Tudor Laurel x Melissa Jane Ferosha: Final Review

I’ve been so thankful to Tudor Laurel for helping me in my weight loss journey! 🙌🏻 You’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve seen my earlier blog post 😊 In just over 3 months, I’ve seen a 8-10 cm loss in my arms, thighs and most significantly my tummy area! The treatments I enjoyed were LPG Endermologie and Dr Ice, which contributed to improved skin elasticity, a firmer skin tone, and increased cell metabolism. I believe my results would have been even more dramatic if I had combined regular exercise with my healthy diet and non-invasive machine treatments.

LPG’s cause is to ‘Fight For Natural Beauty’. Made in France, this technology gently stimulates the skin to reactivate dormant cellular activity. 100% Natural and painless, it provides visible results instantly with 0 side effects. According to official LPG Endermologie stats, 300,000 people choose this technology every day.

Let’s be honest too – slimming and weight loss is a journey and if a single treatment promises you major kilos lost without needing to diet or exercise, it’s probably just a marketing gimmick. LPG and Dr Ice has helped me to enhance the slimming process, and as mentioned earlier I really do believe the results will be even better if I had more time to work out and religiously monitor my calorie intake (was just too occupied with work and building TheBeauDreamers!)

This new Alliance Technology, for the average customer, produces results like these:

  • 71% of women reported an improvement in their skin firmness and elasticity (I did too, especially for my arms and tummy)
  • After 12 sessions, waistline loss measured up to -5.2cm (fat reduction). I mean, this is real. Even after a dozen sessions they don’t tell you that you can lose 50cm, which is very drastic. To me this is a practical result that can be achieved by most people. Like I said, even better if you couple with exercise to tone up more and reduce fat via a healthy, sustainable diet.
  • 67% of women reported a smoothed orange peek skin aspect. I don’t really have cellulite but I guess it did help smoothen my skin a little – not super visible though.

For those who are wondering how it feels like under the LPG applicator – it’s pretty powerful – so the sensation is like your flesh is being gripped and released, repeatedly. The strength of the grip is entirely customisable, so that you get what you’re most comfortable with without compromising on its effects.

LPG done on my thighs, which is slightly painful (because of the build-up of toxins and also a lack of physical training), but still bearable.

Got to work on those arms for sure – my biggest problem area! Most of you would know it’s the hardest part to lose fats

Tummy and hips area especially the lower abdomen – where I lost the most inches.

LPG can be performed at both the outer and inner thighs, to firm them up and tighten the skin.

I have completed the full programme of about 24 sessions over 3 months so it’s really a commitment of time, effort and belief towards a healthier lifestyle. Setting yourself #bodygoals also helps, whether it’s weight or inch loss, so that there’s always something to work towards and achieve as milestones. Attain and cultivate mindset of #SelfLove and #SelfCare so that you will strike a balance and never be (unhealthily) obsessed with how you look.

Time to act on it if you’re ready (well March is already well on its way, so no time to lose!) – Try Tudor Laurel’s 14-day detox challenge! For just $148, treat yourself to a one-hour LPG body treatment and 14-day supplement bundle (U.P. $380). Drop weight and reduce excessive bloating with their fat-burning, metabolism boosting body cleanse!

 For more information on the products and services at Tudor Laurel, see / IG: @tudorlaurel / #LPGEndermologie #LPG #FightForNaturalBeauty


Tudor Laurel x Melissa Jane Ferosha: LPG Endermologie

When I first mentioned to my peers and close friends that I was going on a slimming programme, everyone thought that I didn’t need it. But when I talked about my personal issues with certain problem areas such as my upper arms, tummy and thighs, most people could understand – especially those in the industry. If not to look better on camera, it’s for better health as well. My focus is to cut down on my body fat percentage, tone up, have a more svelte silhouette and lose some inches on the above-mentioned areas. Hence the solution is overall weight loss, but also external help in targeting stubborn fat that will take a long time to rid if we just take the natural route (with dieting and exercise). Everyone has insecurities and I have no qualms about revealing mine – I will usually not flaunt my arms or tummy because I feel that they’re not at their best form – but deep down I’m actually dying to show them off if I feel more confident about my body. I think it’s time to get serious and disciplined, and do something about this so that I can finally wear whatever I want, and feel great about it.

