CLEO It Girl 2015!


Hey guys!

I’m really so humbled and surprised to be shortlisted as one of CLEO IT GIRL 2015′s Finalists!

This whole thing really came as an accidental discovery for me because Ash’s sister happened to text me about it just before the 2-day roadshow that CLEO held at Bugis Junction, and I did a very last-minute sign up for it! I had no hopes or expectations to be able to take the next step in this contest/selection to be CLEO’s very first It Girl. We had a quick makeover at the road show with Za Cosmetics, before proceeding to snap a few shots at the photo booth. I sure didn’t expect to get a call a few days later, informing that I had made it to be one of the finalists!

The reason why I took the plunge to join the CLEO It Girl contest is because to me, it’s now or never. I’m definitely far being from the youngest in the lot, and I had harboured this big ass, secret wish to appear in a magazine, in a bigger way, like a feature. It’s almost like a dream come true for me to have the photo shoot and enjoy a full page in one of my favourite female magazines.

Thank you so much for this opportunity, CLEO!


When I think of the most awesome It Girl, it has to be Chiara Ferragni. She’s beautiful, inspiring, stylish, confident, independent and and and …basically, every girl just wants to be her.

To be CLEO It Girl really means a lot to me, and to be recognised as an It Girl in any way, is a huge honour and I’m too grateful for words.

To all who’s reading this, appreciate all your love, support and votes for me – to be CLEO It Girl 2015!

The voting page is now live on (Deals and Events tab: go to CLEO It Girl Voting).

To vote, these are the following steps:
1. Sign up as a member on (or you may simply log in via Facebook)
2. Validate your membership through an email sent from CLEO
3. Proceed to the Voting Page
4. VOTE FOR ME! <3
* Voters are able to vote unlimited number of times. Voting ends 10 Nov.
* Promo Code ” TG#1115 ” has been released together with the November issue of CLEO Singapore. Include this code in your voting to increase your chances of winning a Za hamper worth over $100!

Thank you so much, guys! Sending over lots of love and kisses in helping me fulfill this little dream <3


Love, everyday. Till next time!
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Luxola x Benefit Cosmetics: World Famous Neutrals


We are all no strangers to Benefit Cosmetics. They are known for their wittiest and prettiest packaging for innovative and extremely popular makeup, including this “World Famous Neutrals Most Glamorous Nudes Ever” Eyeshadow Kit. Very confident name too, huh? Well, it is the no.1 selling Eye Shadow item in the UK!*

*Source: The NPD Group. Value and Unit Item sales of the Total Prestige Eye Shadow Makeup segment for 2014 Jan to Jun

These rich, illuminating eyeshadows in award-winning creaseless creams and NEW longwear powder shadows make going glam beyond easy. Apparently, these are universally flattering shades that layer beautifully, and the tips and tricks within the exquisite palette show you how to create looks for both daytime and playtime!


The opening up and unwrapping process of this palette was such a pleasure. Each step seems to be thoughtfully panned out by Benefit, to excite and tempt beauty/makeup fans like me!


The World Famous Neutrals Most Glamorous Nudes Ever Eyeshadows Kit includes a build-in mirror, tips & tricks, and the following colours:

1. creaseless cream shadow in birthday suit (brushed chrome)
2. creaseless cream shadow in my two cents (polished copper)
3. longwear powder shadow in call my buff (pale shell)
4. longwear powder shadow in kiss me, i’m tipsy (spiced brown)
5. longwear powder shadow in it’s complicated (golden peach)
6. longwear powder shadow in gilt-y pleasure (golden sand)



The cream shadow is called “creaseless” for a reason. I’ve never touched a makeup product so soft, luscious and smooth before! Its amazing texture makes it a joy to apply, not to mention the gorgeous shades.

Beauty tip: The creaseless cream shadows can also be used as liners.



