This is where you can solve your brow woes instantly! Arch Angel Brow: Korea Combo Eyebrow Embroidery Review

Looking for a brow solution that will change your life? Not trying to sound dramatic or begin my post with an unbelievable remark but a pair of pretty brows that suits your face really performs wonders to your overall appearance as well as daily routine.

I’ve always wanted those gorgeous “Korean brows” that make their celebrities look so natural, youthful and beautiful. I can imagine having such straight, demure looking brows will take at least a few years off my face, while looking refreshed, trendy and sweet. Korean makeup looks/faces are all the rage these days, right?

So yep, another example of how the changing the makeup for brows alone can make one look so different! Needless to say, I prefer the right side of her face (from my point of view), with well drawn, straight brows.

Image above credits to

I’m not new to eyebrow embroidery, having tried them at a few places including Erabelle. But honestly, the results did not turn out as well as I expected, though they did help to maintain the shape of my brows so that it was easier to do my makeup.

Then recently, I was introduced to Arch Angel Brow (AAB) by a friend, and she mentioned that the eyebrow embroidery they do is different from the other beauty salons in Singapore, as they had specially imported state-of-the-art technology and beauty techniques from Korea. In fact, AAB is the first to introduce Korean Combo Eyebrow Embroidery in Singapore, and right now the embroidery technique is exclusive only to AAB. It’s now possible to achieve natural-looking, well-groomed brows immediately with no downtime, no aftercare required and no interruption to your regular beauty regime!

But first, a little about Eyebrow Embroidery…

Eyebrow embroidery gives you perfectly groomed brows that frame your features beautifully. Arch Angel Brow practices a semi-permanent technique to design and create natural-looking brows that complement your facial features using only 100% natural botanical pigments from Korea. AAB’s advanced technique ensures that your brows will not take on a reddish or bluish hue over time and will instead fade to your brows’ original colour.

All you need to do is sit back, relax as AAB’s brow consultants wield their magic wand and give your brows a makeover in the most comfortable and fuss-free way possible!

Arch Angel Brow is the brainchild of two enterprising ladies, Kelly and Eileen,who have a combined experience of 18 years in the beauty industry.

Kelly & Eileen

I became interested in what AAB has to offer because I have very sparse and uneven brows, and I have always struggled to present them in the best possible way, with makeup. Over the years, there were hits and misses. Lately, I became fascinated with the thick, dark-brow look, like that of Cara Delevingne.

I like the Korean brows too, and decided that they are more achievable as I’m so not blessed in the eyebrows department. And also being Asians, I guess very few can pull off Cara’s brows.

That’s the Korean eyebrow I’m talking about, and hopefully they are obtainable through AAB’s embroidery technique so that I can wake up with them without the hassle of daily makeup!

AAB has a cosy and warm interior which instantly made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Eileen attended to me for my session, and I was attracted to her friendly and sweet manners.

We started my consultation, and I expressed to her my brow woes and problems, and also what I wanted to achieve for my brows. From my conversation with the experienced beautician, I realised that having well-groomed brows that enhance our features is a common goal among most ladies. Better if it is not a hassle to maintain because we all love convenience!

My brow makeup that day is the result of a rushed job – I had drawn my brows too closely together, and they even look slightly unbalanced. Yes, that happens when I’m in a hurry and can’t spend more time doing my makeup. So, #browdisaster. Sometimes, I also tend to overestimate the amount of product to put on my brows when I multi-mask while making-up. Too many things can go wrong!

Maybe I was really trying to do a Cara Delevingne that day. And, it didn’t help that my right brow is slightly shorter than my left.

Eileen perfectly understood what my troubles were and explained how she would help me achieve my desired eyebrow shape, as well as fill in my (sparse) brows to alter their appearance.

She added that the Korean Combo Eyebrow service is suitable for me as it would enhance the colour of my brows using natural pigments, customised to suit my hair colour. With an eyebrow pencil, she proceeded to craft out what my left brow would look like after the embroidery. I appreciated that she had constantly stopped and reviewed with me the look of the brow before continuing to refine the result.

Eileen was very patient throughout the entire process, and we even started chatting about other topics. I understood that for my case, it was a little challenging as I had quite thin, uneven brows and one was shorter than the other. I was impressed by Eileen’s professionalism and felt that she had genuinely wanted to help me achieve more manageable brows!