I was thrilled to embark on this journey to a shapelier and more beautiful figure with Tudor Laurel, a botanical day spa. Specifically, I took on 2 specialised treatments with them, the LPG Endermologie® and Dr Ice Body Contour (will share more about the latter in my 2nd post here). Made in France, LPG’s patented technology stimulates dormant cellular activity within our skin to fight all wrinkles, sagging skin, localised resistant fat, cellulite appearance, and more. 100% natural and painless, it provides visible results instantly with zero side effects. I was told it’s best for cellulite smoothing, fat reduction, firming of face and body (40 mins per session).

With Tudor Laurel’s help, I’m confident to see results, in addition to my personal commitment to dieting and a regular exercise routine for a full weight loss programme. It certainly makes the experience more enjoyable when I love the aesthetics of Tudor Laurel. Since I visit about 2x a week, it’s important to me that I feel relaxed and ‘at home’ when I go for my treatments. Like a luxe all-inclusive resort, the interiors are modern and tastefully furnished, from the lounge to the treatment rooms and even the bathroom facility.

Comfortable, rejuvenating, and embodying a resonating peace & quiet, it does feel like a sanctuary albeit being right in the middle of bustling Orchard/town area.

The LPG sessions have been a breeze. Every treatment requires me to don a white body suit to protect my skin. It feels like a massage on each specific area, and the strength of each ‘grip’ is totally customisable. The new body endermologie patent combines the best efficiency of its proprietary technologies for more intense and faster skin stimulation. Thanks to the Alliance Skin Identity sensor, the stimulation adapts precisely to my skin identity: the intensity of the treatment is hence optimised. However if further customisation is needed, this can be further adjusted. For example, since my tummy is more sensitive compared to arms/legs, the strength of stimulation can be adjusted lower so that it won’t hurt. So far, the LPG machine has been working on my arms, thighs and tummy to reactive dormant cellular activity. My therapists, Stella and Lily, have been the most professional in helping me with the treatments, taking great care to ensure that I’m comfortable and at ease during the 40mins sessions. Sometimes, I even fall asleep because it feels so relaxing on the treatment bed and welcoming atmosphere of the rooms.

LPG’s triple action in one single treatment: 1) Elimination of resistant and localized fat +70% 2) Smoothing of the orange peel aspect 3) Natural Redensification of the dermis. It’s been about 2 months since my first treatment and about 2 kg weight and a waistline loss has been recorded. My skin also feels firmer and less flabby at the targeted areas.

Stay tuned as I continue to document my journey in this space and on my IG @melissajaneferosha (check out my Tudor Laurel Highlights!) and update you guys with more results and details from the LPG Endermologie® treatments.

              Trial session for my followers: Quote my name to get 1 session at $68 (U.P.: $300).

              For more information on the products and services at Tudor Laurel, see / IG: @tudorlaurel / #LPGEndermologie #LPG #FightForNaturalBeauty


This is Life-Changing – OSIM’s New uLOVE 2 (4手天王): 4-Hand Massage Chair

Having reviewed the OSIM uLove massage chair before, I thought that was really the best massage chair I had ever sat on – yet. Thanks to OSIM, I had the privilege to also preview their new uLove 2 (4???) massage chair and that was really life-changing because they went ahead and enhanced the previous model in amazing ways! The unique point about the uLove 2 is its 4-Hand massage feature.

The epitome of massage indulgence and well-being

The luxurious 4-Hand Massage gives you double the pleasure and satisfaction. I’d say the experience is very close to a (good) massage by an actual masseuse or even better, because it is designed to deliver the sensation of 2 synchronized masseuses massaging your upper and lower body at the same time. A machine like that ambitiously aims to elevate the standards of full-body massage to the highest level. No time to go to a massage parlour? The uLove 2 is your next best option, and will likely exceed your expectations. Why?

OSIM wants us to indulge ourselves and experience 1st class.

At OSIM uSqueez Hand & Sabon’s station with Jaslyn & Jacintha

During the media preview, we were treated to two themed zones before the event even began, to highlight OSIM’s high perceptions & standards of health, wellness and pleasure. In the Lifestyle Zone, we enjoyed blissful hand spas/massages with beauty products from Sabon along with OSIM uSqueez Hand Hand Massager and experimented with scents (courtesy of Oo La Lab) to create our preferred fragrances. I had already felt so relaxed and ready for a massage after this.