Swatches (L-R): Birthday Suit, My Two Cents, Call My Buff, Kiss Me I’m Tipsy, It’s Complicated & Gilt-y Pleasure

Swatch image credits:




Some quick instructions on how to play with the palette for a Daytime Look.

Base: Apply birthday suit over eyelid.

Accent: Pat it’s complicated on center of eyelid.

Highlight: Sweep call my buff across brow bone and dab on inner corner.

Trick: Shortcut…for an instant smoldering look, apply birthday suit on eyelid and blend up.

Other makeup tips from Luxola -

♥ Sweep a light colour across your entire eyelid with an eyeshadow brush.
♥ Apply a darker shade on the eye crease using a smaller, rounder brush.
♥ Using an up and out motion, blend colour at the outer corner of the eye along the edge of where the brow bone begins.
♥ For a softer effect, blend the colours using soft circular motions along the outer crease.




Loving my natural yet glowing look using the World Famous Neutrals palette! I had also experimented with light contouring at the brow bones, nose bridge and eyebrows to highlight my features, using the versatile shades birthday suit and my two cents.

Benefit Cosmetics is now available exclusively on


That’s all for my review of the awesome Benefit Eyeshadow Kit! For more photos of my makeup looks, do follow my Instagram account @melissajaneferosha :) See you there!


Love, everyday. Till next time!
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How to dress for a Singapore internship interview!

How can you dress for a Singapore internship interview?

While many have an impression that it is acceptable to dress down or dress casually for an internship interview or feel that an internship is not as serious as a graduate career, you DO want to be taken seriously. So here are some fashion tips on how you can dress for an interview for internships in Singapore, without being too much of a stick in the mud.

Tips for GUYS


Would you simply put on a pair of jeans and t-shirt if you are going on a first date? Similarly, you should not turn up for your first meeting with your future employer in the same attire. With that said, there could be some leeway if you are interviewing for less formal positions. For example, when interviewing for the role of an intern in a café intern/barista, you are likely to be pardoned even with a casual long-sleeved shirt with a pair of dark-coloured jeans. Unless you want to leave gaping holes in the employer’s impression of you, do leave your pair of “vintage” jeans at home.


Too much denim may not be such a great idea as well. That’s really a lot of blue in a person! You get the hint.

If you are interviewing for an office job, put on a bespoke shirt, a fitting pair of timeless black pants, as well as business/dress shoes with laces. Do remember your belt, even if your pants fit snugly, unless they do not come with belt hoops.


If you are dressing to impress, especially if you are applying for an internship in a bank, accounting firm or MNC, donning a suit and tie will create a much lasting impression. Anyway, just a tip: it’s always better to overdress than underdress!


Image credits:

Special note 1: Always wear a watch to an interview


Putting on a watch and being on time for your interview gives interviewers a subtle impression that you respect punctuality and the precious time of others.


Special note 2: Match the colours of your watch, shoe and belt.

The colours of your belt should match the colour of your shoes. The shiny buckle or leather of your belt should ideally match your watch too. Trust me  - it will look much better and give an overall more “put together” look!


Special note 3: Stick to the classics

While it is ok to reflect a savvy fashion sense on your interview attire, avoid an overkill and risk being mistaken as member of a boy-band (may not be a compliment). This means not choosing your neon coloured or extra skinny ties, or matching sneakers or loafers with your suit. In the meantime, the trend for a navy coloured suits are no doubt less conventional, yet perfectly acceptable for any interview.


Special note 4: Wear socks PLEASE

As much as the #OOTDs are raving on Instagram, do not think about matching your interview shoes without socks or simply going with ankle socks for this interview. Remember, you are trying to dress professionally and not like a hipster!

Tips for GALS

Do not confuse dressing for an internship interview with a social event. It is nowhere close to dressing for a party or a date! Though your attire is also dependent on the position you are applying for, the general rule is avoid wearing anything revealing or fleshy (pun intended). Do you know that most of the people working in HR are women?