Comparing both brows, the left that Eileen designed looks much like the Korean brow I wanted – it’s shorter and gives off a more youthful vibe. On the other side, I had drawn it a bit too close to my nose bridge, which made me look older and more intimidating! *laughs*

It’s absolutely important to get an expert’s opinion on the type of brows that will complement your facial features. A different set of brows will rejuvenate your appearance much more than you expect!

So, which side of me do you prefer?

When I was happy with the “draft” Eileen designed, numbing cream was applied on both my brows and I was led into a private room where the eyebrow embroidery process commenced with a slim, needle-like instrument. A brand new piece is used for each customer, to ensure top hygiene levels.

Clean and comfortable private areas for customers to enjoy the procedures

I nearly fell asleep during the service as I had felt so relaxed. Thanks to the numbing cream, it was relatively painless and felt similar to eyebrow tweezing. The actual Korean Combo Eyebrow process took about 30-4o mins.

And done! I think I had immediately looked so refreshed and about 5 years younger with these new brows! It’s like waking up from a dream to a prettier face without the burden of mismatched brows. So effortless! ♥

No downtime and no need to even touch up my makeup as I went off for dinner after the session.

Thanks to Eileen, Kelly and AAB for giving me beautiful brows just in time for my Japan trip!

How long does this last?

AAB’s semi-permanent embroidery technique is the latest beauty technology from Korea, and its effect can last from about 1.5 to 3 years with touch-ups.

My new brows made my life so much easier. For example, in Japan, my makeup routine took at least 5 mins lesser as minimal makeup is required for my brows, and yet they maintained their shape very well. All I did was apply treatment oil for a week after the embroidery to keep the skin around the brow area moisturised, and to encourage hair growth.

It also feels amazing to be able to wash my face right after the procedure without having to avoid the area for a few days (unlike my previous eyebrow embroidery experiences). AAB got hassle-free right!

And these are the snaps after my touch-up, which is the same process as the first time without the consultation. I just wanted my brows to look darker and stronger, especially for the shorter right brow (which had faded just a little) as it has been over a month since my first visit. I went for a media event right after the touch-up, and nobody noticed that I had done anything to my brows! Subtle differences, with no downtime indeed!

Brow #gamestrong? If I may say so myself! 😛

Aside from eyebrow embroidery, Arch Angel Brow caters to your other beauty needs through their suite of customized beauty treatments and services, including Eyelash Extension, Eyeliner Embroidery, Lip Embroidery, Hairline Embroidery and Facial treatments.

Check out AAB’s Facebook page and Instagram a/c at @archangelbrow.


Address: 321 Clementi Avenue 3, #01-08 S129905 (New mall near Clementi MRT Station) – Pls refer to attached map below.

Tel Number: +65 6250 1151

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 11:00 – 21:30

Sat-Sun: 10:30 – 20:00

Promotion for My Readers!

Quote “Melissa” to be entitled to a free signature facial worth $188 with every Korea Combo Eyebrow Embroidery service (limited to first 20 customers only)

Love, everyday. Till next time!
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Review: NIVEA Intensive Moisture Body Milk + With SPF15 (2016)


Did NIVEA’s newest TVC make an impression on you?

Ash had commented, after watching the ad, about how surprised he was when the male lead actually changed his mind about leaving after touching the female lead’s skin. Wasn’t that a really dramatic decision?!

Just a quick recall of the TVC below:

Have I gotten your attention now? 🙂 Besides being impressed by the really good-looking couple on screen, aren’t you wondering if NIVEA’s new Intensive Moisture Body Milk is as fantastic as the ad has portrayed it to be?


The Body Milk won big at the Guardian Health & Beauty Awards 2016, receiving the Consumer & Expert’s Choice of Moisturising Body Care Awards! NIVEA is even offering a 100% money-back guarantee – that’s how confident they are of their newest Body Milk.


I was given the opportunity to try the products – NIVEA Intensive Moisture Body Milk (for dry to very dry skin) and Intensive Moisture Body Milk SPF15. My first reaction was to admire the new packaging, which to me is ergonomic in its size and shape. Both products also smell HEAVENLY! Super refreshing, pleasant and rejuvenating!