Next, in the Experience Zone, I finally had a chance to sink into the much coveted OSIM uLove 2 massage chair! It had a majestic outlook with its sheer size, beautiful handpainted floral designs on its body and harmonious colours like a thoughtful masterpiece. The luxurious, quilted leatherette comes in a series of chic hues, perfectly complementing any contemporary living space.

To experience the uLove 2 in its full glory, OSIM had creatively set up a first-class flight experience onboard ‘OSIM Airlines’, complete with a check-in counter, boarding passes and a private VIP lounge with tantalizing treats from TWG.

They don’t actually have the airline facility of course, but their lavish preparations were to let us indulge in the luxurious features and vibes of the new massage chair. Each of us was assigned to our personal uLove 2, with the full attention of a ‘flight attendant’ to address all our needs, whims and fancies (thanks Cheryl for everything! ;)) We all settled into our chairs so comfortably – with super soft throws on our laps, feet in the chairs’ footrest massage unit, and mobile screens right in front of us to view the simulation process and efficacies of the uLove 2. Ready to take off to OSIM Paradise!

Astounding Features of the uLove 2

We were eased into complete relaxation, defenseless in the amazing uLove 2 – and I’m not exaggerating because I nearly fell asleep during the 10-15 min massage sessions. So what’s so special about the new massage chair?

4-Hand Massage 

The revolutionary 4-Hand Massage technology features 4 sets of powerful massage rollers that work synchronously to massage your upper and lower body concurrently. Hence you get double the relaxation, and double the effectiveness.

V-Hand™ with 720° Roller Balls 

Intelligent V-Hand™ Massage emulates the skilful techniques and flexibility of a masseuse’s hand for a realistic grip that extracts your deep-seated knots.

The 720° roller balls rotate 360° in both directions, rolling along every contour of your body to ensure the smoothest and most pleasurable massage.

Suite of 1st class massage programs

OSIM uLove 2’s Ambassador, Andy Lau on his throne, in utter bliss. Like him, I had stepped into a realm of total relaxation that enhanced my well-being when I was on the chair too, because after the event I had felt so much more rejuvenated and recharged, with the aches and tension previously in my body gone like the wind.

The uLove 2’s curated suite of auto massage programs are customized to rejuvenate your mind and body while catering to your diverse needs. Be it work, sports or lifestyle induced muscle ache and tension, there is a program catered to you and your family.

Suite of Massage Programs – for work, sports or lifestyle needs
uLove 2 Signature:  The best of uLove 2 maximizes cutting-edge technologies of V-Hand™ and 4-Hand Massage for a satisfying whole body massage.

Head & Neck
Neck & Shoulders (yas!)
Lumbar & Butt (this too!)
Butt & Thighs

Luxurious massage pleasures from head-to-toe

Referring to image above:

1. Power squeeze, vibration and rollers on calves, ankles and feet.
2. Tension relief massage for thighs and hips.
3. Revitalizing massage for hands and palms.
4. 4-Hand Massage on back & butt.
5. Intense airbag massage for arms.
6. Soothing warmth on back.
7. V-Hand™ Massage for head, neck & shoulders.

More unique features of the uLove 2

3D Surround Sound for an intimate Entertainment Chamber

Another feature I love about the uLove 2 is its new and improved 3D Surround Sound speakers that boast a well-balanced and articulate audio augmented by a powerful bass that I could actually feel. Because music is so important to me in the relaxation process, this feature is a big bonus to me, to be able to enjoy quality music that envelops me while being massaged, in a beautiful symphonic blend.

Am really craving for a full-fledged body massage in the uLove 2 right now as I’m typing this, just imagining a more invigorated body relieved of fatigues and aches is a huge push towards getting this awesome chair for myself – thinking of where to put it in my house?

Nestling comfortably & luxuriously in a chair fit for a Heavenly King like Andy Lau.

The OSIM uLove 2 (4???) Massage Chair is now available at all OSIM Outlets, Roadshows &

Thanks for hosting us at your exclusive media preview and for the first-class uLove 2 experience, OSIM! 