There is really no restriction on whether you should put on a one or two-piece dress. There is also no mandate in choosing between a pantsuit and a skirt-suit. However, putting on a pantsuit and a complementary coloured cardigan with your outfit could enhance your professional image and modesty.

Special note 1: Dress for the role
Dress in prints and colours which are not too bold/loud unless you are applying for an internship in a media/design/apparel company.

Special note 2: No boom shakalaka PLEASE

Avoid outlandish (skulls, unicorns etc.) or radical accessories or oversized statement necklaces, as this is not your #OOTD or #POTD shot to be shared on Instagram or Snapchat later. You may want to keep those at home to hashtag #flatlay instead.

Special note 3: Shoes


Office-appropriate shoes for your job/internship interview

Most ladies like me will have enough shoes for a different pair every day (in a week at least), but when it comes to interview shoes…it’s likely a trip to the mall as I hardly have any. A mid-heel closed-toe shoe is preferred, and it’s even harder to find one in your shoe cabinet that matches your attire!

Special note 4: Keep handbags at home (Branded ones are an even bigger faux pas!)

Do you really want to be judged by the brand that you carry? Instead it’s time to dust that briefcase/document sleeve and put it to good use!

All in all if you cannot remember the above tips, what you really want to do is to treat an internship Singapore interview just like any other full-time jobs that you are considering, and if you are uncertain, it is always better to be formally dressed than otherwise.

Follow me on my Instagram a/c @melissajaneferosha for outfit inspirations for all occasions!


A cheerful and smart casual outfit like the above is also possible in the office or for an interview, especially if you’re in for a creative role.

Jumpsuit from Purpur.


Add a pop of prints and colour into an otherwise simple, predictable outfit. Top from UnspokenLabel, pants from MDS Collections.

Wishing you the best of luck, everyone!

Love, everyday. Till next time!
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Clozette Insider: Estee Lauder Envy Lips


Ever had moments when you feel you have a particularly Fragile Ego? Or times where you are feeling playful despite your usual naive demeanor? Now you can express yourself vibrantly through the use of Estee Lauder’s latest lip innovation – the Pure Colour Envy Liquid Lip Potion, a lip colour that does it all, just like how women are able to perform multiple roles in life, and wear many different looks for the various occasions.

All in a day, we go to work, attend parties and events, and skip to our hot dates. What we really want (no we actually need it) is a formula that excels in function, appearance, and also appeals to our desires and moods. The Pure Colour Envy Liquid Lip Potion is luxuriously lightweight, yet fulfills the rich colour intensity of a lipstick. The best part – it is so easily applicable, like the slip of a gloss, and comforts the lips with moisture and nourishing oils. The result is soft, supple, smooth and beautiful lips: talk about depth, dimension and definition all in one stroke.


What amazes me about the Pure Colour Envy Lip Potion is its satiny finish and brilliant pop of liquid colour that gives my lips a visibly fuller, more voluminous and curvaceous look. And its lasts and lasts (up to 8 hours, to be precise), while my lips remain soft and “scented” (red currant, mandarin orange and apple blossom). It’s now so natural to feel polished and sophisticated.


From top to bottom: Swatch of Fragile Ego, Fierce Beauty, Naughty Naive and Wicked Sweet.


Pure Colour Envy Lip Potion’s sleek elongated iconic silhouette in Estee Lauder’s signature navy and gold-one, and features a rectangular window that frames each shade’s colour for simplified shade selection.

What makes a lip product so potent? Estee Lauder’s Advanced True Vision Technology contains ‘Concentrated Liquid’ structural pigments that create rich colour, definition and volume. Its Time Release Encapsulated Moisture Complex with Hyaluronic Acid and a nourishing cocktail of Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil and Sunflower Oil further boosts lips’ ability to attract, capture and seal-in continuous hydration.

PC Envy Liquid Lip Potion Video


Fashion ‘It” girl and social media sensation, Kendall Jenner, fronting the Pure Colour Envy Lip Potion campaign. Dressed in motorcycle-chic and head-to-toe black, in downtown New York City, Kendall’s richly pigmented, sculpted lips drenched in Lethal Red take center stage, exemplifying her universal appeal and modern, sexy air.