My legs before the application of the Body Milk – if you look closely, my skin is quite dry, with pretty visible pores and slight flakiness. I was a little shocked to realise that I have neglected to care for the rest of my skin except my face 🙁 It requires time and discipline to frequently apply skincare and moisturiser to our body and legs!


Applying the Body Milk to my left leg. The product feels soooo silky, smooth and creamy! Yet it gets absorbed super quickly into the skin, within a few seconds! And yes I can go on about how incredibly good it smells, love this version of the NIVEA scent because it is the best so far!


Non-sticky finish of the body moisturiser, and leaves no residue behind even right after application. Skin instantly feels softer, smoother and silkier. Pores also look less visible, and the initial flakiness is gone! I’m amazed at how lightweight the product is, yet it leaves behind such a velvety and luxurious finish 🙂

A quick experiment to show the non-sticky feel of my skin – even a piece of fresh, soft tissue paper slides off easily! Now you don’t have to wait for the moisturiser to dry before dressing up – neither will it stain your clothes!

NIVEA is the no. 1 brand for the category of Hand & Body Moisturisers in Singapore, based on Nielsen FY 2015 data. The brand has over 100 years of skincare expertise, and maintains its top spot by being at the forefront of skincare innovation. For best results, it is recommended to apply the body lotion twice a day (once in the morning, once after showering when skin is at its best state for optimal absorption) to hydrate your skin. The “magic” works by sealing the cracks between dry cells to give you noticeably smoother skin. Its unique water-in-oil formula acts instantly to form a light barrier on skin to trap and lock in moistures, so that your skin feels smooth and remains hydrated for up to 24 hours!

Thanks to these key ingredients, all that is possible: Up to 50x Vitamin E, Grape Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Hydra IQ.

Check out the video below – my skin was so silky, I couldn’t help dribbling my fingers on it!

After discovering the Intensive Moisture Body Milk, it has become an important part of my daily lifestyle needs. Not only is it a travel essential, it has earned its way to become an indispensable product within my nightly personal routine (especially for my arms, legs and hands to be hydrated all night). For photoshoots, it is now a MUST to bring, to moisturise dry skin and seal up open pores because they are visible on HD lens!


I had no idea why I brought the Body Milk even when I was out for a walk in the park/by the reservoir. Maybe I love the scent too much…Caught on candid camera by Ash!



Zero calories, high nutritional value. You did it again, NIVEA! *thumbs up*


Because caring is sharing, Ash gets to try the NIVEA Intensive Moisture Body Milk too! He’s holding the one with SPF 15 (available exclusively at Watsons)



As mentioned earlier, NIVEA is so confident in the hydration efficacy of their #1 body moisturiser to deliver smoother skin, that they’re offering a 100% money back if the product is not to your satisfaction! T&Cs of their money-back guarantee here.

The “damage-to-pocket” of the new NIVEA Intensive Moisture Body Milk? Hardly!


Intensive Moisture Body Milk (best seller!)

250ml – $6.90 / 400ml – $9.90

Intensive Moisture Milk SPF 15

350ml – $10.90

Hope that this review is useful to you, and cheers to radiant and hydrated skin, all day, everyday!

See NIVEA’s Facebook page here for more info and updates on promotions & products!

Love, everyday. Till next time!
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I am a JRunway Ambassador + Pop-Up Store @ Orchard Gateway!


It’s OFFICIAL: I’m so thrilled and excited to join JRUNWAY (ジェイランウェイ)as their Ambassador! 🎉💖🌟 Watch this space as I reveal more styles and clothing from the Japanese multi-label boutique and Fashion Republic!

Meanwhile, JRunway has launched their roadshow at Orchard Gateway, Level 1, Event Space, from 20 – 26 June. You can personally preview the latest fashion trends and items from Japan and get them exclusively online – 10 new brands now available at!

Quote ❤ MELISSAJANE15 ❤ for $15 off with min $60 purchase! 😘✨

Orchard Gateway Roadshow

JRunway Ambassadors

Check out @jrunway_aw on Instagram for the latest updates, promotions and #JRunwayAMB styles!

