”

“My wardrobe is bursting!”

“I don’t know what to buy!”

“I have no time to shop :(”.

Those are but woes of the past with Style Theory, in my honest opinion. I have personally tried the subscription service for about 2 months, and enjoyed at least 3 boxes (that’s 9 pieces of apparels) to speak about my experience. The 4th box was specifically for Singapore Fashion Week (stay tuned for my next post!)

The Style Theory app was a joy to use, and navigation was pretty effortless and intuitive. I had fun choosing my preferred apparels – the interface was easy to browse and you can sort by occasions, styles, colours, designers, categories etc. When you first log into the app, there is also a simple exercise to identify your style (look out for those gorgeous flatlays/lookbooks) so that their virtual stylist could recommend 3 items for you! Don’t fancy any of those pre-selected pieces? You just have to swap for the one you want.

In a nutshell,

✓ Get 1,2,3.. or unlimited boxes in a month, all inclusive

✓ Select 3 Designer pieces worth up to $600 per piece, in a box

✓ Free shipping and dry cleaning included

✓ Monthly billing, cancel anytime

✓ Flat fee at only SGD 129 / month (less than 1 ZARA dress!)

The only trouble I have faced so far was that sometimes the pieces/sizes I desire are unavailable. However, StyleTheory is constantly bringing in new items (launching new arrivals every week!), so, it is easy to have a Wishlist with hundreds of items to select. Initially, the app was a little slow and crashed a few times, but the interface has since improved significantly and I no longer face any problems. Anyway, the more I use the service, the faster and more familiar I am with the app. I can now check out in a couple of minutes if I already have an idea of the outfit I need for the occasion in mind.

Some of my favourite labels like Keepsake The Label, Finders Keepers, C/MEO Collective and Sandro are on board too, so ecstatic about that! During the course of my subscription, I have also discovered new loves like Fabitoria, Equipment, Lie and Elliatt.



Preview of Style Theory’s Collection

tops dresses shades


Lookbooks / OOTDs from Style Theory’s Wardrobe

In Thea by Thara (top & bottom)

Finders Keepers the Label

LIE top x Fabitoria skirt (wore this outfit for my shoot with CLEO in November issue)

Skirt is a hit with many of you! I adore it too ❤

Disaya’s Botanical Satin Stitch 3/4 Sleeve Playsuit (quality is amazing and I love how wearable this is)

Finders Keepers the Label Playsuit (the prints, my fav!)

Equipment top x Fabitoria skirt (easily my fav set so far, so comfy too!)

There wouldn’t be a waiting list if the concept hasn’t proven to be attractive (also to accomodate no. of customers to wardrobe size ratio). The ST team is also constantly working on new partnerships and collaborations to bring in brands and products to expand their selection. For instance, they have recently introduced bags, accessories and shades to rent as well (as shown in the preview above). To all of you who have supported our giveaway (x The Club Hotel staycation) on Instagram, thank you for your support and congratulations to the winner! 💞✨

Gotta add that I love the fact that round-trip delivery is covered, in addition to the laundry (which can be quite a pain when it comes to dealing with various fabrics that require different cleaning methods). Style Theory uses Ninja Van, which has been efficient and reliable so far.

Being extra fashionable has never been so convenient and effortless for me!

You Can Have Everything To Wear


And in Style Theory’s ideals, #smartgirlsrent!


Follow Style Theory’s Facebook page and Instagram account for more style tips and tricks, and the latest collections/promotions.

Looking forward to seeing you girls in ST and your coveted designer labels, no less.

*This is not a sponsored post. The Style Theory boxes are sent to me out of goodwill for my review but no cash remuneration is involved. Views expressed here are my own and are not directed by Style Theory.

Love, everyday. Till next time!
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REVOLVE Black Friday + Cyber Monday SALE!


If I had a choice, I would totally stay right at home today and park myself at my laptop…because it’s BLACK FRIDAY! Never a better time to shop online because the SALES are insanely attractive and your purchases will arrive just in time to arrive for Christmas (for the overseas loots).

REVOLVE BLACK FRIDAY SALE : 11/25 ~ 11/28/2016




 So start shopping at REVOLVE now!