Another major love for this lip product – its slanted and curved tip applicator thoughtfully designed to glide effortlessly on the curve and lines of the female lips. In a few swift motions and I’m all done and decked with perfect lips. Oh, how I adore efficient beauty innovations.

Check out the curated collection of 16 seductive shades that are universally flattering for all skin tones, in 4 main categories – Nudes to Browns, Corals to Reds, Pinks to Berries and Mauves to Plums. A different lip colour everyday for different looks/outfits? I’ll gladly oblige ;)


My festive outfit flatlay featuring the Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Lip Potion in Wicket Sweet.

And here are my “4 looks” with 4 shades of lip colour. Makeup, outfit and setting are deliberately kept constant to show how a different lip colour can change the appearance, vibes and emotions generated instantly. And I am absolutely fascinated with how full and smooth my lips look in the Pure Colour Envy Lip Potions!


(Pinks to Berries)

A shade that’s sweet with a touch of naughty, rebellion and not-so-innocent intentions. Vibrant, gorgeous and very feminine.


(Corals to Reds)

Some character you’ve got. A shade that possesses beauty, power and ambition.


(Pinks to Berries)

What’s behind that smile, and what do those eyes say? A colour so luscious and rich, it almost tastes delicious.


(Mauves to Plums)

Don’t mess with me, but mend this broken heart. An emotional colour that speaks a thousand words.

Sealing this post with kisses.


Love, everyday. Till next time!
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Clozette Beauty Awards 2015!



After months of sifting through the responses of our Beauty Panel (beauty-centric Clozette Ambassadors across Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia), we’re so thrilled to let you all know that we have just launched our very first Clozette Beauty Awards!Clozette Beauty Awards 2015 seeks to award the best of makeup, skincare, haircare, and fragrances in the region as determined by our Community. We have worked with our Beauty Panel, including 50 of our Clozette Ambassadors, to short-list the top products.
I have voted for my favourite products from the Skincare, Fragrances, Haircare and Makeup categories, and now it’s your turn! We want to know what your Beauty Favourites are! Cast your votes here.
♣ ♣ ♣

Love, everyday. Till next time!
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BlackBox Review – The Beauty Prologue Exclusive Box!


BlackBox August Edition – The Beauty Prologue Exclusive Pack

This August, we go back to basics. Because we lack the luxury of time to try out every single product, sometimes we compromise our needs and use just 1 product for everything.

But what happens when you have an ALL IN ONE pack to address both your needs and wants? And you wouldn’t believe the price (a total steal)! To be revealed at the end of this post ;)



As the pictures above, the Beauty Prologue Exclusive Pack consists of a bottle of TruLife Bird’s Nest, the Uriage Thermal Water (Eau Thermale D’Uriage), Pearlie White Fluorinze Alcohol Free Fluoride Mouth Rinse, Hand Chemistry Hyaluronic Concentrate, Tsubaki Extra Moist Shampoo and Conditioner, Mores White Booster Plus+ and Mores 2 Eyes Sleeping Eye Mask.

I have tried all the products and absolutely love them! I’m amazed how each and every product targets a specific part of my body, health or well being, and yet so thoughtfully put together in a nice Black Box. Great for travel if you have no time to think of what to pack, because these are really the bare essentials.

TruLife Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar



We all know the benefits of bird’s nest, especially for various health benefits. TruLife Bird’s Nest is cleaned by hand, brewed and bottled in Singapore. There’s nothing better than a home-brewed bird’s nest. I love the fact that it’s 100% genuine bird’s nest, authentic, and only lightly sweetened, with no colouring, preservatives or artificial flavouring added. And for those who are into organic foods, TruLife practices organic farming methods and simply presents their products in their most natural form.