From now till 30 Sep 2018, quote MELJANE and enjoy it at a special price of SGD 5499. For more information, visit or check out the following hashtags #OSIMsg, #4??? and #OSIMuLove2 on Instagram to witness all the buzz and reviews of the uLove 2.


A Better Florist: The Flower Shop That Made a Boom ❁

There are hundreds of florists in Singapore, because we Singaporeans love flowers just as much as any other person on the planet even though there is so little nature around here on our little red dot. Flowers are my favourite things in the world…they are simply the staple tokens of appreciation and serve as gifts that are appropriate for just about any occasion.

So I’ve heard, A Better Florist team came together, with something else in mind, that didn’t just involve crafting simple flower bouquets. They included their customers and clients in mind, to set up their philosophy that guides their business. They are one of the rare few, if not the only florist, that differs in almost every aspect.

For starters, their flower designs look like they came straight from movie scenes. They are so intricate and modern; you’d hardly believe they were crafted for us, mere mortals! ? But all jokes aside, they have a true flair for making their bouquets look luxurious and breathtaking.

In their offering comes so much more than just bouquets and arrangements. Their entire bloom crew  works hard to be able to bring uniqueness to our sunny island, through their pamper bundles, get well soon hampers, creative fruit baskets, unusual wedding flowers and so much more.

I love their cute packaging, as you get the option to have your blooms wrapped up in a chic burlap wrap, tied with a ribbon, or in a mason jar – that’s very trendy right now!

Looking for an reliable flower delivery service in Singapore? One of the things that I found most appealing is their delivery. They offer the same day delivery, within only 90 minutes. No matter where you are in Singapore, A Better Florist keeps their promises, and this is thanks to their numerous locations throughout Singapore. That way, when they receive your orders, the nearest florist to the delivery location can jump on the task and deliver your blooms fast.

And A Better Florist’s operations don’t just happen in Singapore. They’ve expanded their business and have a presence in both Dubai and Hong Kong. If you’re travelling to these places, you don’t have to say goodbye to one of the best florists in Singapore. EatwithJess says that A Better Florist is one of the 10 Best Flower Delivery Services in Hong Kong; MamaKnowsDubai agrees – for Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

All of their shops are equally dedicated to maintaining the quality of the designs and the delivery, so that they remain one of the best flower deliveries in Singapore. A Better Florist offers a fast Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery in Singapore, and so does Hong Kong. And because they have an awesome rose delivery Singapore has experienced, so does Dubai. Every single flower shop has to maintain the same standards.

Whether you’re looking for the best flower delivery in Hong Kong or in Singapore, you can’t ignore A Better Florist’s services. Try it for yourself to experience its great service and beautiful blooms!

Personally, I think that all of these factors make them the best florist in Singapore, and definitely one of the top flower shops in our country 🙂


Filming, Events & REVOLVE

What a crazy month May has been, filming for a couple of projects, events, meetings and prepping for the months ahead. I’m so exhausted, but fingers crossed and with God’s blessings, I really really hope everything will come together nicely. It’s nearly June! Will time slow down just a little, please?


REVOLVE is back with another 20% OFF SITEWIDE SALE 5/23 7am ~ 5/26 7am with the promo code : SUMMER20

Restrictions apply: * This discount code cannot be combined with other offers. The discount code cannot be applied to previous orders, gift card purchases, or applied to fees associated with shipping or taxes. Offer only applies to orders shipping to Singapore. The discount code is not valid for use on the following brands: Alice + Olivia, A.L.C., Ash, Black Halo, Canada Goose, Citizens of Humanity, Common Projects, Diane von Furstenberg, Elizabeth and James, Hudson Jeans, J Brand, Joie, Love Moschino, Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Mason by Michelle Mason, M Missoni, Paige Denim, Public School, rag & bone/JEAN, 7 For All Mankind, Soft Joie, Stuart Weitzman, T by Alexander Wang, Theory, Vince, Wolverine, Golden Goose. Other restrictions may apply. Eminent Inc. reserves the right to modify this promotion at any time. This discount code will expire automatically on May 26th at 7:00 AM Singapore time.