 Revolves sister online store, FWRD (FORWARD by Elyse Walker), is also having their BLACK FRIDAY SALE as well, if you’d like to check it out.
 And the latest at REVOLVE goes to…
1 2 3
 The Winter Restock
FWRD Black Friday Sale – Most Popular Picks
7 8 9
If you love the FW military trend like I do, check out these choice pieces:
In love with this NBD Alexa Wrap Dress that received many compliments. I was even stopped at mall and being asked where I got it from! Thanks Revolve for dressing me in this gorgeous number!


If the Black Friday Sales are not enough to satiate your desire for Christmas shopping, Cyber Monday is coming up next week and I’ll be updating you on that, so stay tuned!

REVOLVE Cyber Monday SALE 11/29 ~ 11/30/2016 !




Shop the CYBER MONDAY SALE here!



Shop the Tularosa Santa Fe Fringe Jacket here.


Shop the NBD Aubrey Midi Dress here.

Love, everyday. Till next time!
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Some Interim Thoughts, Guys…


Post Fashion Week, the madness continues with tons of pre-Christmas events, partnerships and collabs for the festive season, that I have barely enough time to sleep or update this space. Though I’m dying to!

Looking forward to Jack Wills’ fitting on Friday, a meeting with OSIM, and a food-tasting on Saturday + catch up with an old friend (congratulations, so proud of you, V!). And… something exciting and really pretty coming up with Estee Lauder.

Fans of MasterChef, look out for the press conference on 21 Nov…World-renowned Marco Pierre White and other top MasterChef personalities such as Reynold Poernomo, Audra Morrice from Australia, Luca Manfé from USA and Woo Wai Leong from Singapore, will come together to craft bespoke menus that will feature some of the finest MasterChef creations. I CAN’T WAIT.

A much needed staycaytion coming up next week as well (though it really means work) to recharge, somehow, and the best part of it – taking good pictures in a beautiful setting. It’s kinda therapeutic even for someone with an OCD / perfectionist streak like me.

For those of you who are curious about Style Theory @thenewstyletheory and have been following my posts / #ootds on Instagram @melissajaneferosha, a detailed blog post is coming up and you can read all about them and how to conveniently rent designer pieces at affordable price points. Such a new concept in this space, but what a dream wardrobe it offers many ladies here, however temporal. Some of you are already trying out the platform or are on their waiting list. Good for you! 🙂

Time to crash because it’s an unearthly hour now, and as much as I love Walking Dead, I have no desire to look like one. (Mondays, I actually look forward to you now because of WD S7).

Another giveaway’s happening on FRIDAY 18/11. Lunch time treat though it’s not about food, you gluttons.

Camp at my Instagram page now, go.

Love, everyday. Till next time!
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Cleansing your intimate area the right way with Sebamed!


So, this is for the girls. Guys need not read on…well, unless you’re really curious about the subject matter or even wish to educate your girlfriend about it. In that case, you’re a keeper!

Skincare for our face, even for our bodies, has always been discussed and prioritised. Brands are always eager to launch new and revolutionary products for the purposes of whitening, anti-aging, lifting etc (and usually for the face), but hardly do I hear about the more “niche” areas of wellness promotion. Like feminine hygiene issues, which are really essential and cannot be neglected.

In fact, I realised that maintaining feminine hygiene is important to overall health, female reproductive health, sexual health and quality of life. In addition to preventing odors, itching, and discomfort, practicing feminine hygiene can also prevent bacterial infections from occurring. A quick Googling tells me that in some cases, bacterial infections may lead to sterility, disease, cancer, and other health problems (gasp! :().

Besides the fundamentals like bathing regularly and developing healthy habits with regards to our menstrual cycle, we need to cleanse our sensitive and intimate areas with the right products. And I don’t mean the regular shower foams and body soaps, contrary to many’s perception that it’s OK to do so. I used to think so myself, until I felt irritation and even itchiness, and started to wonder if I’m doing it wrong.

This is getting a little theoretical but it may help you to understand the topic a little better. So, during a woman’s child-bearing years, nature provides the sensitive mucus linings of the outer genital area added protection against pathogenic micro-organisms with the pH value of 3.8. To maintain this biologically intact state, or micro-flora balance, the pH value has to be at that level. Or else, vagina-related problems like abnormal discharge, irritation or itching, dryness or unnatural odour might occur.