One of the ways I like to reward myself after a tough day is to pamper myself with a nourishing bottle of bird’s nest, served chilled. It is refreshing, energizing, and my personal beauty drink, at least once a week. A great bonus if there is a high concentration of smooth, natural bird’s nest in the bottle ;)

Best to consume in the morning or before bedtime. It can be consumed chilled or warm. Take one bottle daily.

Check out TruLife’s official site here for more information on their bird’s nest and other products!

Uriage Thermal Water (Eau Thermale D’Uriage)


Dehydration is one main cause of premature aging, sagging and lifeless skin. Hence, we are always emphasizing on hydrating our body and skin to maintain a youthful look. If you are an OL like me, trapped in an air-conditioned environment for long hours all day and every day, you may be prone to dehydrated skin if it is not well taken care of. Besides drinking plenty of water, bring along a facial mist wherever you go and occasionally give your face a refreshing and hydrating spray. A little effort goes a long way, and watch how your skin laps up the moisture and hydrates itself inside out!


Uriage Thermal Water strengthens the skin barrier, preserves the balance of skin cells and prevents the dehydration of the epidermis. As it is isotonic, it acts in perfect osmosis with the skin. For all skin types and suitable for infants, adult and even sensitive skin.

To me, it’s always a happy moment spraying my face with the Uriage Thermal Water, because I feel so alive and recharged right after, especially knowing that my skin is well-hydrated and moisturised.

Spray directly on face or skin as frequently as desired. No need to pat or wipe away after spraying. Allow your skin to absorb the minerals and trace elements entirely.

Check out Uriage Singapore’s Facebook Page here for more information, promotions and updates on their product offerings!

Pearlie White Fluorinze Alcohol Free Fluoride Mouth Rinse


Who doesn’t like to smell good and feel fresh, even on the “inside”? Don’t we tend to neglect how our breath smells?

Fluoride mouth rinse is the last step to oral cleansing after brushing your teeth. It helps to reduce cavities and periodontal disease – a highly essential product for better oral hygiene and a fresher breath!

Gentle and safe for everyday use, the Pearlie White Fluorinze Alcohol Free Fluoride Mouth Rinse destroys plaque-causing bacteria, relieves tooth sensitivity and strengthens your tooth enamel with its added ingredients like Tea Tree Oil and Thymol. It is free from harsh ingredients like SLS, Parabens and Saccharin.

I’m crazy about oral hygiene and never fail to brush my teeth before bed no matter how exhausted I am. I’ll also spare no effort in making my teeth and mouth extra clean and plague-free by using a mouth rinse after brushing my teeth, or after meals. This product is just right in terms of its “taste”, not too strong such that it burns my mouth. I even thought that my morning breath feels/smells more pleasant after using the mouth rinse!

Check out Pearlie White’s official website here for more information on the Pearlie White Fluorinze Alcohol Free Fluoride Mouth Rinse and other products!

Hand Chemistry Hyaluronic Concentrate




Hand Chemistry welcomes the next generation, the 19% active Marine Hyaluronic Complex, with results proven to be 400x more hydrating than Hyaluronic Acid alone. Unlike the 90% purity of most products in the market, this gel treatment contains 99.5% pure Hyaluronic Acid.

Lacking elasticity, textural damage and dehydration are the most obvious signs of skin ageing. While we all know the benefits of using anti-aging ingredients when it comes to face care, other age revealing areas such as the hands, décolletage and body are often left neglected.

Hand Chemistry’s Hyaluronic Concentrate promises to deliver highly active, anti-ageing ingredients to all areas of hands and body, ensuring that the skin remains plump, hydrated and happy. I use it mostly like a hand sanitizer, as I like feeling clean (no stickiness) without drying them out too much. Hand Chemistry does just that, and I enjoy the smoothness of the gel – though it does not have a floral/fruity scent that I usually prefer in the products I use.

Apply evenly to hands and body twice or more daily for well hydrated, happy skin.

Check out Hand Chemistry’s official website here for more information on the gel treatment and other products!