My pick from Lovers + Friends Spring Collection : The Ashton Dress 


‘IT’ girls come out to play in the Festival’s V.I.Pieces!

 Obsessed with this gorgeous Love Bliss Mini from Lovers + Friends!

In the Ashton Dress as highlighted earlier, also by Lovers + Friends.

Stay close to my IG @melissajaneferosha as I unveil more snaps in Revolve clothing, including one surprise outfit from House of Harlow 1960! ? It’s super pretty!

Remember to use SUMMER20 upon checkout for your 20% sitewide discount on REVOLVE 🙂


Love, everyday. Till next time!
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OSIM uStiletto – For all Ladies who love their Heels!

We know it so well. It’s a love-hate relationship with our heels. Yes, the higher the better, especially when we are all dressed up in our prettiest dresses and gowns. Heels complete our outfits and make us feel taller, more confident and beautiful (especially when I’m so petite!). I’m so addicted to heels that I wear them literally everyday. Sounds pretty insane, I know, because some ladies I know only wear them on special occasions like weddings, to events and important meetings. But heels are the staple in my shoes wardrobe and rarely do you see me in flats.

The downside to my shoes addiction is that it can be so challenging to walk around in heels all day because they cause so much stress and pains to my legs and feet. The wrong pair can even give you sores and blisters – I recall that I had to prepare packets of plasters before leaving the house when I was going to wear certain pairs of heels – they are so pretty but give me lots of agony especially after more than a couple of hours in them.

I can never give up on heels completely, so I turned to alternatives like wedges and platforms, which still gave me the height but they put less pressure on the toes and balls of my feet. Still, I feel like a nice leg massage when I get home will be the perfect activity for me to unwind and completely relax! I never have enough of foot massages/reflexology and they do wonders to soothe the fatigue and aches away from my calves and feet ?

 OSIM’s understands the woes of ladies who love their heels –  after all, give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world! But to resolve the aftermath of it all, the new uStiletto has the answer.


I was one of the privileged ladies to be invited to OSIM uStiletto’s exclusive launch experience, where we had the opportunity to step into the #PerfectStiletto for more beautiful legs.

Pre-event cocktails 

The set-up of the event was gorgeous, romantic and feminine, and we were delighted by the beautiful fairy lights and balloon decor, stiletto-themed dessert table and line-up of exciting activities in the evening ahead of us.

Can’t get enough snaps of this pretty dessert table!

The OSIM uStiletto comes in 3 designs – Elegant, Kawaii and Homemaker, for ladies with different lifestyles and personalities. Guess which is my favourite??

If you’ve watched my videos for OSIM, Elegant totally stole my heart because of its sophisticated design and motifs of vibrant red heels! Perfect for an independent, career woman like myself ?

You can tell how excited the ladies felt when we were introduced to the new uStiletto. Not only is it super lightweight (many of us could lift the machine with one arm), we were amazed by its pampering features and the personalised massage experience it can offer.

With my dearest Chloe and the Elegant uStiletto!

OSIM also arranged a Watercolour Pencil Workshop, hosted by “Artclaytion”, during the event. Using Faber Castell art materials, we learnt basic techniques of watercolouring with pencils and tried to create our best colouring on lovely flower drawings!

That uStiletto heel though! ??

Kind of therapeutic to be working through the colouring ? No wonder adult colouring books have been trending!

With the talented and adorable Clayrene, presenting our completed art work! ?

uStiletto Watercolour Painting Contest (15-21 May)


There is an OSIM campaign happening right now, when YOU can WIN a new uStiletto (worth $599) while helping me to vote! I would totally love a customised #PerfectStiletto of my dreams! 

Vote for my specially hand-painted design (below) by clicking on the LIKE button in the original post by 21 May, 11pm!

The top 2 voted designs will also be customised into a pair of stilettos! I WANT!!! ???

Voters of the top 2 designs stand a chance to bring home a brand new OSIM uStiletto Leg massager! The 2 lucky winners will be announced on OSIM’s Facebook Page on 25 May.

Go go go!  Good luck!

After the watercolour painting workshop, my favourite part of the event came, when we finally get to sink our tired legs into the uStilettos! But first, some aromatic TWG tea to unwind…

Feeling completely at home being pampered by the uStiletto ??