Jrunway Bottoms

New arrivals on WWW.JRUNWAY.COM, like these cool bottoms…

Cat Sweater Dress

Don’t you just love this Cat Sweater Dress too? It’s super adorable! ♥

Preview of the Pop-Up Store at Orchard Gateway! So many gorgeous apparels and accessories to browse & shop, don’t miss it! 😅

How do you like my outfit from JRunway? 🙂

Wearing new brand at JRunway: Le Reve Vaniller. I’m so in love with their romantic and feminine collection!


Shop here for more styles!

Some of the other brands I adore at JRunway:









Quote ❤ MELISSAJANE15 ❤ for $15 off with min $60 purchase on! 😘✨

JRunway Singapore

8 Grange Road
Singapore 239695

Operating hours
Mon to Sun: 12noon- 9.30pm

Love, everyday. Till next time!
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Mondo Vantaggio – The Great MV Sale!

If you’ve seen my last post on Mondo Vantaggio, and if you’re a fan of luxury leather goods and brands, you’ll be most excited about this entry because a nice little surprise is waiting for you. Read on!

The interior and decor of the multi-label luxury boutique is insane! We wanted to just buy everything and shop the luxury our heart desires.

The pink bag of my dreams….from YSL.

And never enough shoes, especially those as exquisite as these!

There’s even a special VIP room for you to rest and relax, beautifully decorated for your maximum pleasure.

I would say this gorgeous room is even fit for royalty, don’t you agree?

Men’s section at Mondo Vantaggio

It’s a shopping paradise for both ladies and gentlemen, and plenty of room to browse, mingle with friends etc.

One of my favourite – guess why? Because it’s colourful! 😀

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas at this display

Thought this Tweety bag from Moschino went very well with my outfit of the day! Like the #cutestyle? 🙂

Bucket bags are all the rage now, and I thought this is pretty cool!

To my surprise, I found Tiramisu Hero cafe right within the facility of Mondo Vantaggio, for customers and guests to have light bites and tea while shopping. With such amenities in the huge store, you may practically linger around for the whole day!

Our tea for the afternoon ♥ Yums!

Thanks Chloe for dropping by with me! 🙂

More snaps of the stunning displays after tea!

This little Miu Miu bag is too cute!!!

Hello little pink Prada! Matchy with my shoes! 🙂

Regina looking divine in her outfit! Glad to have your company, babe!

After the event, I had the opportunity to shoot with 2 of my favourite bags at Mondo Vantaggio!

This Versace bag is drop-dead gorgeous! ♥ I fell in love with it the minute I set my eyes on it, so I knew it has to be one of the bags!

I just love the texture of the bag, its details and of course the pretty pink tassle! It had also matched PERFECTLY with my white and pink outfit with floral wedges.

Perfect in every way, isn’t it? I swear it’s even more luxurious and breathtaking in real life!

Another bag that went so well with my outfit – the Givenchy tote.

It’s great as a day bag or for work, and I love its understated baby blue colour on luxurious calf skin.

It can be carried in so many different ways, and even as a satchel.

Simply love this classy and modern Givenchy ‘Shark Tooth’ Tote! ♥

Gorgeous babe and my pal Joanna Lim had also fronted Mondo Vantaggio’s Givenchy ‘New In’ Campaign – Style Update: #GameChanger

Decked in sleek looks with simple elegance, she makes a bold statement and keeps her repertoire fresh with versatile arm candies from the French luxury brand.

From classics to the cult, founder Hubert Givenchy to current creative director Riccardo Tisci, Givenchy has always been fashion’s favourite in the arena of pret-a-porter for its consistent innovation and added Haute Couture flair.

Joanna looking amazing in the campaign shots…werk it girl!

Mondo Vantaggio is currently having their 60% mark-down and weekly brand sale this June: 15% off on selected brands (details below)! Plus, all Trussardi items are on 50% off 😉🎉

1st to 5th – Valentino & Balenciaga
6th to 12th – Gucci
12th to 19th – Burberry & Saint Laurent
20th to 26th – Prada
27th to 30th – Miu Miu & Versace

 Shop now and don’t miss grabbing your favourite bags at heavily discounted prices!

For more upcoming shots of my feature for Mondo Vantaggio, follow me on Instagram @melissajaneferosha! 🙂

Love, everyday. Till next time!
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OSIM uLove Massage Chair Media Preview!