Tsubaki Extra Moist Shampoo and Conditioner


One of my favourites in the pack, Tsubaki’s Extra Moist range moisturises the hair and boosts up to 8 hours of lasting moisture with the long-acting hyaluronic acid. It also contains the brand’s signature ingredient – Tsubaki Koji S, to soften and moisturise both the hair and the scalp. The Camellia Oil within helps to revitalize hair shine and gives a fresh floral scent.

My hair has been well taken care of by Chez Vous, but home care is still very important in the maintenance of my hair’s moisture level and texture. I’m a fan of Tsubaki’s shampoo and conditioner as they cater very well to my hair in moisturising it and keep it soft and manageable. I also love the wonderful scent and sense of femininity it gives me – glad that Tsubaki now has an Extra Moist range that is perfect for my hair!

Shampoo: Cleanse by massaging the scalp using the balls of your fingers. Rinse well.

Conditioner: After shampooing, apply an appropriate amount to the entire hair and scalp, and rinse well.

Check out Tsubaki Singapore’s Facebook Page here for their latest updates and promotions!

Mores White Booster Plus+


An intensive whitening and collagen booster using the latest Double Phytocell Technology and Nano total base system from Switzerland. It is suitable to be used either as a daily moisturizer or dark spot treatment booster for pigmentation. With consistent usage, skin barrier will be strengthened, reducing acne/pimples formation and revealing a more radiant and supple skin.

I was all too excited when I heard the keywords “whitening” and “collagen booster” as recently I have been looking for a product that addresses both. I won’t elaborate too much on the whitening part as the reasons are obvious, but why collagen? Collagen-boosted skin not only looks younger, firmer and more supple, it also fights the process of ageing. I saw a significant whitening effect when I applied the product on my face, and my skin also looked smoother and more uplifted (check out my delighted selfie above compared to earlier selfies in this post! :P) Added bonus: product smells pleasant with a positive, floral note. Double added bonus: my beauty idol Bebe endorses this product. She’s mad gorgeous! <3

Apply Mores White Booster PLUS+ twice daily, day and night. For optimum skin booster results, apply it generously and leave it overnight as a sleeping mask treatment. Alternatively, dab onto dark spots or scar areas to lighten them.

Mores 2 Eyes Sleeping Eye Mask

This intense hydration eye mask infuses the use of the newest premium ingredient, MDI Complex and highly concentrated botanical extracts. It best suits all individuals with lacklustre-looking eyes (dark eye circles, hooded and droopy eye-bags, dull, puffy, dry and sunken eye areas) resulted from daily work stress, environmental pollutants, irregular sleeping patterns and poor diet. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles especially for users who regularly apply makeup.

The Mores 2 Eyes is another product that I really want (and need) because I’m into eye cream recently – it really makes a difference to dark eye circles and tired-looking eyes. Work is stressful and I face the computer daily for long hours, so a good eye cream will really help to reduce the slight fine lines at the corners of my eyes, and refresh my eyes when they feel heavy and exhausted. What I like about this sleeping eye mask is its pleasant scent, soothing sensation on my eyes during and after application, and its light texture so it feels “barely there” and will not stain my pillows.

Apply Mores 2 Eyes Sleeping Eye Mask on a regular basis, 2 to 3 times a week to achieve more rejuvenated and radiant looking eyes! Alternatively, you can apply at the corners of your mouth for firming (I didn’t know this works for the mouth too, so happy!).

Check out Mores’ official website here for more information on the white booster plus and sleeping eye mask!


Get them all at only $12.90/pack exclusively from 31 July! This is a VERY VERY SPECIAL PRICE because its BlackBox’s SG50 Promotion, and this is a very limited edition box that will definitely fly off the shelves! (U.P $79.30) if you hesitate!

While stocks last! For more information, head over to and quote my unique code “BBXMJF10″ when you shop for other exclusive items too!

Love, everyday. Till next time!
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