With the rest of the ladies after our leg massages. The host did a quick poll and all of us felt much lighter on our feet. I also thought my heels felt a little looser and more comfortable, somehow. Isn’t that amazing?! I think we have all become fans of the uStiletto!

Kudos to OSIM for organising such a fun-filled and lively event, and honoured to be one of the first in Singapore to experience the uStiletto – designed and tailored for heel addicts like myself!

Check out the event video below for an insight to the experience we enjoyed at the media launch!

I also had the chance to review the uStiletto in the comfort of my own home, where I’m most relaxed and in need of good, long massages to unwind. At night, it serves as pre-bedtime beauty relaxation with the ‘sleep’ massage program.

Chilling out in the full deal – loungewear, neck pillow, music, and of course, the uStiletto!

Given the versatile nature of the design and portability, you can really take it anywhere (living area, bedroom, study etc) and place it in various positions, for your maximum enjoyment.

The Elegant uStiletto looks sophisticated and exquisite with its feminine design . The front, exterior surface feels extremely smooth to the touch, and the intricate nail art details are done with hydrographics, or water transfer printing technology.

 To me, the uStiletto can be the secret for beauty and confidence – an easy and hassle-free way to achieve healthy and beautiful legs, around the clock!

Early-risers can use the uStiletto for a ‘gradual awakening’ with its “Pamper” massage program…gently awaken your legs to welcome the start of a brand new day!

After a long day of work, in heels, indulge in uStiletto’s “Relief” massage program to reduce the tension and stress accumulated on your legs and ankles. One of my fav, the “Beauty” program, helps to tone and shape my legs to restore its vitality and glamour. This is achieved with its S-Tone Airbags, which are strategically positioned to massage my ankles, soles and calves separately.

 At night, I had tried the ‘Sleep’ massage program to unwind my mind and body just before bedtime. If I’m game for something stronger, ‘Reflexology’ gives a firmer massage in terms of stimulating vital reflex points (via S-Care Rollers) to enhance circulation.

Overall, I love the uStiletto for its various thoughtful features and comfortable massages it provides, to relief aches, sores and tension away from my legs and feet after being in heels for long hours. Almost everything is customisable according to personal preference, from the intensity of the airbags, to the rollers’ speed. There is also soothing warmth if you wish to have it on, to soothe muscle ache and boost the curative effects of a pampering leg massage.

If you’re concerned about hygiene, the inner fabric lining of the “socks” of the machine can be removed and washed. And guess what? There are zips on the expandable socks to accommodate calves of various sizes, for best fit and maximum comfort.

Because I’m such a petite girl, it’ll be a nightmare to move heavy objects by myself as I won’t be able to cope. But, the uStiletto is so light (only 6.6kg~) and portable that I can move it around the house easily, and use it in the bedroom/living room/study etc.

And here’s my personal review of the OSIM uStiletto…in full glory (video)!

If you haven’t heard, I’ve just joined @fanfareglobal as one of their ambassadors around the world! Fanfare is a 30-second viral video sharing app for fans to connect to their favourite brands, and win top rewards and prizes from these brands. How exciting is that!! ??

? Fanfare x OSIM You uNWIND challenge ?

Wanna win for yourself a FREE OSIM uStiletto?? Join this challenge:

  1. Download the Fanfare app (links below)
  2. Purchase your uStiletto from with the special promo code OSIMFF for $160 off from 17 – 23 May! Insider tip: This is the best time to buy it because its price is only going to go UP! ?
  3. Show us how much you love your uStiletto, and how you unwind with it, by posting a 30s video on Fanfare (unboxing + enjoying uStiletto)
  4. The 2 most popular videos on Fanfare will win a FULL REFUND of the uStilettos they’ve bought!

Can’t wait to see your videos! Have fun, enjoy your uStiletto and good luck!

Download FANFARE – Reward Your Fans 

iOS –

Android – 

OSIM uStiletto Roadshows

The new OSIM uStiletto will be available at the following roadshows:

  • Suntec City @ Level 1, Outside Gudetama Restaurant (22 May – 4 Jun)
  • Takashimaya Interior Department, B1 (23 May – 29 May) &
  • Causeway Point @ Level 1 Linkway (29 May – 4 Jun)


Love, everyday. Till next time!
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