As a fan of both OSIM and massage, I did a little dance at the wonderful news of being invited to experience OSIM’s new massage chair, the uLove白马王子 按摩椅, at their media preview and private event. I was full of curiosity as to why it’s called “白马王子”, or “Prince Charming” in English. Surely a massage chair can’t be romantic, or princely, like what we would have imagined from fairy tales?

The global Ambassador for OSIM uLove is none other than International star Fan Bingbing, whom I’ve grown to love and enjoy watching her dramas such as mega-hit TV series, Empress of China. She is also a fashion icon who has graced many red carpets, movie premieres and fashion shows. Most amazingly, she topped the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list in 2013, 2014 and 2015, after ranking in the top 10 every year, since 2006. What an inspirational figure!

Here’s what Fan Bingbing has to say about uLove, “OSIM uLove serenades me with alluring music and romances my senses with the most wonderful touch. I never imagined a chair could make me feel so good, so relaxed and yet so invigorated! uLove…it is truly a massage gem and I absolutely love spending time on it!”


Indeed, OSIM uLove is a cut above other massage chairs, with its striking design, ultra-luxurious fittings, new massage features and superior sound system. It cuts an impressive sight, with its lush contours and plush leather fittings made with the finest perforated quilting, and chrome finishing. It also has an immersive audio system allows you to play your favourite songs on a smartphone or iPod!

Sounds like a massage designed in heaven! But nothing beats a personal testimonial of sitting on the uLove for a real-life touch and feel of it all. And just before the magical (half) hour came, we were treated to a beautiful dessert table, and an introduction to Neal’s Yard Remedies for the ultimate sensory experience. Love the romantic, sensual and floral theme of the event!


So much goodies and canapes, we were so spoilt by the organisers! Not to mention how pretty the set-up and decor are 🙂




Even the beverages were thoughtfully curated for the event! I love the blue Cupid’s Cup and Flirtini!



And it’s Photobooth Time with the girlies!




As you can see, it was a night full of pretty flower petals and we had so much fun scattering them around for pictures and Boomerangs!

Image above credits to OSIM Singapore


Neal’s Yard Remedies had set up a booth at the venue for us to experience their organic and natural health and beauty products such as essential oils, bath, face and body products, herbal teas and even books! Their aromatherapy range, in particular, will be so perfect when used together with the OSIM massage chairs. I can imagine the level of relaxation and calmness the combination will bring me 🙂


Everest trying out the products and choosing her favourite scent!




Guess which one I got? The eucalyptus one, of course! Really into the anti-stress range recently, because the scents really help me to unwind and relax. Ash got the Rosemary mixed with Lavender, also from the stress-relieving series.

According to some studies, aromatherapy can even help to boost job performance and productivity, as smell is the strongest of the senses and is best able to influence brain activity, emotions and learning processes. Essential oils also have anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and having them in the environment helps to keep germs at bay. A simple inhalation of an aroma can activate the immune system, affect blood pressure and stimulate digestion. All that benefits our bodies and improves our health, why not?


After the reception, our hosts for the night began the event proper and got us all anticipating what was in store for us next – the Experience Zone. Like VIPs, we were chaperoned in a pompous manner into what seemed like a “massage theatre”, where each of us laid in our very own OSIM uLove, with personal blankets and assistants. Once we were all relaxed into the chairs, the amazing 30-minute massage began, with beautiful, dreamy music in a surround-sound system. The whole time we were in darkness, and I felt like I was transported into another world as the massage soothed away the aches and knots in my body.

The first session of the massage, before another program was initiated, focused more on my shoulders, upper back, head and neck. The second was more on the hips, lower back and back to the shoulders and head. Personally I felt that the massages were very very close to human massage techniques. So what made the massage so unique and out-of-this-world?


A really good massage means to have every part of one’s body totally destressed and relaxed. OSIM uLove fits the bill, with 720 degree roller balls that intimately rolls along every contour of your body, V-Hand Massage to extract deep-seated knots and Long Track massage technology for a most far-reaching massage that satisfies like no other massage, for the ultimate sense of well-being. In Fan’s words, “it’s hard not to fall asleep, with the exquisite massage pampering of a gentle lover”.