Recently, I was introduced to Sebamed’s Feminine Intimate Wash, which is 100% soap and alkali-free, dye-free and gynaecologically tested. The wash, after going through intensive R&D, is dedicated to protecting the health of your skin through supporting the biological barrier function of the skin’s acid mantle and its specific pH value.


I was using another brand of feminine wash but switched to this after trying it (the pH 3.8 one for ‘Sensitive’ skin). I love its soft, wonderful scent and how fresh I feel after use. The product contains alpha bisabolol, which has effective soothing properties, and its active ingredient of camomile prevents irritation and cares for the skin. The natural moisturising and calming capacities of aloe barbadensis activate the skin’s moisture content.

I’ve grown to love the wash so much and so “reliant” on it that I even bring it on my holidays and staycations. Not gonna wash with any other random shower gels!


A quick summary/understanding of why I’m using the one with pH 3.8 and not the 6.8 (‘Menopause’) one! Some of my older relatives who have tried the latter have feedback that they love the product too, and most say that they prefer Sebamed’s over the other brands they’ve experienced.

With Sebamed’s Feminine Intimate Wash, I’m also rest assured that I can use it daily (given how gentle and soothing its formula is), and no more worrying about odour, bacteria or infection.


Thanks Sebamed for providing several sample sized bottles for our friends and loved ones to try the amazing product too. I’m happy to hear that a few of them are already fans of it!



Exclusive Promotion & Privilege for My Readers!

Get a FREE Sebamed Limited Edition Shower Gel with Grapefruit (worth $19.80) with every purchase of Sebamed Feminine Wash (200ml) at $17.45, indicate “Melissa Jane” at the Buyers Memo for the Free Gift entitlement when you check out with Qoo10!

Such a worthy deal because it costs more than the actual price of the Feminine Wash, and I love grapefruit flavours in my shower gel!

Click on the below links to shop now!

Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash ( )

Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash for Menopause ( )

Promotion Valid till 15 NOVEMBER 2016.

For more information on Sebamed, check out their Facebook Page and Instagram Profile 🙂

Love, everyday. Till next time!
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ECCO Champions #WomenShapeTheWorld Campaign!


I believe ECCO, a Danish premium shoes and accessories brand, needs no introduction. Known for their quality shoes that promise both style and comfort, the brand has gained much popularity over the years for delivering the highest standards, a great fit and good-looking shoes at a sensible price. Like ECCO states, it will always stand for affordable luxury.

For the debut of ECCO Shape, a new line of heeled footwear for women, ECCO has launched a locally-produced series of five short videos based on the campaign’s official hashtag #WomenShapeTheWorld and collection tagline, “Women Shape The World. We Shape Their Shoes”.

Each inspirational video shares real-life stories and experiences of Singaporean women who have taken the road less travelled in their life or career path and in doing so, live their life with a strong sense of purpose and passion.

We see the first Singaporean woman to solo ride her motorbike from Singapore to Mount Everest; a service banker turned hawker selling wanton noodles to continue her father’s food legacy; a mother of three who conquered the South Pole and a few others.

Vaune Phan – I recall that we are friends on Facebook and seeing pictures of all her YOLO riding adventures, with highly supportive friends and fans of her dreams and passion for motocycling. 

Vaune faced many objections as a lady riding a motorcycle. But she didn’t let that discourage her, and instead chose to pursue what she loves best. She urges women to go forth despite what others say, stay strong and persevere to get to where they want to be.

I was also inspired by Sophia’s story of how she skiied to the South Pole, and the being first Singaporean woman to do so. Despite having to juggle several roles as a mother, wife, personal trainer and also having a full time job, she had a dream – and never stopped until she achieved it. It required not only physical and mental strength, but team work, optimism and a positive outlook towards life that contributed to Sophia’s success. She definitely has earned my respect and admiration!

ECCO honours these five women and shares their stories through these videos. Are you inspired to do your part in shaping the world we live in?

Check out ECCO’s campaign here for more inspiring stories, as well as the SHAPE Collection.

Tip: The ECCO Shape Boots are super perfect for Fall!

@ecco_sg #eccosg #womenshapetheworld

Love, everyday. Till next time!
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