The Lifestyle Zone was where we were shown the 4 desirable uLoves, which were indeed luxurious and majestic in design. Their main bodies were upholstered in quilted and modern weave inspired leatherette. The overall design element speaks of excellent craftsmanship of form and functionality, exuding style, elegance and versatility to grace any modern living space.


Sharon Au and Jade Seah representing StylexStyle at the OSIM Media Preview. Image credits to OSIM Singapore.



The Dashing Copper – versatile, grand and lavish



Optimally positioned speakers for a splendid surround-sound audio experience


Simple, intuitive userbility in a retractable remote control



The Gorgeous Teal – refreshing, vibrant, free-spirited



The Handsome Brown – alluring, contemporary, refined

08A uLove Charming Red(LR)

The Charming Red – passionate, ravishing, sophisticated

The Dreamy White – timeless, elegant, classy – and it’s my favourite of the 5!


I’m so ready for my sweet dreams in this beautiful white chair!


Pampering massage from mind to body, OSIM uLove boasts the following key features:

1. Immersive Audio System for deeper mental relaxation

2. V-Hand 3D Massage with 720 degrees Roller Balls to pamper you with loving precision 

3. Long-Track Massage for a most far-reaching massage 

4. Professionally Crafted Suite of Massage Programmes 

uLove’s Signature Massage Programmes

a. Neck & Butt – Works on the head, nape, neck and buttock areas to relieve stiff muscles. (First complimentary download program)

b. Shoulder Caress – Quick relief from aches and tension on neck and shoulders

c. Lumbar Pamper – Loosen lower back tension to maintain a healthy back

d. Butt Cuddle – Targeted back and butt relaxation for a prolonged sitting lifestyle

Additionally, OSIM uLove possesses intelligent features that understands you and your body, from its intelligent auto shoulder detection, to an extendable foot massager for different height, comprehensive safety features, one-touch chair position and soothing warmth, among others.

To me, the unique selling point of the uLove is its V-Hand 3D Massage with 720 degrees Roller Balls and Long Track Massage. These features gave me a very satisfying massage and I had emerged from the 30 minute session feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and agile. The uLove provides a head-to-toe pampering that I know I need on almost a daily-basis, as I get stressed out easily and like most people, I really love a good massage that relieves tension from my body and gives me a good night’s sleep. The second great thing about uLove is its dreamy music that instantly signals “rest and relaxation time”! Drop those worries and stresses now!


Group photo with fellow bloggers and influencers at the end of the Lifestyle Zone


The event ended with the big unveiling of the new OSIM uLove! We were literally holding our breaths in excitement and prepping our cameras and phones as the curtain slowly drew open to reveal a breathtaking display of the Dreamy White on its deserving “throne”!





Official Presentation of the OSIM uLove by Evangeline Long



Video presentation of Fan Bingbing and a short interview on her thoughts of being OSIM uLove’s Global Ambassador

Fan shared “I never pass on a good massage as it can do wonders for your mental and physical health. With uLove, I’m spoilt as now I get my daily dose of massage and pampering in the comfort of home. Before the massage, I simply brew a cup of soothing honey drink, apply a hydrating mask, settle onto uLove and let the music and massage melt my cares away. The feeling is pure bliss.”

Guess we can all pick up this excellent tip from her!

I’m totally agreeing with the beautiful Chinese actress, producer and singer, who manages to look beautiful and radiant all the time despite balancing an extremely hectic schedule. Her secret? Massage and hydration, of course. For me, the intimate half-hour bliss with uLove was the highlight of the event, and I slept like a happy baby that night – a wonderful consequence from the glorious massage from paradise.

07 uLove BeautySleep(HR) (1016x1024)

Updated: 13 July 2016

For a limited time only, the OSIM uLove retails at a Special Price of $5,199 (UP $5,999) & will be exclusively available at the following:

· OSIM uLove Preview Shops

Tampines Mall #B1-05 | Causeway Point #B1-37 | Nex #03-05 | Jurong Point (B1-34A/35/36) | Takashimaya B1 OSIM Counter | Ang Mo Kio Hub #B2-05/06 | Plaza Singapura #03-09 | Courts Tampines | VivoCity #01-50/51 & Waterway Point #B2-23 | Junction 8 #03-10 | Bukit Panjang Plaza #01-12 | IMM #02-40 | Jem #B1-46 | Parkway Parade #B1-63 & #03-24/24A | White Sands #02-07 | Bedok Mall #B2-57 | Raffles City #03-21| Best Denki VivoCity L2 | Best Denki Ngee Ann City L5 | Metro Causeway Point L3 | Changi Airport T2 Departure #026-115

· Online at

Find out more about the OSIM uLove at!

Available in an array of premium intense hues – Dreamy White, Handsome Brown, Charming Red, Dashing Copper and Gorgeous Teal that will add a touch of luxe to any home.

Love, everyday. Till next time!
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Hot Stone Therapy at Body Wellness Singapore!

One of the largest ladies day spa in Singapore, Body Wellness has been serving its customers for almost two decades and are known for their Signature Body Massages and Face Spa. Body Wellness has more than 100 therapies to choose from, and each visit begins with a consultation so that every program is tailored-made for their customers and great service is provided throughout the entire spa experience.


Situated right in the middle of town, Body Wellness Spa at Winsland House (Somerset) houses 34 treatment rooms and 4 hydro-bath rooms and steam rooms, which provide a pleasure spot for total relaxation after a long day at work or shopping.


Main Reception at Body Wellness Singapore

I was given the pleasure by the spa to visit the Winsland outlet for my Hot Stone Therapy session. I was badly in need of a massage and this treatment was really timely for my aching body! I have always enjoyed hot stone massages as they are really effective in soothing tired muscles, aches and knots, especially at the upper and lower back area. The hot stones also help in relieving stress and restoring well being.


Lounge and waiting area for customers to enjoy their tea while waiting for their sessions.



Consultation Room 


Extended reception area with a display of the products that Body Wellness endorses


I was led down a long corridor of treatment rooms – what surprised me was the sheer size of the spa! I lost count of the number of rooms they had!



A typical treatment room – cosy and comfortable with the necessary facilities for customers to change, wash up, and personal storage for the day.


There is even a dresser area for customers to touch up their makeup, dry their hair, rest and relax etc after their showers. A thoughtful amenity for ladies! I love the idea of a ladies’ spa as well for maximum privacy without the presence of the opposite gender 😛



Shower Room at Body Wellness Singapore 



Hydro-bath Rooms


Back to the reception and lounge area after my massage, where I was served hot ginger tea. Apparently, it is a signature drink served to all customers at Body Wellness. It tasted great, just what I needed after a pampering massage!

 I enjoyed every minute of the treatment, feeling the hot stones ease away all the accumulated stress and tension from my body! I even fell asleep at one point because it felt so comfortable. My masseuse, Chilli, was very warm and chatty, yet professional and skilled. Love that she was so bubbly – chatting with me but never became distracted from the task at hand. I also learnt from her that hot stone massages are natural therapies that maximizes the therapeutic benefits to our mind and body. The ” hot stones” used are not any regular stones – they are specially selected, very smooth-surfaced stones made of basalt. These stones are heated in sanitizing water before use. The high iron content in basalt helps the stones retain heat for a significant period of time during the massage.

Some benefits of a hot stone massage: muscle relaxation, pain relief, improved cirulation, relief of mental stress and tension. Sounds totally awesome! 🙂

I felt so happy and relaxed after the great massage and ginger drink. Will certainly be back for more sessions – the location at Winsland House is so convenient too! Thank you Body Wellness for having me! 🙂


Current Promotion at Body Wellness Singapore!

$28 Facial with a Choice of Rose Dew Facial OR Perfect Purifying Facial (60 mins) worth $180

Limited to the 1st 50 to call and book your appt at 6737 1577 or 6323 1511. Enjoy the promotion by quoting PR1666

For more information, you may visit their Facebook Page or Instagram Account.

Body Wellness Singapore Outlets

Winsland House 1

3 Killiney Road, Winsland House 1, #B1-02
Singapore 239519
(5 minutes walk from Somerset
MRT station, Exit A )
Hotline: +65 6737 1577

 Heritage Court

60/64 Peck Seah Street Singapore 079323
(3 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar
MRT Station, Exit A)
Hotline: +65 6323 1511

Love, everyday. Till next time!
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